Greatest Man Ever Alive(white girl video)

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Based off of kanye west and jay z song illest motherfucker alive

Submitted: October 01, 2014

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Submitted: October 01, 2014




Shout out to all the white girls everywhere

Jennifer Lawrence hold on Im coming for you


I need a white girl video right now

Cause Im feeling so focus, so focus

Feeling like Spike Williams spooking these people

Spooking these people hey hey hey

I need a white girl video right now ay ay

[verse 1]

Dang baby beauty cant be your only hustle

Unless you fine like Romi Russell

I mean alot people aint funny 

So basically Russell aint the only hustle

Russell the man Russell Zoe 

Dj hero hero hero hero I finally ate my cheerios

What you after, after my money

You behind the insurancy yeah you Afflex money

Bullet proof  magnum when I kill my foes

I put maple on my twix (why) so the center holds

I swear that I get so cold

Got me hanging with Miley wearing winter clothes

I got my mur on feeling like there fur on

I got Miranda Kerr too we about to get our his and her on

Dont look at Hilary or get your grrr on

Too close you over roast such a joke you overdose

Get back you way to close

Oh no  villiage was struggling

So they bless them with Frodo

Demi is still making music then why Im still riding solo

Quasimodo dont touch mr No No

Han Solo getting ready for some photos

Yeah and you wacky chick I'll try to keep the door closed

Gavin white tee while jumping on a pogo

I want yall to see what I see with my eyes close

Take yall to another level

Next to Austin Aries Im the greatest man ever alive

Whole world coming down on a brother H.A.M

Because Im the greatest man ever alive

{Verse 2}

Its not over Im exactly what you think

10 weeks in a row still hustling

Mick Jagger swag I got that Micheal Jackson bad

It took me 5 more years to get the Montel Jordan bag

Yelvis has left the building now  ask the fox when they coming back

People getting stoned  to call Beetle Juice back

Rey Rey my Yokozuna and Brie Brie complete my familly

Imagine hows that going to look front row at the Slammys

I dont care about your walls like Charlie Murphy house

The Rock was cooking you should of stay in the house (stay in the house)

I dont know what Im what Im doing here

Seems to me a complete waste a year

Just a waste a time a complete stocking bottles

People say Im weak no Im not Im chasing after Demi Lovato

Got oversized pollie let me show you how to do this

When you say it then you spray it, its not only in the music

Basquacks Warhorse always my a muse

My house is a museum so I see them when I go creepng

Usaually you have this much taste your European

Thats the end of drinking you thinking never again

Now you know where to go when the heat is up I learned that 

Heavyweight  champion would be Cesaro if he didnt turned bad

Love Sosa(no homo) this is real life

This how killing Scarface should feel like


I need a white girl video right now

Cause I feel so focus so focus

I feel like Spike Williams creeping people creeping people hey hey hey

I need a white girl video right now ay ay





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