Fame Killed Me

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A successful actor gets kidnapped by his wife and her boyfriend. I based this story off of Holy Grail by Jay Z

Submitted: September 15, 2014

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Submitted: September 15, 2014



Around midnight at an old shed Candice and Savon drove up to the shed and grabs the tied up Treyvon. They drag him to the shed and Candice pulls out a gun and then...1 day earlier.It was early in the morning  Treyvon wakes up the sleeping Candice for breakfast in bed and to get ready for his big blockbuster movie premier that was tonight.They went shopping for Candice dress and shoes and then they went shopping for Treyvon tuxedo.After they was done they came home and started arguing about how Candice wanted to come home after the movie and how Treyvon wanted to stay for the after party.They continue to argue until Candice agreeds with her and Treyvon leaves to go run some errands.Candice calls up Savon and tells him that they going to have to kidnap him at the party and not at the house.At the after party Candice slips a ruthie into Treyvon drink.Moments later Treyvon is knocked out and Savon and Candice carry him to the car.Its present time and Candice has the gun pointed at Treyvon head.Treyvon laugh at Candice and Savon.Candice got angry and pulled the trigger.


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