Into The Stars: Awakening

Into The Stars: Awakening

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Into The Stars:Awakening
this story is about a girl who was left behind after most of the world's population leaves the world due to war, sickness, and poverty. But this story also has it's bright moments and it's dark time.
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Into The Stars:Awakening
this story is about a girl who was left behind after most of the world's population leaves the world due to war, sickness, and poverty. But this story also has it's bright moments and it's dark time.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Into The Stars: Awakening

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Into The Stars:Awakening
this story is about a girl who was left behind after most of the world's population leaves the world due to war, sickness, and poverty. But this story also has it's bright moments and it's dark time.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 01, 2012




At the beginning of the twenty first century mankind is on the verge of war, low income and sky rocketing oil prices plummets the world's economy into a down ward spiral. Countries wage war with one another, the world’s population drops by more than ten percent and it seems as if no one will claim victory. After years of war and sickness the war comes to an end as countries are no longer able to fund their armies. As soon as the wars end chaos erupts through the world, in every major city riots break out, in once calm streets, order is no longer found and there seems to be no end in sight. Racism and religion begin a blood feud between many different people, privet mercenaries fight for different factions. Old blood feuds erupt and all-out war is unleashed once again, a world that was once of many colors becomes a world of black and white, genocide sees to the mass lose in culture, art, and many races and religions. The world is separated by many factions ,the southern half of Africa falls to large numbers of militia forces who have joined together to fend off other governments. China, due to the loss of funding the government joins forces with the well-funded triads the once largest criminal organization in the world. The united states is divided in to 4 parts the west coast falls to many gangs that once ran the streets of los Angeles, the east coast still belongs to the US the first 13 colonies are all that’s left of the United States of America, the mid-west and most of the great plains once again belongs to its rightful people, the native Americans. Thru genocide the Native Americans reclaimed the land that was one taken from them and now belong to the rightful people. The blood feud between the US army and Native Americans wages a war in which the natives unify. The war is brought to their front door as battles for the mid-west and great planes are fought on Native American land, the remote lands and canyons found there make it easy for the Natives who know these lands best to hide and fend off the army of the U.S. And soon enough the war for the old native lands clams a victor as the US government is pushed back to the east coast. And most of the northern states remain in peace as the people of that land remain natural and stay out of conflict. War tares the world apart, nuclear weapons and wild fires and sickness and drought kills the world. As balance is restored newly formed governments fight for the survival of their people who are still dyeing of sickness, by now more than 3 billion people have died with in just 10 years. The greatest loss of human life ever. The United Nations is reformed to bring peace to the world new and old governments begging to call for peace and the nations form a treaty of peace. The governments hold a meeting for weeks to come up with plans on how to save our dyeing world. Soon they announce that the best way to save our world was to leave it.....they made it sound as if they could take everyone.
Soon news of ships that can take us away from this decaying planet speeds, no one really knows how they made the ships but in the end no one really cared, the news fills many people with hope. News speeds of ships that have been set that could take us to a new world, a better world. But the price of going on one of these trips was way above anyone these days. So pulp did watt ever they could to get the money, whatever they could.
And on June 16 2019 they left, they just left no one even cared about what would happen to those of us who were left behind to fend for ourselves. My name is Nina two years ago i was left behind, two years ago 50 million people from every government left earth and this is my story.

Chapter 1
As Nina hides in the woods from the rest of the world she walks thru the forest and stays hidden away from people for over two years. She makes a small shelter, weapons, fire, and anything else to survive; she never thought that the things she learned in camp when she was just a child would ever save her life. That was eight years ago when life was all fun and play now she has to struggle to stay alive, hunting day by day sleeping on the cold ground night by night. Two years after the ships left Nina is stuck in the woods surviving on her own for years. She knows how to survive now she’s more confident in herself every now and then she would see a group of people walking thru the woods most of the time they didn’t even know she was watching them. Soon she could not find food, finding food in the woods becomes harder and harder for her. She wanders for days in search of a meal but nothing comes up then she starts to think to herself
"maybe i should die, what’s the point to my survival all i do is walk in these woods hunting, hiding, staying alive for what, i have no point in life" and just as she thought those words everything goes black.

Days later she wakes to bright lights and for a moment she thought she was really dead. As she starts to realize she’s not dead she notices needle in her arms, scared she pulls them out of her skin and makes a run for it, a man try’s to stop her but she easily throws him to the ground. As she runs she sees a window up ahead, she dashes for it then what she sees takes her breath away. She stop at the sight of watt was out the window, tuned, unable to move
" beautiful isn’t it " a man says as he walks word her, as she steps back slowly

"don’t worry am not going to harm u " the man’s says with a smile

"who are you? Where am i?" Nina yells

"my name is Kane, hardy Kane" said the man

"how did you find me? Why are you here" Nina asks.

"we were just passing by when the men began talking about the old days of hunting in these woods, so we decided to have some deer or elk for a few days, you know for old time sake"

"and for how we found u, me and two of my men were tracking some deer when we came apron urn body..... You nearly dead, we saved you"

As he comes closer she begins to feel dizzy she starts to fall, as he grabs her she blacks out again.

"You need more rest take it easy kid" he says
as he picks her up.

The ship soon leaves earth Nina has been up for days now as she watches the planet get farther and farther away.

"Good reddens" she whispers to herself.

She walks around the ship and looks around there were not many people on the ship many of them men some seemed as wild as the animals. She knew all too well about animals, the men looked at her all the time like she was from another world. As she walks she feels like she might have to fight to survive on this ship which was fine with her she thought to herself "I’ve fought bigger" a smile comes to her face. The next day she asks where they are headed the Kane tells her they don’t really know that they travel from place to place planet to planet then he tells her that really are not alone in the universe she looks at him and asks watt he mean

" aliens " He says

"Aliens?" she looks at him puzzled

"Yup all kinds some smart, some not as much. . . .Hell there are even nice ones, and mean ones, it turns out many of them been traveling through space way before we left earth"

he tells her about the time when they ran into an alien ship that supplied them with many thing they never seen before. She asks if they might run into anymore because she wanted to know how it would be to meet one. He laughs at her looking in to her eyes thinking to himself "there’s still a kid somewhere in there" then smiles "maybe". Nina smiles and walks away. Her first few days on the ship Nina just walks the many halls and openings to glance at the beautiful sigh of outer space. They had left the solo system not that many days ago and were going at a very slow pace to navigate through a meteor field. Nina can't believe she is in space i wish my family could be here she thinks to herself. After a few moments Nina breaks in to tears. As she is crying a young boy around her age comes and asks if she is okay.

Nina response while nodding her head "is fine, i just wish they were here"

The boy puts his hand on her shoulder “who do you wish was here?"

She cry’s "my family"

"Am sorry we thought you were all alone"

Even more tears start to flow down her face "i am all alone"

he pauses and motions to hold her just as he was about to hug her she pushes him away and gets up with anger "i don't need you sympathy, i don’t need anyone" he sits there as she storms off, he wonders what got in to her or if she just doesn’t like him at all after all he's the reason she’s on the ship. Nina makes it to her room and looks through the stuff they brought to her and sees that they were the things that she had on herself before she blacked out, all her stuff was there except her knife that once belonged to her father it was an old knife, homemade, it had a decent sized blade that her dad made his self when he was small living on the reservation with his grandparents, the handle was made of an antler from a deer, the first deer her father ever killed. She loved that knife and could not believe that someone would take it just like that she got up and if she can find out that had it she would demand it back.


Chapter 2

Nina wakes to a load bang, she jumps up and before she realizes it another thud hits the ship she gets up and runs for the bridge.

"Kane watts going on!" she asks

He yells "were being attacked!"

“by who?"

"bad aliens" he laughs

she hears him yell orders to the other men they seem to follow them without question and without fear. She remembers the animal like look in their eyes when she first saw them all she then realizes why.
“Solders" she whispers with a smile.
Just then Kane yells at her to go into the lock up room with the others she turns around and starts to run for the lock up room at the bottom of the ship. She feels her heart beating as fast as when she was running from a pack of wolves in the dead of night only months ago. She runs as fast as she can, then without warning the ship goes dark. Despite the lack of light she keeps moving her heart pounding as she moves through the darkness. Then without notice an arm comes from out of watt seemed to be thin air, she gets pulled in to the shadows of the ship. She try’s getting free as fast as she can.

"Stop it’s me"

She takes a good look at the person who grabbed her already knowing who it was by the sound of his voice.


She grabs ahold of him. Remembering the time they first met when she watt walking around the ship. Just then they pause as they begin to hear footsteps coming around the corner they stay still in the shadows of the ship. Dark beasts move by slowly as her heart begins to beat so fast that she fears the beasts will hear and tear her limb from limb she begins to shake with fear as she takes a look at the beasts. They were big, eyes glowing of a dark orange, a tail nearly as long as they were tall, with Skin that seemed to be hard as rock almost as if they were giant lizards made of stone. Just then as she thought they were safe one of the giant monsters turned toward them. Before she knew it her vision goes blurry but she feels fine, just as she had the thought to run Kino grabs her and whispers in to her ear "don’t move" just as the creature turns she feels a sign of relief. Soon the creatures were too far to notice them moving.

"What did u do?" she asked

with a puzzling voice she asks him again.

"What did u do? Why didn't he see us?"

He replies with a grin on his face, "I cloaked us that are why"

He puts his head down and turns to walk away.

"Let’s keep this to ourselves" he said with a joking tone to his voice.
She knew he wasn't joking not even a little bit.

He then stops and turns to her, this time with a serious look about him.

"You wouldn't want anyone to know what’s under those contacts of yours"

Animal, she thought as he walked away, she stood thinking, How did he do that? More importantly how did he know about my eyes?
The questions would have kept coming if there wasn't a sudden thud that seems to move the whole ship. She makes her way to the head of the ship but as soon as she gets there she sees the beasts trying to break in to the lock up. She runs as fast as she can moving in the pitch black of the ship, she gets to the control room of the ship and informs Kane on what’s going on outside of the lock up. Just as she ran to help the people in the lock up the ship was hit with another load bang. And as she's running she loses her footing she finds herself falling and without time to react, all goes black.




Chapter 3 : realization

She comes to a few days later with a pain in her head that seems to pound at the beat of her heart, she places her hand on her head and feels a ruff surface above her right eye, she knew at once what it was "stiches" she thought to herself. Just as she began to dress the door slides open and Nazi walks in and notices her getting dressed and drops his head and turns away. He apologizes in embarrassment. She smiles when he mentions how beautiful she looks, she almost turns red.

"Am done" she tells him as she puts her gun in its holster.

"I came to see if you were okay. And since you seem to be fine you need to come with me Kane wants to talk to you"

"about what?"

"I don’t know"

Nazi walks Nina to canes office in silence with his head down "are you okay? Naki."

"yea am fine Nina am just a little, am sorry i should of nocked before i walked in"

"it’s okay, at least you turned around, most of the other guys wouldn't have"

"i guess your right"

"By the way if you didn't i would have shot you" she laughs

"Am kidding Naki, laugh a little"

They go quiet among each other and Nina thinks of how kind he seems to be but then she wonders if it’s all an act because everyone on this ship seems to be cold hearted and rude. They get to canes office.

 "Well here we are, see you around Nina"

"thanks Naki"

She walks in and without a word Kane tells her to come with him. He turns and walks out the room she fallows him as they head to the back end of the ship where once she was not allowed.

She takes in how big the ship really is and can’t help but wonder how man could make such a complex peace of Trans sport.

Just then it came to her “are the people okay?" she ask with worry.

“There fine, we made it to them just in time, thanks to you there all fine" he looks at her and asks

"How did u find your way to the bridge? I mean that whole end of the ship was pitch black. How did u find urn way thru all the darkness"

"I don’t know i just kept running at first it felt as if i was running in circles, it took me awhile to find the bridge. Luckily i found it in time."

He looks at her and smiles, as he turns away he makes a remark that puts Nina on her guard
"your full of luck, but watch out it might run out on you one of these days"

She reaches for her gun and walks behind him aware of his every move. What does he mean by that? Does he know? No, there’s no way he could have found out. She thinks as she watches every corner they go around.

"Where are we going?" she asks him as they walk down the halls of the ship.

"To the armory."

"Why? “She asks him with wonder

"Newari wants to see you"

She nearly freezes from the sound of his name, of all the men in the ship he was the scariest one for she knew nothing of him his gazes was more ruthless and animal like then any of the other men, his role in the ship alone was a mystery to her he always wore a black hoodie with wide sleeves watt seemed like steal toe boots and black pants with a feather that seemed to be tied in his hair. He was someone with animal impulse like her.

Kane looks at her and sees the fear in her as her hands shake and her breathing speeds up

"take it easy kid." he tells her

"where is he from" she asks him in a low voice.

"He’s from another planet like earth except twice as big, but this planet is for only one type of people, people of the land"

"People of the land? Watt does that mean" she asks without a clue of watt he’s talking about.

" What does u know about native Americans?"

"Not a lot just that there were less than a million of them before the ships left earth"

" well there are no more on earth at all now, when the ships took off all the native Americans were picked up and brought to the ships, a year later the ships came across a planet like earth, a debate was held between different leaders and then the native Americans split themselves from the leaders of the united states, they claimed that they are now one nation the leaders held a tournament between the nations and in a upset the natives Americans beat china. The best fighters from every nation were pick to compete in the tournament, with the victory the native American leaders made a state mint that the planet was there’s from the beginning when asked watt materials they wanted they only asked 4 horses, buffalo, and a few bows and arrows. These people were born to survive and they are said to be the masters of hand to hand warfare. They are also the one who wrote the book on gruella warfare you could fight a squad of 7 and not even know where there at."
"Wow" she says with nothing but amazement for the people who have been looked down apron for many years.

Then it hits her and she asks " why does he want to see me"

"How should i know, he never talks to anyone"
As they came to a room Kane looks at her and tells her that he cannot come in for the training is for her only not him, he soon wishes her good luck for he knows that this trading would be the most torcher her body would ever ender.

She walks in the door and as she takes a look around she sees only weapons that are used for up close fighting.
"welcome Nina" a load voice echoes thru the large room as Nina flinches at the tingle in her spine at the note of who she knows is Newari as soon he walks up to her and says something that shocks her in disbelief.
"you can take off your contacts"

He smiles and looks at her like if he knew all about her eyes and soon she will find out that he indeed dose.

Chapter 4: Pain

We were supposed to be out in space years ago, me, my sister, my brothers, my mom, and my dad we sold everything to get those tickets. My family gave it all up for a chance at a new life in a new world. One night my dad came home one night and showed us all six tickets, over taken by joy my sister and i started packing as soon as saw the tickets. This was supposed to the start of a new life for us all a chance to start over again, be happy.

Months go by and i train harder than i ever thought i could, driven by anger, fury, rage, and pain, i train till i drop. I had never been so close, all these years i thought there was no hope. But now i had my chance to get even, and no one was going to get in my way. All I’d ever wanted was one chance and i told myself I’d never stop till i found him and made him pay. All these years i had been determined to get him, he took it all away from me and i was going to make him suffer. He came into our house, he knew, he had to know we had tickets, he came in when we were having diner, he had a gun! He shot my brothers! My dad tried to stop him, my told us to run i was the first out the door, and i was the last, i heard two more shots before i got out the house. The next thing i heard was my dad screaming in pain and begging for his life, the only sound left was the shell of the hitting the ground. He killed them all! And i was helpless, i was scared, too scared to move! But now am not afraid anymore, i will find him. And i will not stop till i have my hands wrapped around his throat.

Chapter 5: Naki

"She’s so beautiful, i wish i didn’t have to wake up. I demoted about her every night since i first saw her. She was beauty every inch of her made my skin crawl. Ever since the day we brought her on to the ship i could barely take my eyes off her. After all it was my idea to bring her on the ship, the other guys just wanted to leave her there to die. But i made them bring her along to the ship."

I wish i had been there the day she woke up but Kane put me on guard duty. Now all the guys pick on me asking me where my girlfriend is. It’s there idea of a joke not one of them can even begging to pretend to feel for anything other than themselves so full of greed. I don’t see her that much anymore since she went off with the Indian It’s been boring lately.


Chapter 6: finding a way

Three months later Nina’s training is done she learned that the trade of her eyes was that it allows her to see in the dark and much more she learned that her eyes are passed on in the blood of many native Americans and that they come in a time of great pain and savagery. She knew how to fight and how survive. She walked out of the room feeling like she was all but invincible. She goes to Kane and to his surprise she seems less afraid and he notices that she seems older than before.

"wow 1year 3months" he laughs and notices her eyes have changed from a brown to a kind of blackish red you couldn’t see the red much but Kane knew it was there she had a kind of viciousness look to her like the time he first time he saw Newari.

"so what is it you wanted Kane"

"i think it’s time you know what we do on this ship, you see we do things for whatever money someone can pay us, we steal, we transport, we enforce, we escort, and we kill for money."

"so your mercenary’s?"

"Yes, and now that you know i need to know where you stand in this ship."

"What do you mean?"

"well i need to know if you stand with us, and if now you’re going to have to get off at the next planet we stop at, i mean this is not some free ride or anything."

"al think about it before we make the next stop okay Kane"

"sure thing kid you can go now"

Nina walks out the room with many thoughts in her mind as to what she wants to do as she walks down the halls to her room she sees Naki sitting on the flood wiping blood off his face.

"Hey! What happen to you?"

"Umm, i fell?" he laughs

"well it looks like a big fall are you okay?

"Am fine one of the other guys was picking on me and i might have said a few things about him he didn’t like"

"that was smart."

He laughs "yeah i think he knows that am smarter than him, but i don’t think he likes it."

"Let’s get you cleaned up"

She helps him in to the infirmary and as they walked in to the room she makes a joke to him and says with a laugh "you know it’s funny the last time it was you carrying me in here now this the other way around"

He stops “how did you know?"

"Newari told me the whole thing. I've wanted to thank you for that, you saved my life."

"Well i got to go pack"

"Pack? For what?"

"Kane said i have to get off at the next planet"

Naki looks to the ground and replies with a low voice "so you’re leaving?"

"Yeah well al sees you around"

Nina walks out the room to her room to begin packing she makes one last trip to Newari to thank him for helping her and teaching her and also making her stronger. As she walks in to the room she noticed all the weapons that were on the wall were gone the vary weapons she trained with. But the weapons were not the only thing missing Newari was nowhere in sight. She walks out of the room and began to walk through the ship and as she is walking down the ship she notices Kino walking toward her and as she passes him she noticed her father’s knife on his waist in its holster. She turns in anger and grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around and demands that he give back the knife he took.

He replies "i have no idea what you’re talking about i found this and its mine"

"It does not belong to you it's my knife" she screams in reply

He laughs "why don't you take it from me"

She strikes at him but he easily avoids her and forces her to the ground with one kick to her body, Nina gets to her feet and strikes again he ducks under again but this time she is ready and had already anticipated it and as soon as he began to strike at her again he moves and grabbed his fist and easily struck him to the floor, as he tries to get to his feet she strikes at him and just before her punch hit he vanished, Nina turns in circles but could not see him anywhere but she could still feel that he is near just then she is stroke behind her legs and is forced to her knees and again she is stroke before she can get to her feet but this time she is stroke in the face, she hears his voice but does not see him. Kino laughs “cool watch don't you think? It’s a clocking watch i got it from a reaper on a trading mission he liked my gun so we made a little trade, to bad it’s not dark your eyes can't help you now, did you really think you could take me? There’s a lot you got to learn kid like for instance if you’re not strong this world will tear you apart"

He strikes her again and before he could do it again Nina grabs his hand and forces him to the ground and at the same time she pulls her father’s knife out from the holster and put it to Kino’s neck. She pulls off his watch and he reappears and with disbelief and amazement of what happen.

She looks at him and says "these eyes do more than see in the dark"

He lays still as she takes the knife and his watch he gets to his feet and says to her

"Hey that’s mine"

She laughs "it’s my watch now"

He tries to demand it back from her and as soon he does she says "if you want why you don’t take it" He stands there as she walks off. Nina walks to her room with her head high and grabs all her things and walks to the end of the ship to get off. When she gets to the end of the ship she noticed Newari and Naki waiting for her all ready and packed as if they were also getting off the ship.

She asks. "Newari what you doing here?”

He reply’s "our people need to stay together and you still have a long way to go on your trading"

She turns to Naki "why are you coming?"

"All is out of friends on this ship if you leave so i decided to come with you"

She hugs them both and thanks them both for coming with her. As they exit the ship and walk down the massive ramp they hear someone yelling for them to wait, it was Kino running down toward then Nina laughs "am not giving your watch back"

“You will sooner or later”

Kino tells them of a place he knows about where they can stay for a few weeks if they must. Nina is reluctant to fallow kenos suggestion but it’s all she has to go on for now. So they fallow Kino through the city, they come to a poor part of the city and Nina notices people living on the streets and most of them don’t seem to be that much far from death, it was a gruesome sight to see people in this much pain a suffering there eyes to her seemed lose with no hope in sight. Nina couldn’t but feel sorry for these people after all she knew where they were coming from, she once went days without eating just as these people are now  going through.

© Copyright 2017 Wilburson Haines. All rights reserved.

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