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H.A.M by kanye west and jayz kanye west vesre

Submitted: June 10, 2015

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Submitted: June 10, 2015



They were getting high couple weeks ago

They feel themselves and watch the bong drop

Now they kill themselves

What they going to though

Its a new rap on the new stove

Im in the two lines true that

Telling people that im back

Like I never left so quick huh

And life so quick she got me whip  huh

And she got me broke and sick huh

And Im glad I finally quit her

Just forget it you talk it  I live it 

LIke Book of Eli  believe  delta on you let  me fit it

No paper so you can have some more of  me

O-r-g  O-r we doing something  methaphorically

Im  kicking people out historically like jan

Going K.A.M  about to get bigger

And the kid so young wanna have some kids

But  Ive been practicing on the Internet with some pornographic actresses

Look up some few  white girls  got some kid

But she looks so good man Im glad I did

Got them jumping out the window  loook out below

A hundred feet below

Cuz Im about to go K.A.N

Kool Ass Nigga

Make these people know who I am

Im about to go K.A.N

Kool Ass NIgga 

Make these people learn who I am


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