Night takes it's toll

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Read. I started this feeling only midly sleepy. As time went on, my mind started to collapse and so these strange sentences were born. ( BTW do not take the sane answers! >:[ this is only to demonstrate the gradual change of the stae of mind) ( and besides, you'll probably get an F anyways.) ...( not to mention a cheating file which will ruin the rest of your life in a terrible downward spiral in which hell will finally engulf you)( yea.. dont take other people's work)

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011



According to the first two paragraphs of the speech, Patrick Henry is speaking because there is an issue that is “nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery” (Henry). and the only way to settle the matter is in debate. Patrick Henry said that if he held his opinions, he would consider it as “treason toward my country and of an act of disloyalty toward the majesty of heaven...” (Henry).  He fears that the truth would harm the future of America is it was not addressed as soon as possible.

  1. In the third paragraph, in order to convince his listeners that Great Britain would not respond to peaceful petitions, Patrick Henry says that Great Britain had a history of not reacting to peaceful petitions. He states recent example of Britain’s actions such as the House and Britain in general, disliked the Americans. He also mentions how strong Britain was on water and how fleers were approaching America; he lists all these examples to convince the people listening.
  2. I the fourth paragraph, Henry tried to justify his choice by providing possible false facts and that war was the only solution. Patrick Henry asks rhetorical questions in order to capture the audience’s attention and he also says that a The British did not last long during this time period. The British all turned to their noses at the petition.
  3. The forces that Henry mentioned were loyalty and love towards the country. IT is due to this loyalty that more soldiers were joining the army.  He says that if the colonists cannot win the fighting the system would grow weak.
  4. Henry wraps up his argument with his topic sentence and main point which was “war is inevitable” (Henry) This ending statement creates a lasting impression on the listener or reader and so it will influence their decisions of that time period.
  5. The appeals that made Henry’s arguments were made powerful by the adjectives and syntax.  The arguments that were weak were when Henry started to turn to more pathos than ethos and logos to support his speech.
  6. In the fourth paragraph, Henry uses the metaphors “phantom of hope” or “armed in holy liberty”, and “lying spindly) (Henry) to bring forth the horrifying image, Cameron had.
  7. Henry Uses rhetorical questions that are learn, BY asking the people” hand and food?” IT is proven that Google will take anything we give to.  Since these worlds are completely immersed in the strong words that have created.

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