Top City Mix

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Brand New by Rhymefest ft kanye west it took me a while to write this because I kept deleting it on accident

Submitted: August 27, 2014

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Submitted: August 27, 2014



They dont like me unless Im (top city)

You might see me eating my (top city) chips

With my (top city) chick kissing on her (top city) lips

If you dont like then get away from my (top city) clique

They say my attitude messes up my latitude

Im shy like a Topekan fly like Topekan 

And still the Topekan you cant hate 

But cant because you love what I bake

Now I got to itch

Im never going to quit until Im out of it

They dont want to keep the sleepers up they claim I dont sleep enough

All that bullcrap I feed off of keep it up 

Im chillaxing my feet is up Im never leaving

Im hang with the Kardashians with Viagra just to keep it up

I stay in the back to stunt I dont need to front

I make it Will Gray Day forget about every month

Survey says by the people who recording 

Will Gray is important as Gorgeous George

Was in the NWA where he was performing

Ms Lauren was whorin before I bore her 


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