A Surge of Insanity

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Mind Bottling Craziness.

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011




I wonder what it is you thought about today.

I thought about a girl. It always starts with a girl.

I thought about how insane it is that I keep placing myself in this predicament. Insanity, they say, is the repetition of an action or series of actions producing the same results but expecting different ones. I’m guilty as charged and not just with women.

See, If I give up on love, then I’m a quitter. If I continue, I’m insane.

If you overthink life then you’re an anxious mess and a tightwad. If you under think it, you are rash and impulsive.

If you are conservative, then you are respected but outdated. Liberal, then you is fresh but unstable.

If you speak out, then you are courageous. Quiet, then you’re not contributing.

If you love war, then you seek improvement and change. If you love peace, then you seek nothing and are a coward.

Be humble, but if you are too humble then you will be walked on. Be tough, and you will be unapproachable and feared.

Work hard and make money, but every resource you take is a piece that someone else doesn’t make. Don’t make too much money by the way, for you will be despised by those who don’t have your fortune.

Have sympathy, but don’t give any money to that bum. He is a solicitor.

Have forgiveness, but brag and hope and wish in your heart (that is pure!) about how “Karma’s going to get that Asshole,” or simply state “God’s going to judge him and put him in hell.” As long as you feel better.

If you are a writer, then you selfishly feel that people need to hear what you have to say. You could have spent that time reading….then again, what is a reader contributing….he is selfishly enjoying the ideas of others….in hope of what….inspiration?

Inspiration to do what?

Be rich, have freedom! I don’t have to pay bills anymore…but I have to constantly water this money tree and fertilize it. I have to protect it. I have to defend my use of it. I have to share it with every person I let close to me unless they have it too. Then, In that case…I’m surrounded by people cursed just as I am. What an exceptional existence. Be a slave to the dollar. When will I have enough money? When I can fly to the moon.

Make it big, be famous. Fame is so short. Albert Einstein is one of the greatest minds that have ever lived. How much do you know about him…what’s he to you…..my guess is that most people see him as a fuzzy headed man who has a catch phrase involving an E and a Square. How often do you hear of Madonna anymore? She did everything humanly possibly scandalous to be known. For how long, and to what avail?

Let everyone Be at peace, but the world is overpopulated and resources are running dry. Blame it on someone else and turn on the Kardasians. Give your kid some Ritalin to numb him, and get yourself a cocktail….yeah, that’s the trick. Buy a new IPhone, your friends will think you’re cool. Tell a social network what you bought from cooperation, so they can buy it too. Talk about how the government is at fault and how the free masons control the media. Go to church, talk about love…enjoy vices, and feel as if all the choices are out of your control. What do I expect us to do about it anyway? Everything’s been said already, and everything’s been done before. No uncharted grounds. Sterile. Impatient. Lazy. Uncoordinated. Isolated. Modern.

There I go thinking about that girl again. Insanity.

Anyway, what did you think about today?



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