Tribute to the Silent

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a Tribute for the Silent!

What great power one has to move mountains and make about the whole of the Earth. What speeches! What dancers! Singers! Amazing youth! Oh, such Charisma! Eloquent and Poised, yet Daring!

How charming.

But what wonders my whole being the most is the ones who seek no power at all. The silent.

Not like me, the hobbyist writer – the one who can’t avoid writing something, anything, just to feel connected to the tablula, but the silent ones… No, not the ones who are silent to make a point! Not the ones whose silence speaks volumes. The truly silent ones. The imaginary few who live and die, undisturbed.

For some, they achieve this high status through religion or by happenstance. Maybe their life is just too short to have uttered a sound. Maybe some never learned to utter. I have interest in them, but the highest honor goes to the visionary who lived a full life, packed with potential and capability for all sorts of communication, but they, in all their glory, limited it to nothing, freely and willingly. A royal martyr in the making.

I wonder if they know or knew how oppressive language is. How it is full of idiosyncrasies that always serves to control others. No word is harmless! ... I imagine them thinking alone in their pure wisdom.

Yet, the irony is very present as these silent ones are precisely who we all need to hear from as they have been pumping themselves full of observation, and have no need for an echo chamber. They don’t have positions for you to take up. They only have themselves, and even when called upon by a worthy socialite or world leader, they would simply remain as quiet as ever. For their will knows the test of time, and cannot be broken. They shall never speak, unless spoken to, and even then, their words are only what is required for their survival.

Even as they read this tribute to them, they acknowledge their amazing existence in stride, maybe with a blink or other noncommittal gesture at this text. What worlds live within these humans! Richer, Deeper, and Untainted paradises of thought and experience.

Submitted: September 01, 2020

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