Concept for " A Little Bird"

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The idea is still in its early stages but so far, i like how it's going. It just needs editing and..revising. xp

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



A little bird told me of the world.

Through a small window, he sang of the world.

It was wide, open and endless.

It was kind, limitless, and kind

I would be in heaven.

A little bird told me of the freedom.

The freedom of moving with ease,

Of traveling, of singing

Of dancing in the sky

Every night, the little bird came

Promising me of a life

Swearing with his little heart

Swearing on his life

Tracing my cracked hands gently,

He would cry.

 Only at night, would he come,

Bringing the outside with him.

Bits and pieces of the promises he would fulfill,

Colored my mind.

A scarlet feather brought passion.

A snippet of silk brought dreams.

However the visits from this small bird

Would comfort me the most

No matter how scarce they grew.

One day the little bird brought friends

They were kind and brought bracelets

To adorn my wrists and ankles.

They opened the heavy door and told me to hurry.

They chattered and sang

But their songs were not sweet.

The sounds grated against my ears

And I thought to myself

That my dear little bird

Had made friends with crows.

 I felt the sky on my skin,

Cool, refreshing, and light.

 Clouds were the size and color of elephants

That was in the picture books

I once held many years ago.

I smiled at my little bird

But he didn’t see.

 He held my cracked hands

Tracing them softly, gently

and with a clink

I was trapped again.


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