War in the Name of God or Man?

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Do we really fight wars for our god(s) or is it really for ourselves?

Submitted: March 19, 2012

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Submitted: March 19, 2012




War in the Name of God or Man?

Night filtering in trough the broken glass window,

The dancing colors of the stain glass muted, dulled, extinguished,

The alter disregarded, defiled, destroyed,

The Priest lying on the floor,

Cream carpet stained red with blood both old and new,

Gods screaming in heaven covered with many wounds, some healed, some open.

What stops those Gods from living in harmony?

None but the people who believe in them,

For it is they who rage the wars, they who fight, they who hate,

And the Gods suffer along with their followers.

Were I to hurt you would you love me?

So then why do humans insist that hurting their God

will earn his good grace when they are his to do with as he wills?

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