The Equation To Life As We Know It

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Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013




First, let me start my apology in regards to things that I have done. I'll explain my apology to all as you read. Also a caution to people reading this: you might want keep your children from reading this since I use profane language and will joke around now and then. Besides, children don't need to read this because they're closer to the answer to life all the time... Afterall, they're always usually happy! Ignorance is bliss because it is.
There is a reason why I decided to write this. There is no better way of putting this, so I'll just cut the bullshit. I believe that I have found the equation to life as we know it. What does that mean? It means that you will be able to glimpse into infinity: which is what I like to call it, and many others as well. Another cool word to describe it would be 'Oneness,' or what Technological Singularity (what I know it to be) would consider 'The Singularity' (in regards to humans), or what the worlds' main religions would define as God, or Allah, or Zeus.
Right... So what is the point of finding the equation to life? What would be the purpose? The purpose of finding the equation for life is to hopefully help people understand the way life SHOULD be lived. Plus, there's a feeling of ecstasy that comes with it, and my whole life has been dedicated to find a way in which I can feel like I'm 'rolling balls' while sober (don't judge. Besides, why shouldn't you be in a state of ecstasy all the time?).
Well, who the fuck am I to tell you how you should live life? Fucking no one... And everyone bitch (Joke. I'll explain the 'everyone' part later)! This was not written to tell you HOW TO live, since the equation, although simple but complicated to understand, will vary drastically when applied to anyone's own individual life (hint hint).
Is it complicated to understand? Possibly. Since I can only relate to you by giving examples of my own life, understanding the equation might be complicated, or real simple to understand. The series of events, and the examples of my own life that have led me to who and what I am as a person today, will hopefully help explain how you can apply the equation to your own life, so that you may arrive at the answer to life as YOU know it.
Why help you answer your own life? Because according to equation, you and I are the same. Helping you actually helps me. Like Karma. We occupy the same time and space. Because of that, we are connected and whatever happens to you, will also have an effect on me. This is why I am apologizing ahead of time. The intent for writing this is to hopefully help humanity progress further into a new tomorrow, and not call you a bitch...Bitch (Haha! Kidding. Gosh!).
What does that mean? It means that based on the equation, we are going to have to start thinking in a way that is truly beneficial for EVERYONE on the planet. Every time we call one another names, ensue violent acts on one another and slander each other is a step towards 'nothingness,' which means if we keep living in this current world structure where our so-called leaders keep us in the dark, we'll keep 'fragmenting' or separating until we become nullified and have to start back up from 'nothingness...' (*Thinking to myself* Of course, that's all hypothetical, but if we go that route as humanity, the possiblity of nothingness might begin to ring true for the majority of people in which the probability might actually get high enough to where that might actually happen.)
However, the internet has provided a beneficial way to keep that from happening. HOWEVER, the government has already taken steps to regulate what we view and learn in this amazing medium. The internet is important. It's the modern day equivalent of the Library of Alexandria, for those history buffs in the know. *Shakes fist at government*
Just kidding government. I love you (or do I?). I have to since you are part of the equation. Do me a favor though and actually do your job... Oh, you ARE playing golf right now? Well, when you are done, just know that there are millions of people you're fucking over for not doing your job... Oh, you DO do your job. Ok. Just to let you know doing your job doesn't mean that you are doing a GOOD job. Cleaning toilets doesn't mean that you should use shit and piss to clean it because you think it's good for the environment. Thanks guys.
Anyway, this equation can also account for Big Bang Theory (at least I think so), which from what I know to be an explosion of atoms, expanding our Universe. This theory also represents another way to explain how 'nothingness' can turn into 'somethingness,' which in turn creates existence.
So, what is the equation? Although life as we know it is vastly complicated in the billions of people that exist today, it's actually a rather simple equation. Why? Because it has to be in order to simplify the complications that distract us from the answer that lies right in front of us everyday, and every moment in our lives.
Also, why would I present an absurd idea in which I say that I have found the equation for life knowing full well that a lot of people are going to think that I am batshit crazy, or mental? Put simply, I believe enough in to think that it might in fact change the way we live life today, to hopefully eradicate the things that seem to distract us from our true potential within ourselves, and in what we call humanity.
According to my life experiences, and what I have observed, there seems to be a side of humanity in all of us that keeps us from doing the things that may actually enable us to see a 'big part of reality.' This 'big part of reality' plays a vital role in the equation. In otherwords, we purposely blind ourselves to the number that is in the equation like a defense mechanism, which in turn keeps us from finding the answer to life.
What is this 'big part of reality' that blinds us? It is simply fear, or what I am afraid of in this case. The definition for fear however, varies for many people. So, for the sake of simplifying what 'fear' is for this equation, we will define it as the 'unknown,' or 'everything that we DON'T KNOW,' or what we have no explanation for currently.
Why explain all of this before presenting the equation? So that anyone who reads this can see 'beyond the equation.' For example, when one sees the number 7, everyone learned (learned: I like that new slang) knows that the number 7 represents the numerical count of how many certain things one may posess, or see. The equation must be seen as what we know numbers to be, BUT ALSO see how the numbers would be applied in reality.
Based on that, many people will probably now think, or have an association to Simulation Theory.
Yes. Simulation Theory, or what I know of it, plays an essential role into this equation (google it). In fact, if it weren't for the theory, I don't think I could have came up with the equation to life. I am not qualified to either verify or dispute whether Simulation Theory is actually true or not. Simulation Theory is for people with way better minds than mine. However, what I DO KNOW about Simulation Theory (and what everyone else knows about Simulation Theory, now that you are reading this), is that the theory exists in our reality. Also, if life is indeed a simulation made up of binary code, consisting of ones and zeros, how does one make sense of the ones and zeros? The equation answers that.
Since Simulation Theory exists in our reality, whether or not it is true should not define its existence because even if it is disproven, we know it still exists.
That being said, one should be closer to understanding the equation, but before presenting the equation for viewing, let's go over another example which better explains the half of the equation that has blinded us from seeing the answer to life.
Quantum Theory: what the fuck is it? I'll tell you what I know about it, but what I know may not even be remotely close to what it actually is by definition, and I'm sure scientist who are experts in this area will probably disregard what I have to say about Quantum Theory since I'm not even sure if I understand it (scientist, if you read this, forgive me if I 'butcher' the definition of it. I'll try and define as best to my knowledge). Quantum Theory as I KNOW IT, basically says that the void, or empty space around us in everyday life is in fact NOT a 'void' or 'empty space.'It actually consists of little tiny particles which fill the spaces between us.
An example of this is outer space. We know that outer space is a vacuum, meaning that there exist nothing. However, since we know 'nothing' exist, the 'nothingness' of space is in actually 'somethingness,' which means that even in the void of the 'unknown,' where we think there is 'nothing' is actually 'something.'
In conclusion, therein lies within the void 'something,' and that something in turn brings us to the answer to life which is ONE.
So, what is the equation to life? Here it is in it's simplest form:
Zero and one equals ONE.
Fucking retarded right? (It's a joke! Well, not the equation, but the previous remark. If you can't poke fun out of life, then you are not seeing the zero as it is meant to be seen. Retardedness neither defines you or I, or anyone else for that matter. In fact, it doesn't even define people who we think are mentally challenged!). The word 'retard' exist because we made it exist to define our egos, which in turn separates and prevents us from getting the answer of ONE. Now, does that mean we shouldn't use the word? Fuck no! Should we stop using salt to make things taste better because we think it's bad for us? No because salt is delicious and it is part of what makes life interesting, and most importantly, part of the equation to life. If that offended you, you are still looking at life through a filter of fear, or the unknown, or you are holding on to what your ego has defined the word 'retard' in your mind that you can't open up to the possibility of what the word 'retard' can mean in the various forms it holds.
Anyway, you can multiply, divide, subtract, add, fuck, touch, feel, taste; whatever the hell you would like to do to zero and one, and it will still equal one.
Let me explain.
Zero represents the unknown, or 'nothingness.' We used zero to represent nothing. Meaning when you have zero lays in your life, that means you are a virgin (little humor again, come on now! I've been typing for fucking hours now). Anyway, since zero, or nothing exist, it becomes 'somethingness,' and that 'somethingness' equates to having ONE of SOMETHING, which equals ONE.
When we interact with one another either face to face, over the phone, via the interwebs; everything we do to communicate to one another, there is in fact, even though we cannot physically feel or touch it, 'space' between us that 'separates' you, I, and us from the rest of the world. However, when we start to see that the 'space' between us is actually the SOMETHING that connects us, we begin to live and breathe the answer to life itself which is that we are all ONE, meaning that the connection that we thought separates us physically is actually the substance that connects us to one another and there is no separation. You and I are actually the same because we exist and live in the same 'SOMETHINGNESS,' no matter how far physically we are from one another.
So, how the fuck does this equation help me, you, them, Obama (especially you, sir), Richard Gere, James Earl Jones, Scarlett Johansson or anyone else? Well, in my experience... Again I can only describe my own experience of life to provide an example of how I arrived at the answer. Hopefully my own experience of life will provide insight as to how you can arrive at your own answer to life. I'd like to remind you that zero represents fear in the context of my life, which might actually hold true for most of you. What is fear for me? It actually is everything for me. I am actually afraid of every, fucking thing in my life (used to be). Being afraid of EVERYTHING has actually been a blessing and a curse for me at the same time (just that statement alone can be used to explain the equation for life). This combination
of fear and having to live life has forced me to dive head first, and tackle the things that scare me the most:
1. Women
2. Heights and falling
3. Guns, hunting/fishing
(Yeah, in that order)
I know. I'm a pussy right (rhetorical question, but you have to laugh at yourself. And all you haters out there... Come on. You know you want to)? To explain why those are my greatest fears I would need to write a novel of my life. So, for the sake of this example, I'll explain how I arrived at an answer.
Fear prevents me from making that leap of faith into the 'unknown' because my ego thrives on 'knowing everything.' To 'know everything' means that you do not have to take a 'leap of faith' to do something because you already 'know' the 'outcome.' This 'knowing everything' is the 'one' in the equation that is NOT the answer to life, but the 'one' that fucks, adds, subtracts, etc. with 'zero.' This 'one' represents our inability to let go of the knowledge that we currently know, which in turn blinds us from receiving the infinite knowledge that surrounds you, me, Jessica Alba, the dude moping the floor in front of me at the Starbucks on Colorado Blvd, which by the way seems a cool dude, even though I don't know a thing about him.
Your ego can blind you from actually seeing zero in the equation of life as well because you might be holding onto the past knowledge of what you've always known the number zero to be, which is nothing... I posess zero things in my hand, so I have nothing. However, if you look closer via a motherfuckin-badass microscope, you would be able to see tiny particles of atoms floating around in the void. Open your mind to that possibility and KNOW that nothing is something, thus leading you to the answer of ONE.
CAUTION: The weird part of the equation is that 'fear,' zero will hide inside 'ego,'one, or vice versa. That is why a 'leap of faith' to act is awesome because it resets the complexity of life to the simplicity that is the equation: nothingness and somethingness are ONE, or infinity (infinity sounds cooler).
How many times have you had a conversation with someone in which you tuned them out because ego kept you from opening up to receive what NEW, or 'MOMENT' information someone had? It was because ego came to play, saying "I know/don't know what this person is talking about, so why the fuck is this person talking to me?" For me, ego tries to predict future that unfortunately never comes to fruition (that's good because predicting the future would make life boring because you wouldn't experience anything new). This 'one' actually hinders a lot of people from accomplishing their potential, and what causes a lot of frustration for all people, especially those who favor ego.
How do I know the extent of damage done to oneself because of ego? Because I have suffered from depression before. Depression for me was the feedback loop in which fear and ego buried themselves deep into what I thought I knew about the world, jumping and hiding into the nothing and everything within my own mind, in order to keep me from not seeing the answer to life.
So, to arrive at the answer to life; for me, I had to surrender to fear of the unknown, and let go EVERYTHING I knew to be 'true' for me, and take a leap of faith to finally see that 01=1, with ONE being the answer to life as we know it.
I arrived at the answer when I took a 'leap of faith.' This 'leap of faith,' or action answered the equation. Put simply, I had to find a way to die without dying (yeah. Shit got that bad). So, what better way to 'kill' myself without actually doing so? I started jumping off cliffs while snowboarding on mountains (heights being my number #2 fear). The first time I started doing it was last winter season, but unfortunately didn't stomp any cliff jumps last season (and I didn't die! Sorry to disappoint you morbid fuck, and I say that in the highest respect). This season however, has changed that. I've stomped quite a few, but I have still yet to land a 20+ footer.
In that moment when one stands above a cliff and you look down, you realize how much you have to commit to a jump. Once you jump, you are falling and there's nothing you can do about it. You become part of the void, falling through the air of 'nothingness,' so you surrender to it and become it. You become zero. Then you realize in that brief moment, you can do 'something' in the 'nothingness' by at least spotting where you are going to land. You become one. Once you land (or 'yard sale' it) and realize you still exist, you begin to see the world that connects us... You begin to see that ALL is ONE because you just had a memory dump because nothing else mattered at that specific moment.
Think of it this way: Pretend I am a computer. I am the ONLY computer in existence. My hard drive contains ALL the knowledge of EVERYTHING that we know currently. I have also a delete button that deletes EVERYTHING we know currently. I am afraid that if I hit the delete button, that I will no longer exist. I decide to take a 'leap of faith' and erase EVERYTHING in my hard drive, including my identity as the ONLY computer in existence. What happens? I become 'nothing,' which in turn becomes 'something' because nothing is something and *poof*...Magic as I would like to say. I am ONE with EVERYTHING and NOTHING.
Now, I'm not saying that you should put a bullet to head, or anything that drastic. Remember that I said whatever happens to you, happens to me? Well suck it up you. I'm counting on you to start getting healthy, searching for 'oneness' because honestly, I would like to see this equation solved when all people get rid of their own 'unknowns' and 'egos,' so that we can communicate to one another as ONE MIND.
Why would that be cool? Why the fuck does that seem like a good idea? Because I'm hoping communication gets to a point when I could just think to my next girlfriend that comes along, 'make me a sandwich' without actually having to ask her for one (Joke. Again, this shit is boring. I've got to add flavor. Besides, I love women, *underbreath* expecially when they make me a sandwich! Laugh already! Ok, I'm sorry ladies. You guys out there can have the privilege of making me a sandwich too!). Seriously though, the possibility of being able to communicate through ONE MIND sounds awesome. What exactly does that mean? Fuck if I know!
A hard concept to grasp, but in writing this, my goal was illustrate as best I could the equation to life to give new perspective and to hopefully help ALL OF US, the people of the world to somehow find the variables in their lives that might complicate us from finding ONE. There are also other variables in my life which have led me to ONE, but I'll leave those variables up to you to see how those variables play out in your own equation.
It's funny because now I fear what might become of this writing, if it even becomes anything. I am also afraid that people might think of me as as a nut, or insane, but I must take that 'leap of faith' because the intention is to help the human race as we know it progress further into the void that inevitably connects all of us, continually turning nothingness into somethingness, so that we may ALL find ONE, and BE ONE. Plus, it's all part of the equation.
From what I have seen in regards to the integration of the internet, and how we communicate with each other through this medium, I can see the equation already playing out through the openess and the courage of the many people who float in the fabrics of cyberspace. Many of you may have already found the answer to life, but just haven't been able to define it. I felt that if I had any purpose in life, it would be to find a way to happiness and to help others find happiness with whatever card life had dealt me, you, us.
I've experienced the clutter that comes from 'zero' and 'one' hiding in the complexity that is your mind. This clutter I know for a fact (in my experience) causes depression because the feedback loop plays like a broken record, getting you stuck in 'everything' until you decide you want to be 'nothing.'
Not very many people have experienced depression, but I have given you insight into what it is, and it is not something anyone should have to experience. Writing this was to give knowledge to those caught in the feedback loop that is depression to really understand it, so that they may see the answer to life as ONE with the rest of humanity.
Another reason why I'm writing this is due to the gun laws that are being passed around. Government always jumps in AFTER something terrible happens, but they never really bother to find out the ROOT CAUSE, or ask the question, WHY? When you ask that question, you can put things in place to keep that from happening again (hint, hint government. I'm trying to help you guys out. Thanks Swa.).
TO THOSE EXPERIENCING DEPRESSION: Yes. Getting to ONE is beautiful. It is an expression of humanity that I cannot describe to you until you have felt it for yourself. It is in my opinion, a true inner peace. ONE is amazing because EVERYTHING seems vibrant and alive... And it IS because you begin to realize the clutter in your mind didn't really exist since everything you need to know surrounds you... It breathes for you... Then you realize your thinking about nothing (finally!) and you are seeing LIFE IN THE MOMENT, or INFINITY... But you have to find your own 'leap of faith' to truly understand what I'm descibing.
I'm glad to have experienced depression in some ways because it was such a burden for me to bear, which in turned pushed me to find out how you can overcome it yourself and how you can solve your own equation. Depression, or the feedback loop became so ingrained in my being that I literally had to go to the extreme of 'dying' in order to get rid of the clutter. There are ways, and if you need help, I suppose you can write me, if that's part of your equation.
I felt that I had to write this because if we are to progress as human beings, it seems in light of what's going on in our world, we need to restructure somehow, and hopefully this writing plays a part in our evolution. I also feel that if someone else were to find the equation to life I would be like, "Bitch! That shit better be free to see, view, fuck, whatever."
I'm not even sure how this will change anything, or even if this will have any affect at all, but I know for sure that once you get a glimpse into the answer of ONE, the barriers that trap you inside your own thoughts cease and you get to a place in what we and I would... *ahem* US, define as freedom.
Before I end this rant, I have to again apologize for the use of explicit language. I felt that if you were to gain insight into the equation for life, that I should express myself in a way that I feel most comfortable being. This is the way my heart and soul works, in otherwords, my answer to ONE, so I apologize ahead of time. I can be vulgar and come off as a douchebag, but if I can't live my equation to life in what I feel that my heart speaks to me, then that is counterintuitive to the equation, adding clutter to an already confusing thing we call life, which in turn leads to depression. So, thank you for being patient with me.
If that rant didn't help you, well then you're shit out luck (joke)! I recommend you read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. He has some good insight that may help solve your specific equation to life, as it has helped me.
For those people who read this and think, "Ah shit, I already figured this shit out. Who the fuck does this guy think he is?" Props to you. However, before making that statement, you might want to think whether or not that might be your ego talking, or fear disguising itself as ego, to save face. Let go. Ego got a hold of me nonstop for 7+ years of my life in what I like to call my '7 year prison of the mind.'
I'm writing this to free you from what you know because what you know doesn't exist. Once that happens, take comfort in knowing nothing, and then that nothing becoming something, leading into EVERYTHING. Push that reset button!
What are the possibilities coming from this? Personally, I'm hoping this leads to a kind of telepathy for humanity, in which my thoughts become your thoughts. Now you realize why the equation tells us to treat one another with respect. I'm hoping it goes that route so that our exchange of thoughts, our communication, with our intentions become like that of what you hear when you listen to your favorite song... At least that is what I imagine it to be like. It'll be like blasts of joyful energy sent back and forth to one another. It'll be like having mind sex, and we'll all be caught in one big mind orgy and having mindgasms (yeah, because regular orgasms are just so 2013, and just don't cut it anymore... *crickets sound*). There will be no room for suffering, sadness and such because the ONE mind will be so consumed by awesome intentions, that it'll be nearly impossible to break free from the feeling...And if you do go astray, you'll have to find ONE again to add and be part of the orgy that will ensue.... But, that's just my idea for the answer to my future ONE. What does your equation tell you?
The REAL BIG QUESTION is, does that idea scare you? Because if it does, you have to let go and start back from zero. Realize, nothing exist. Then realize if nothing exist, something exist, and if there's something, then that something is onething, leading you back to ONE. Remember, ideas don't even exist, unless you let it. However, that is when ego attaches to it starts to identify with you. So, be mindful. I depend on you and you on me.
Feel free to add or change, or correct me on the things that are wrong or right in this writing. I do ask that if you do so, that you make sure that you are changing something that will not only benefit you, but others who might read this as well. If not, just leave a comment and tell me how dumb I am and that I don't know anything because it's true. I don't know anything, but I'm comfortable in my constant search for answering ONE.

© Copyright 2017 Will Liwanag. All rights reserved.

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