my fault to love you

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a girl falling in love with a wrong man....

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012




floating freely

smiling to the shading sun

we are heading towards our home;

with your smile

i feel you will love and cherish me

i remain floating in your dream

like the free clouds in the sky

but the sky changes

it grows dark and darker

a storm comes

i cannot fly any further

through thunder and lightening

i make my way to reach you;

there you are

i feel warm in the storm

i ask your help

but you remain silent

you fears to get wet;

the place where i thought

i will have a shade

makes me more wet;

my hopes scatter away

my belief break into pieces

i cannot pick up a single piece

trying to pick it up

my heart got hurt;

i realise

you are like a statue

my tears,you cannot see

my heart, you cannot feel

it was my fault

to love you.

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