Ah, When

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Childhood viewed from adulthood can be realized as pretty good. This was true for me many many years ago. Things do change and innocence is not the same now.

Ah, When

When sky was it was up and the earth it was down
When we lived in the country and not in the town
When I entered the world to take up my space
When you gave me life and I first saw your face
When I was so little and you were so big
When you were a tree and I was a sprig
When you pulled me close and kissed my nose
When you counted my fingers and counted my toes
When you watched with worry as I first stood up
When you gave me my bottle then my sippy cup
When you saw my black birth mop turn to gold hair
When you watched with great pride as I mastered a stair
When I only would ever eat toast and baloney
When you called me your very own zabaglione
When you laughed and laughed at my falling down britches
When you wept and wept at my very first stitches
When you told me stories and recited me rhymes
When you played the Tooth Fairy and left shiny dimes
When you taught me to wash and then dry the dishes
When you showed me the stars and how to make wishes
When we played hide and seek and I’d watch you search
When you helped me plant pansies beneath the big birch
When we’d go to the river and fish off the docks
When I learned to tie shoes and to pull up my socks
When I picked clover blossoms to bring home to you
When I got gold stars and some honors too
When I spelled hard words and did get them right
When I snuck late night reading by your green penlight 
When I was a child and not yet grown
Then I lived as a Queen and ruled from a throne

Submitted: April 11, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Wilbur. All rights reserved.

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Loved the constant "when you..." words to this very precious, emotionally lingering flow of this poem. Whether you were lucky enough to have this wonderful connection in real life or just imagined it...either way... you have captured the feel of it. Nicely done.

Wed, April 11th, 2012 9:27pm


Thank you so much. Kindest regards, Connie

Wed, April 11th, 2012 4:17pm

Mike Stevens

Perfectly captures the essence of being young, and the emotions we all put our parents through; well done, Connie!

Wed, April 11th, 2012 10:08pm


Thank you, Mike. All regards, Connie

Wed, April 11th, 2012 4:17pm


this was beautifully done.....childhood is such a mysterious, wondrous and scary time

Fri, April 13th, 2012 11:58pm


for kids and for parents, both. this is kind of the ideal. there are too many who never taste of this goodness. my thanks as always and kindest regards, connie

Fri, April 13th, 2012 6:47pm


Terific Connie, of course I do not recall my very early years, but it was so nice to revisit my childrens first years.

Nicely done


Sun, April 15th, 2012 10:24am


This is idealized version of early life. More for singing to small ones at bedtime. To encourage - trust? happiness? Life?
Anyway, thanks, Dibs. Always glad when you come by. Kindest regards, Connie

Sun, April 15th, 2012 8:26am


This is so young and sweet and innocent. I love the repetition. Beautifully done and heartwarming.

Mon, April 16th, 2012 3:15pm


It's the breath of little kids - that and their eyes and laughter. A thing to be cherished. Thanks, california - glad the repetition served for you; it did for me. Best regards, Connie

Mon, April 16th, 2012 8:22am


:-) an 'oh-so' endearing gem*
~katie :-)

Thu, April 19th, 2012 2:53pm


Thank you - simple and yet... Little kids are open and fresh and lovely. Thanks Katie - good to see your name! Connie

Thu, April 19th, 2012 8:23am

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