lonely heart

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was parting the only ending for us???

Submitted: October 10, 2012

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Submitted: October 10, 2012




you ask me to smile

i smile

but the very moment

before my lips could stay together

i have to cry;

the time we spent together,

the street we always walked,

the stream we always went,

why are they all becoming memories?

those warm smiles

those eyes looking at me

why are they parting away?

if i have to cry

why did you asked me to smile?

when i cried,

before my tears could run down

you catched it

tears are running down my cheek

if you are not here

who will rub my tears?

every drop of your memory

i have to wait till it dry;

if you were going to snatch away from me

why were we made to fly together?

you requested me to smile

how am i suppose to smile?

i can smile only when you are beside me

i tried a thousand times

but i am sorry

i cannot fulfill what you had requested.

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