Into The Stars: Mission

Into The Stars: Mission Into The Stars: Mission

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



this story takes place just after nina gets off the ship on an alien planet with a few of her companions and begins to find a purpose in the new world she finds herself in.
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this story takes place just after nina gets off the ship on an alien planet with a few of her companions and begins to find a purpose in the new world she finds herself in.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Into The Stars: Mission

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this story takes place just after nina gets off the ship on an alien planet with a few of her companions and begins to find a purpose in the new world she finds herself in.

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Submitted: December 24, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 24, 2012



Into The Stars: Mission

Two weeks had gone by and still I was stuck on the planet. Not even making any progress on finding him, but I know it will be all worth it in the end. Naki keeps looking at me all the time, if he dont stop anytime soon I'm going to hit him in the face. But he was good company to keep around. Kino was digging thru my bag earlier I laughed when he didn't find what he was looking for. It was funny I was sitting in the chair across the room watching him, I now understand why he wants it back so badly. I thought of giving it back several times but it was too much fun to just give it back . The next day we walked around the city watching kino talk to people, naki said that we were being fallowed I kept looking but I couldn't see who it was. As we were walking we stoped at a wearhouse were they were selling these little alien creaturs in cages I felt bad for them they were treated like dogs, no, worse then dogs. I asked how much they were worth and the thing selling them said it would be 30 gold credits. It was all I had but I felt sorry for them so I bought one. Kino laughed at me saying it better be worth the investment. I asked naki what it was as he handed me the cage and told me it was a koliba. He also told me it was virtually a slave that they were created in a lab many years ago and now they are sold in the markets. He laughed and told me "maybe you can teach it to clean your guns" I gave a mean look and he fell quiet. When we got back to the place he told me that he was not joking that I really could teach it things.I asked him how and he told me that most people use them as Helpers for things like cooking and cleaning there homes but I could use it to help me with what ever I want to like cleaning my weapons and such he also told me that once you feed one it becomes extremely loyal to the person who feeds it. He told me that they can live to be up to 300 years old and that they are fast learners as well. The next two weeks I spent in the house teaching my new little friend about guns. Naki was right he was a fast learner it was not hard to teach him at all. Kino gave my little friend some books so that it could learn other languages when we move on to other planets. My native friend left about a week ago and still has not come back, I missed having him around I really could use someone to talk to.
No one understands my pain like he dose, he was the closest thing to a father I had in this world, every thing was new to me, like moving to a new city and starting at a new school. But it was much more then that I was life or death out here the strong controlled every thing and the weak scraped the bottom of the pan. We were in the side of town were the poor lived we only ate once every two days I didnt like the food here it was bad but in the end I ate it anyway. I've seen all kinds of aliens here many shapes and sizes it was beyond my wildest dreams. When I was young back on earth I didn't know what I wanted to be I was having to much fun untill the wars started then everything changed. We were forced to leave to Canada there was no war there. I was eighteen now I would have eather been finishing high school or starting college. But instead im on a planet I don't even know the name of hoping for a clue to find the guy I'm looking for.

"hey were heading out Nina you wanna tag along"

"sure naki"

I showed my little friend how to use Kinos watch and then I told it to look out the end of my back pack to see if we would be fallowed again. We walked through the city again and saw a bunch of things up for sale like technology, clothing, and even weapons. We stop at many places but nothing interested me at all then naki showed me a beautiful neckless but I remembered I spent all my credits on my little gray friend. But he ended up getting it for me and I asked him why he would spend his credits and he looked away and told me he had much more credit then I knew from kane. I gave him a hug and started walking down the market.

"so what else you wanna buy me" I laughed jokingly at Naki but he just smiled and proceed to look around.
I tried to talk to him but he seemed to be up set about something so I just thought I'd let him be. We walked for hours then we headed back to the place and when we got there I was happy to see that Newari was there waiting for us. I greated him with a hug and asked him where he had been. He told us that we have to pack our things to leave soon. Kino said that he was going to stay but naki said he would go along. As we were walking my little friend tap my shoulder and I knew what that ment I told Naki and Newari but they already knew. I couldn't help but wonder "who is fallowing us, and why are they fallowing us. Just as I was about to turn to see who it was newari stoped me by saying "don't turn around" Naki fallowed by saying "he dosent know were on to him, if you turn around to look he could turn and run, if he runs we won't be able to find out why he's fallowing us." now new questions filled my head "how long did they know he was fallowing us? Why didn't they tell me? How come they seemed so ready and to have planed it all out without even saying a word to each other?" I just did as they said and walked as if nothing was going on till we got to a giant gate. It was the exit to the city, I saw Newari hand one of the men at the gate a slip of paper.

"brave" said one of the men replying sarcastically as he handed the paper back. Just then the gates open and I could see nothing but trees not like the ones back on earth these were bigger, way bigger it was the biggest forest I have ever seen. As we walked out the gate we made our first steps in to the forest. It was mid day but it almost seemed like night time in the forest it was so thick not much light got thru. We been walking thru the forest for hours when I noticed that we haven't seen a single living thing in the forest, it was strange that nothing could live here in such a big forest. I used my eyes to see if I could see any signs of life and I was amazed of what I had seen, there was life all around us. There spiritual energy was unlike any I had ever seen the creatures were really untamed they had a kind of peace and vishisness to them. Most were vary big but yet kept them selves hidden from us as tho to not draw conflict with us. There were many shapes and sizes to them I could see nothing but there spiritual energy I had no idea what they looked like but I was glad not to know, I feared what beasts this great forest held that made people build a great wall around there city.

"Amazing isn't it Nina, you can see what we can't all the creatures hiding in the brush and in the thickness of the forest." Newari say to Nina

Nina replies "yes newari it's amazing the forest is swarming with life all around us, but there afraid of us, there hiding from us right now."

Newari smiles as he tells Nina "No there not hiding there letting us pass thru out of respect"

Puzzled Nina askes "Respect? How can they have respect for us? They don't even know who we are."

"There like you Nina they see your spiritual energy, they see our spiritual energy and decide weather or not we are worthy of there respect."

He don't say another word, So i just keep walking behind newari and naki watching the amazing sight of the creatures all around us. Soon we get to a point where we had to stop and take a break I was glad to stop my legs were killing me so bad I don't think I could have taken another step. I let my little friend out of the bag and just as I do Naki hands him a small rifle and asks him to take watch on a tree some where, the little guy seem vary happy to have his own weapon but at the same time I looked at Naki with a fearce gaze in my eyes.

"what? I bought him a rife dont look at me like that." naki says as he chuckles

"you know you should have told me first" Nina replies

"I wanted it to be a surprise for him besides it didnt even cost much anyway"

I just look away and ignore him till I was able to fall asleep. It seemed like id been sleeping for over a day when I awoke my body was aching all over it took me awhile to get to my feet. As I looked around It reminded me of when I use to walk thru the forest back on earth. But this time it was different there was more life in this forest and more dangers as far as I knew there were most likely more dangerous things then a hungery grizzly bear in these woods. I didn't like these woods there was something sinister about them I could not see it but I sure could feel it, the weight was slowly bareing down on me.

"Finally up I see"

Naki was sitting by the fire cooking something that looked almost like a small rabbit but I really dought it was a rabbit.

"your little friend here makes a good hunter" naki said laughing as he patted the little alien's head. It was easy to tell that the little guy was starting to enjoy being apart of our little team. I enjoyed having him along, just as I was about to walk over to naki and the little guy the ground began to shake and with out warning a loud bang and an over powering force droped me to the ground. This was not natural I could feel the spiritual energy pulsating in the air around me. I see naki nealing on the ground just as I heard him wisper lightly "what power?"
Just as he said those words he was quickly on his feat and running. Towards the direction the blast was coming from. I jump to my feet and grab my bag and begin to fallow him thru the forest, I use my eyes to see if I could see where the blast came from but as I open them I could not see anything but the red spiritual energy every where clouding my vision. Suddenly I hit the ground as I trip over one of the many roots that lay in the open of the forest. I switch my vision back to normal and I keep moving and soon I reach a large clearing in the forest and I see one man fighting over a dozen other men in armor welding swords.
Just then Newari pulled me back and signaled me to be still. "watch" he tells me as I watch on I see the men in armor are not as human as I thought. One slices at the man an as the man avoids and counters he slices right thru the armored man and the man falls apart but seems to drag himself togeather and quickly gets up and proceeds to fight again as if he weren't just cut in half. I instantly switch to my eyes and I see the red spiritual energy again but to my surprise I see that it was coming from the lone man and not the armored men I originally thought it was. Just then I see a dark purple energy appear out of nowhere behind us as I turn to look newari pushes me to the ground and quickly moves out of the way as another armored man slices a long curved sword at the two of us. The man turns and again strikes at me I duck and avoid as I pull my dagger out my bag and turn to face the armored man, he strikes again and I easily avoid him in one swoop I thrust my dagger and slice his hands off as I take his sword away from him at the same time I slice with the sword and In one quick moment his head hits the ground and rolls in the grass as his body is forced to it's knees I turn and see that newari was pleased with my performance.

"Not bad" I turn to see the man that was fighting on his own against the armored men. I grip the sword and perpare for another fight."that sword will do you little good against me" he laughs as he jumps off the tree "not many people can take down a reaper guardian so easily, but then I've taken down hundreds" he walks to newari and greats him as an old friend "you really know how to train them brother" i could not believe what I just heard as Try to ask " your bothers?" the man turns to me and smiles "yes, but not by blood, I am proud to say there is no one more worthy of the name" still puzzled I decide not to ask any more questions. Im starting to wonder what other secrets every one else is hiding. But I decided not to think of them I had my own goals to keep track of.
Not long after we reached a giant building made completely of stone.
As we walk in to the building I see statues of the reaper guardians in the main lobby of the building.

"my names Marko, incase you were wondering, Nina"

Nina replies "actually I was wondering why you were killing your own guards"

"She's a smart one, where did you find this one newari"

"earth" newari replied

"earth? really?"Says Marko with a surprise look on his face.

"actually I found her!" naki says as he just suddenly jumps in to the conversation.

"I can see why, she's vary beautiful"
Marko says as he takes a step toward me.

Just as Nina was going to pull her dagger out Naki steps in-between the both of them as he pulls out his rifle.

Marko takes a step back and laughs "easy there, your way out of you league my friend, besides I had no intention on hurting her, and you would just get in her way"

He was right Naki was no match for him at all but I don't think he would have got in my way at all, he was stronger then he seemed I could tell when he stepped in front of me his ora changer completely as if he was another person, it was stifling really it was almost as strong as newari's Ora. It made me wonder if I was the week one in the group.
That night I was in the court yard practicing for half the night but the nights here are way longer then back on earth, there nearly twice as long by my count. As I practice I could only see his face with ever strike of my sword and every thro of my knives I was ready, I won't fail when the time came. I could think of nothing else as soon as the chance came I would not let it pass me by I will kill him. I dismembered one reaper guardian after another I found it hard to stop I was getting stronger and stronger by the hour when it first became night I was only able to face one now in just a few hours I was facing five at once and now i was ready to face six then seven I would not stop untill I could face a hundred of them as once. As I trained I notice that Naki has been watching me for hours now. It bothered me that he was always watching me every moment.

"you know I can help" naki finally says

"yeah, what makes you think I need help with anything" Nina says with a stairing gleair at naki as he jumps off the top of the roof.

"Im good at killing, and I know how to find people" naki replies

Nina pauses for a second and give a long look at naki and replies "what makes you think I'm looking for someone"

Naki leans forward and whispers in her ear "Newari told me about how you got your eyes"

Nina takes a step back and turns away from Naki "What's it matter to you how I got my power"

Naki steps forward and replies "it matters because newari told me that the only way to gain that kind of power is that you have to have native American blood, and that you have to experience excruciating pain, physical, mental, or emotional, pain so bad that it will eather break you or change you in to a new person for ever, anyone who can cause that much pain to another person, most of all to someone as kind and beautiful as you, deserves nothing but death."

Stunned Nina stands there motionless unable to speak unable to move, not from fear not from pity or even from love, but from rage.

she turns to face the reaper guardians once again, "I have to find him! I have to kill him! No matter what it takes! If you really wanna help me bring me a list of planets where a large number of people got off the ships."

Naki dose nothing but nod his head, he turns and begins to walk away as Nina continues to fight.

Later that night Naki wispers to me as I lay down to get some rest he says " good night Nina" I ignore him and fall asleep as quick as I possibly can, that night I had dream of watching my family walking toward me and as I run to great them they are swooped away by the giant hand of the man who murdered them, as there being swept away I grab my sisters hand as she screams for me not to let her go I try my best to save her but she gets swept out of my hands so easily as the murderer laughed I awoke from my dream with sweat drips from my face as I begin to breath harder and harder. I've had this dream every since the day my family was killed.


Into The Stars: Naki's journey

The sound of clashing steal rages on most of the night as Naki prepares for a trip back to the city in the morning to get started on a list for Nina. It will not be as easy as nina though it would be to find out what planets the people of earth got off on. That night Naki set aout with out telling anyone that he was leaving, he packs all his belongings and heads out the door and quietly makes his way down to the front of the building.

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