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forever by drake once again kanye west verse

Submitted: August 22, 2014

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Submitted: August 22, 2014



Ever Ever Mr.Gray is in the building 

Aint no question who about to kill it

I used to have good dreams 

Pootie Tang Mickie James

I stuck my neck outside until that check came

I went hard on my ball team

So they can feel my pain all spring

Yall never heard my story my glory

I made the game young

You can call it statutory

When I became employee of the month they going to build statue of me

Old man superman it wasnt nothing

Mcdonald chicks give me Mcdubbin

Make a season without rain as Selena husband

These people say they know me when they really doesnt

Like they was down with mac of homies no they really wasnt

Iwas such a loser

Sit behind Stacy Bueller

I'll do anything just to have my Demi back

We was very legit til she made a heart attack

But being a star made me to a maniac

Im not ever hollywood cuz its full of crap

The cameras came out and I snap

I want Selena forever Justin you cant have her back


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