Old Scratcher had it right

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My take on euthanasia

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



Old Scratcher had it right



Old Scratcher was a Labrador,
He was our favourite pet.
Old Scratcher wasn’t feeling well;
We took him to a vet.

“Old Scratcher isn’t feeling well”,
The Doctor broke the news.
“He has a tumour in his lung;
We’re going to make him snooze”.

It said with such decisiveness;
We thought we’d best agree.
And so we said, ‘Farewell Old boy’,
We’re going to set you free.

With Scratcher up in dog heaven,
We paid the man and left.
We drove home to an empty house,
- of joy we were bereft.

We made ourselves a cup of tea
And thought of Scratcher’s life.
We thought about how good it was,
- completely void of strife.

A passing thought to contemplate,
It ended rather quick.
He had been coughing quite a lot,
But didn’t seem that sick.

But that’s the creature’s curse, I fear,
That they may not complain,
At least we have the vets at hand,
To rid them of their pain.

When I am old and don’t feel well,
And death is all but sure;
I only hope he won’t prolong,
And hurries to my door.

But if, by chance, I’m out of luck,
And death does naught but crawl;
Remember every bit of me,
Living will and all.

© Copyright 2018 Will Foreman. All rights reserved.

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