Diabolic Clockwork

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“Time continues on no matter what happens. It is alright to feel a little emotion, but too much might make you want to stop the passing of time altogether, and that is something that must never come to pass.”

Brynnia Ceas’s life is ruled by clocks. Her Great Line, the Ceas Line, is expected to be exactly like the enchanted clocks that never stop ticking – moving forward at all times, obedient and emotionless. Yet Bryn is unsatisfied with these rules and traditions and seeks something more from life – freedom, choice and the feeling of being alive. On the day of her coming of age, the princess learns of a plot against her Line that puts her whole family in danger. Surrounded by people she does not know if she can trust, she can only rely on two very different entities – her commoner friend, Gale, and the clock she keeps with her at all times, Elian. Time is running out and the race against the clocks to save everything she has ever known might bring Bryn to a truth she may not want to realize: that she is indeed a clock, even after everything she has done to fight against it.

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Diabolic Clockwork

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