New York Pizza and Pasta in Norman, Oklahoma

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This is a review of an Italian food restaurant in Norman, Oklahoma.

Submitted: November 28, 2008

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Submitted: November 28, 2008



When I started college at the University of Oklahoma in 2006, I had no experience living outside of the state of Texas.  Growing up in the Lone Star

State, I had had plenty of experience with authentic Tex-Mex cuisine, but my Italian food knowledge was limited to only what was available on an

Olive Garden menu. 

I didn’t think the number of Italian food restaurants that I had to choose from would be noticeably larger after I moved to Norman, Oklahoma, the home of OU, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Maybe it’s just coincidence, or maybe it’s the fact that Norman is a college town, but there are a lot of authentically good and independently owned Italian food restaurants in the city. 

And after much deliberation, I have determined that my favorite of these is New York Pizza and Pasta on Boyd Street in Campus Corner near OU’s campus.  I know that, among my friends at least, the title of best Italian food or pizza in Norman is a hotly contested argument, so I’m sure some may disagree with my assessment.  But I assure my naysayers that I have tried the rest and I have found the best. 

The finalists include Hideaway, Toto’s, Pizza Shuttle, JJ’s, and Meme’s.  I excluded all of the chain Italian food restaurants that can be found in any city across America, including Carino’s and Olive Garden, because I believe in supporting local businesses.

There are two major reasons to eat at New York Pizza and Pasta: good food and a cheap price.  I can go there and get a large slice of pepperoni and sausage pizza, a large garlic roll, and a soft drink for about five dollars.  I admit that I have only ever eaten the pizza, but they do serve other typical Italian favorites too.  I would assume these are also delicious and cheap, but I honestly don’t know that for sure, having never ordered them.  Whenever my friends and I go there, which is at least once a week, we always order a slice of pizza, a garlic roll, and a drink each. 

The atmosphere is not great, but also not terrible.  It’s basically a generic pizza place where you walk up, order, pick up your food, and eat while watching whatever game is playing on one of the large flat screen televisions.  It’s a man’s man kind of place.  Whenever I go there, there is often a group of five or six dudes sitting, eating, and drinking from a bucket of beers while shooting the breeze and watching the game.  And I'm sure when all of my friends and I turn 21, we will do the exact same thing. 

The only problem I can see with the restaurant is that it’s closed on Sundays.  It’s always a beating whenever we go there for lunch on a Sunday only to realize yet again that it’s closed on Sundays.

In summary, New York Pizza and Pasta is good.  It’s one of many good Italian food restaurants in Norman, but it’s about the only one that I can visit and actually be served by someone with a New York accent.  I recommend it highly to any college student who wants a filling meal in a no frills environment.

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