Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke's Message)

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I wrote this poem after hearing the song "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke on the radio one day. I was repulsed by the message of this song and his constant and obvious objectification of women. I wanted to raise awareness and make sure people knew what they were actually listening to.

Submitted: February 22, 2015

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Submitted: February 22, 2015



~~Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines…
When I say these words what comes to mind?
Is it Oh my God I love that song or is it an image of Miley’s behind?
Or maybe you’d say, “Isn’t that the #1 song by Robin Thicke?”
While others of you would say, “Oh yeah that’s the song by that disrespectful prick”
Either way by now I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about
I mean come on now, it’s like the #1 song in the world that is always talked about
For those of you who have not heard it or for those of you who continue to listen to it
Just know that all Thicke is singing about is girls viewed as sex objects always ready to submit
This may come across as being a little too strong
But just see for yourself if you think I’m totally wrong
I mean come on now, how many times does he have say, “I know you want it”
You don’t need to be telling any girl that she wants it
‘Cuz if she really wants it, she’ll make sure to tell you she wants it
Some of you may be thinking by now, why does this even matter?
We’re talking about a song here, just stop all the chatter
You may think this is just about a song, but really it’s about so much more than that
‘Cuz you see whatever you fill your mind with is more than likely how you will act
Now let me just digress for a moment and talk about another topic of conversation
You see, I can’t just talk about this song without mentioning the infamous VMA occasion
When you think of this year’s VMA performance, Miley Cyrus probably comes to mind
I mean why wouldn’t she, her act from top to bottom gradually declined
What began as a weird entrance from a massive teddy bear
Ended five minutes later with America practically witnessing her having sex with herself and Thicke on live air
What I can’t quite understand though is why everyone was only talking about Miley
I mean sure, she was twerking, grinding, and gyrating constantly
But why wasn’t anyone saying anything about what Thicke did on stage?
Does society really deem it okay for a man to do what he did to a girl twice his age?
We can sit here and say things like Miley is so messed up or that she is a whore
But to be completely honest, I think Thicke is the one we need to blame more
We’re talking about a married man who calls himself a man
Why then is degrading women his #1 plan?
I mean it was him who was quoted in GQ saying,
 “What a pleasure it is to degrade women. I’ve never gotten to do that before. I’ve always respected women.”
Now can you finally listen up to what I am saying?
This is a thirty-six year old boy who calls himself a man
But I’m here to tell you he’s not anymore of a man than his three year old Julian
Just look at the example that he is setting for his son
And no wonder why women are being defiled one by one
So as I come to the end maybe the words of this poem aren’t just about a popular song
But rather a call for the men who are boys to grow up and respect women all lifelong

© Copyright 2018 Will McConaughey. All rights reserved.

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