Proof and Dreams

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Short Stream of Consciousness concerning the Religion and Science.

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011




There is a point in which the entire path of the world will change. We are waiting for it, despising it, applauding it. There is a point in which we will have that undeniably deniable thing. Proof.

Religions, scientist, economists and all the other organizers in the world can’t plan for it. If they are hiding it, they can’t hide it forever. It will come. The answer. Regardless of who we think we are, we don’t KNOW who we are. That could be a problem. We’ve evolved past fighting wars out of blind devotion and overthrowing corruption just to replace it. MAYBE.

What is it? Someone has to be wrong. Someone’s entire mindset, history, culture, community, country, hemisphere is WRONG…

Don’t worry…It’s not you. You could NEVER BE WRONG. It’s them.

This is where my new journey has gotten me. The influx has run me in galactic complex circles of faith, logic, and consequence. So what….

I have faith in something. That something belongs to me. I’m not afraid to share it- I’m just not so sure if I should anymore. I don’t want to IMPOSE.

WHY DOES IT MATTER? Because…It’s not what we do that interests me, it’s why. What is the role we play? Depressing to think that the complexity that is human life is just utterly pointless. Reality has bounds, doesn’t it? It must!! Is it compassion for utilizing what we know that drives me or my own inability to admit lack of control?  NAW, it couldn’t be vanity. I’m just one man out of billions, scientifically….statistically….economically…I count for nothing. Religiously, I count. I have importance. Someone will help little ole humble me. Maybe I am simply weak. I need… BUT I DON’T NEED? I have my whole future in my own hands. THAT’S NOT GOOD…NO GUIDE ANYMORE. That’s AMAZING- freedom from the consequence of self-indulgence. NOW I CAN LIVE FOR ME. YES.

Now, I can be the animal I so desire to be. This IS ME. I can get my colleague fired for drugs that I plant in his desk. I can convince others to follow “honor” (LOL)!!! I get two covers. One, people will think that I’m so self-righteous and honest that they’ll never suspect me. Two, they might actually try to LIVE by the BULLSHIT I feed them. More room to GROW. If there’s nothing for me in the next life….then I must take advantage NOW. I can live!! I can HAVE MATERIALS, AND STATUS!!! People will respect me- THEY WILL GIVE in to my WHIMS. No consequence.

Why should I entertain the idea of something greater than myself? OF “perfect unconditional LOVE”? This L word, by the way, has more meanings than I can remember. In science it’s just a chemical, an endorphin, a need that can be overcome with discipline and a medicated regimen. IT’S NOT LOVE, it’s obsession they say!

I can’t LIVE WITH THAT. We are complex. We are social beings. We have relativity and compassion and hope. This is who we are. This complexity is why I want more. Why I choose to seek more. More of what? Whatever it is it’s up to you. For me it’s that this isn’t it…there is always something more. That God does exist. I’ve got to consider the IDEA that I WANT to believe. I WANT to dream.  I want inhuman perfect love, undue forgiveness, and obedience. I can’t PROVE ANYTHING.  I am not capable of scientific evidence. I have a stack of theories, investigations, concepts and considerations. This is my testament that if you choose to follow God then you do it on FAITH alone. You accept the consequence. You accept that YOU CAN’T ACCEPT what may be popular.

I encourage all who want to know why to EXPLORE. Run a couple laps! It might be pointless, but philosophy is more about the ride, anyway.

It has been said that WE don’t NEED God. Or the concept thereof. If that’s true than why can I not give my faith up? I can’t even consider it. I can dream of so many things but I can’t give up God. I never will.

SO, my only compromise at the moment is to promote TOLERANCE OF ALL SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT, AND to point out that BAD is BAD. I can’t defend the DOCTRINES OR CANNONS historically and literally because I SIMPLY DON’T KNOW enough….YET. OR MAYBE EVER.


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