determination of a girl

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a girl name Happy was fired from her 2nd job. a heavy weight pushes her head down...... a plot??……….and she is only a victim not a fired employee

Submitted: October 27, 2012

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Submitted: October 27, 2012




Here is a girl name Happy . True enough she is as happy as her name.  No matter what, there is always a smile in her heart. Its her strongest weapon. Always cheerful.Comb her hair, apply some pancakes, a mascara, a lip gloss and a perfect smile finishes her make up. Now she is ready to start her day……

Hi Ani ..good morning.(Happy)

Good morning, miss cheerful. Could you please pass that yellow file to me?(Ani)

At your service mem.(Happy)

She is now very happy to be a new employee in  corporative family. She had joined this office only 2 months before ,as a part time employee. Yet she is very very happy.She likes her job but because its her first time she is not a wonderful worker.Time passes by waiting for none ……and now her contract expires so she has to leave her job. She is now a jobless person. She seek a suitable job for herself but it is not a good time for her.Yet she doesn’t lose hope and keep searching for it.

 She goes to wing corporation and there she sees her future . But one day a woman with nicely groom look and a great personality behind suddenly appear. She goes straight to the director’s office and talk to the director straight forward. After half and hour she comes out of the room with a great smile besides their serious conversation.

"Hey Ani , who’s she?"

"Who knows but I heard that she is an amazing woman and has working experience for more than 5 years.And above all she just quit her previous job due to a severe quarrel with her boss. Ah...i think she can do anything she likes wherever she goes. Hey keep this a secret between us."

Next day at the office.

Everyone is looking at the notice board.

Hey! wait Ani, what’s that?

It’s a new list of employee, some of us got a higher post some are fired ….go check yourself.

Huh there’s not my name in the employees list… …….then…..oh no …..i am FIRED!!!!!!!And now a heavy weight pushes her head down and she could not raise it properly.

Some weeks later she went back to her office to submit the files and to take her goods with her……

When she enters the office she is very eager to know who sits in her chair .

She peeps in the window and sees the same lady who came before and went away with a smile. She felt like crying but stops herself . she gather herself together and goes away.She isn’t so sad because she’s fired but she’s sad to know that the notice was given only to put that girl in her place and to dismiss her. It was all a plot……….and she is only a victim not a fired employee.Weeks later...

Hi miss cheerful what happen you look so thin.

Hey Eliza, I don’t know what to say but I lose my second job. I did it with lot of care and work really hard yet failed.

Its quite sad. You lose your job but don’t lose your hope. I know you and you are special.

those cheerful words keep her haunted.she wanted to try one last time.She thought that, with her qualification she cannot stand very far so she goes for higher studies……..Now she’s 26 and with perfect qualification to apply for her job. Because of her intelligence her own institute sends her to foreign countries for trainings and to attain workshops.

Now she has a great working experience plus qualification . Many corporations and corporative acknowledge her and call her. She choose Foreign network and when she is just about to post her reply she sees an unopened letter on her table..

The letter is from WING CORPORATION . A sudden chill feeling comes and she remembered how she was fired.

Then she sends her reply to wing corporation and agrees to join the company.


When she comes in the office everybody stands up and greeted and among them there is also greeting from the director who is also standing among the other workers.She sits in her chairmen chair and looks to everyone of them who is sitting below her.She rings to the director and ask him to come in her room.She ask the director if he remembers her ?

The director changes into a fully ripe tomato and said ..yes MEM. I do . I am very sorry about the earlier things . Please forgive me and lets start a new beginning .

Director, please don’t say like that . What you had done to me makes me reach up to this level.

Mem can I ask something?

Please proceed.

We heard that you were going to joined the foreign ……..?

Yes you heard right. I was about to but when I see the letter from here I wanted to join here.

You know sir, I wanted to be here so much but I was fired suddenly. that was really a hard time for me.That desire still exist somewhere inside me so when I got the chance I just come here.

The director was left nothing so he just remain silent.From that day onwards the director follows the order which the chairmen who was once a mere employee gives him……

 she had lose her job but not her hope so she once again remain cheerful and once again as happy as her name…..


The end.

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