How to be a cell phone

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as the title suggests, it's a complete idiot's guide to how to be a cell phone.

Submitted: October 25, 2008

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Submitted: October 25, 2008



How to be a cell phone
Call me promiscuous;
Or slutty,
To all homo sapiens,
I am (willingly) a pleasure toy.
Cold as marble,

But a pulsating beast

When I lie in the warm embrace of your masculinity.

Come explore me,

My voluptuous body squirming for your touch;

My innermost intelligence stunning you like a dazzling star would

(I ain't no bimbo ya know).
Under your sovereignty
Touch me,
Feel me,
Wreck me;
There ain't no shame in playing.
Eons of pleasures i bestowed upon you;
Shamelessly I handed you my dignity;

Only to witness your terrifying indignity

Searching for surgically perfect look-alikes.

(they are just tramps, I am the real deal dude)

I face my fate.
Lying in the godforsaken lair,

While you hump away with the new girl from the block,

Never would you sink to the bottom of your heart

To know that even Ms Promiscuous,

Yearns a tiny palace in your heart.

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