The Ballroom

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Adaptation of Cinderella.

Submitted: November 14, 2012

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Submitted: November 14, 2012



Loopy October 30, 2012


Topic: How physiognomy influences one’s perspective of another person.

Purpose: To illustrate a pleasant time in which I was influenced by physiognomy

Audience: Party goers and readers of fairy tales.

Medium: Once Upon A Time (fairy tale book)

The ballroom is congested in brilliant colors from a spectrum that is produced by an unknown source. Upon first glance one would conclude that the refracted light from the chandelier produces the spectrum, but it’s actually produced by the refraction from the diamonds in Angela’s jewelry. Her 24kt white gold diamond necklace and bracelet made her the main attraction in the room. Angela’s smile was pearly white and luminous, it looked as if she had a mouthful of Chiclets. Her body was curvy enough to make Coke-Cola reconsider how they shape their bottles. Angela’s attire was elegant and classy from every hairpin to the bottom of her heels. After watching her greet multiple attendants, I knew that the time was expiring for being able to seduce Angela. Feeling content with my appearance and charisma, I decided to introduce myself to this goddess. Angela was watching me as I approached her. She smiled before I even had the chance to say my name. The deal was sealed before I even initialized it, or at least I hoped it was. I projected my hand out and shown a warm smile as I introduced myself to Angela. Angela introduced herself as well. She seemed flattered by my greeting, so I made meaningless small talk. After exchanging common information amongst one another, I invited Angela to dance with me. She accepted my offer and we proceeded to the dance floor. We danced for what to seem like an aeon, when Angela abruptly headed towards the exit. As she was at the door, she looked back at me and gave me a smile. I proceed to follow her towards the exit. She stepped through the door before I was able to reach it. Upon going through the door, I saw a taxi leaving. My instincts told me that Angela was in that taxi. Heading back into the ballroom I notice a heel on one of the stair steps. Upon analyzing it, I knew it was Angela’s. Was I a part of a modern day fairy tale?

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