Black Marks

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Shuffle the songs on your iPod and take the first 20 titles. Those titles are the beginnings of each paragraph in your short story! Sounds easy? You'd be surprised...
My entry for a contest on storywrite, hope you enjoy it!

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Paradise City would be much more welcoming if it was actually "paradise". Living in this so called god-forsaken place "Paradise City" would also be much more enjoyable then. Eight months of snow and rain for the other four was definitely not my definition of paradise. Besides that, the 'city', which was really the size of a small town, was infested with pricks and jerks, all of who just so happened to go the same school as I. This made my mornings even more of a pain, as just the thought of those said people made me want to go into hibernation. Whoever named this place clearly had nothing to do with their life.

Blue Orchid, my cat, was probably the only reason why I even bothered to get up. If I didn't feed her at exactly seven in the morning, she would meow at my door for hours. She was so loud that I swore the whole apartment building could hear her. So, I would be forced to roll out of bed to give Blue her precious Whiskas, eating my own breakfast in the process. Then, I was out the door and on my way to oh-so wonderful school. Joy.

Mr. Blue Sky seemed to not be so happy to see me today. Not that the sky was ever blue here. It was usually covered with clouds that hung over the town with the threat of rain or snow. Calling it Mr. Blue Sky was just my ironic joke. I know, such a rebel hey? Obviously not, which made me quite a rare specimen in this place. I had never been accused of any misconduct and had a squeaky clean record, while most of the town had black marks everywhere. Quite literally, as all of the buildings had graffiti on them, courtesy of Jake Martens. Though he was just another jerk, I had to admit that he was quite... easy on the eyes. I didn't have a crush on him or anything, we fought too much to be attracted to each other in any way, shape, or form. Yet, I always noticed him. Like now, for example. He was leaning against the brick wall of our school, fingers curled around a can of black spray paint. I cleared my throat as I approached him, ready for another Sabina vs. Jake battle. All it took was four words: "What are you doing?"

"Writing on the wall." His brown eyes studied the wall, evaluating his hard work. I stood there, staring at the wall like I could erase the offending words with my eyes. They had just painted over the old graffiti!

"Apocalypse, please," Jake rolled his eyes at me, as if he could read my mind, "What will they do about it this time? Paint over it again? Maybe they'll fall into sudden panic because they don't know who did it... again?"

"Hysteria, more like it," I joked, recalling the last time the school staff had found the graffiti. It was a wonder how World War III had not ensued. He obviously didn't get my joke so I changed tactics, brushing aside my blonde hair and asking, "How long have you been here?"

"3 a.m.," he replied, yawning, "Art takes a while, love. Maybe you should stay the night with me sometime and put a black mark on your record." He winked, reminding me of the fact that he was the most notorious player Paradise City had ever seen.

"Stay the night? With you?" I blushed as I realized what he was implying, "No thanks, I'd rather stay clear of your influence."

"Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking off her clothes," Jake answered lazily, cocking a pierced eyebrow, "You must be having a heck of a great time right now. But I guarantee that you'd have much more fun with me."

"Beat it," I hissed, swatting him away as he came closer to me. Somehow he managed to catch hold of my arm, holding me in place. My green eyes widened in fear, but he just slowly ran his other hand through his brown hair, taking his time.

"Midnight show, baby," he said finally, running his eyes up and down the length of my body. I felt so dirty, and the feeling only worsened when he said, "My place or yours?"

"Ten thousand fists wouldn't be able to beat that cockiness out of you," I growled back, freeing myself from his grasp but finding that he had me trapped between himself and the wall at my back. For the millionth time, I wondered why my heart was racing. These battles happened everyday, but they always left me somewhat weakened. Jake, on the other hand, never showed any signs of tiring.

"True," he conceded, taking a step towards me, "But you should live a little more. Who know, you might actually... enjoy it." I pushed myself closer to the wall, the black graffiti curling around me and trapping me. He was so close and, to be honest, it scared me what his proximity did to me.

"Every breath you take is a waste," I shot back fiercely before I could do something stupid. Namely, kiss him. I could feel his breath on my face and I fought the urge.

"Give a little more, live a little more," he whispered into my ear as he pushed me even closer to the wall. I would undoubtedly have black marks on my clothing from the paint.

"Poetry for the poisoned," I snarled, "That may be your moral, but it's definitely not mine."

"Crazy little thing called love," he replied, shrugging his shoulders, "You'd be amazed at how comfortable you would be with me."

"Only when you leave will I be comfortable with you." I pushed him forcefully away, even though the score between mind, body, and heart was 0 - 1 - 1, respectively.

"Still got the blues for me, don't you sweetheart?" Jake said knowingly. I shook my head but he just smiled and turned, taking the can of spray paint with him. I watched him go, attempting to figure out how many girls he had used that line on. I was just one of many to him.

I never loved you anyway, I thought, but I knew I was wrong. Tomorrow we would fight the same battle and I would lose again, like I did every time. He'd won a long time ago, when he first left black marks on me.

So, this is just something I wrote on storywrite for a contest = ) Basically, I had to shuffle the songs on my iPod and the first 20 titles had to start every paragraph in my short story! It's actually a lot harder than it sounds... Here are the songs, give them a listen!:

Paradise City - Guns N' Roses

Blue Orchid - White Stripes

Mr. Blue Sky - ELO

Writing On The Wall - 2 4 Grooves

Apocalypse Please - Muse

Hysteria - Def Leppard

3 AM - Matchbox 20

Stay The Night - Chicago

Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have (Without Taking Off Her Clothes) - Panic! At The Disco

Beat It - Michael Jackson

Midnight Show - The Killers

Ten Thousand Fists - Disturbed

True - Spandau Ballet

Every Breath You Take - The Police

Give A Little More - Maroon 5

Poetry For The Poisoned - Kamelot

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen

Only When You Leave - Spandau Ballet

Still Got The Blues - Gary Moore

I Never Loved You Anyway - The Corrs

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