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This is a poem that addresses the question: "Why do Christian girls date guys who are not Christians?" It has just been something on my heart lately, so I talk about a few ideas that I have in this piece.

Submitted: August 09, 2016

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Submitted: August 09, 2016





Tonight I want to talk about a topic that has been on my heart lately

Some might call it an epidemic that has been affecting our marriages greatly

It is the question on why so many Christian women are settling for men who don’t identify the same

As I look around I see so many dating relationships where only one is proclaiming God’s name

These women say they want to find a good Christian man who will lead them well

But what many find is an immature boy that is on his way to Hell

I know this may come off as a little severe

But hear me out that I hope and pray that they will come near

That is come near to the Father and be in relationship with Christ

‘Cuz you see it is not the role of the woman to convince you of that love that Jesus sacrificed

In my time observing, I think women enjoy taking on the role of a mechanic

Constantly feeling inclined “to fix the guy” so that they don’t have to remain alone in a sense of panic

But I’m here to say, stop relying on your hot body to change his religious ideology

And move on to something better…a man that is willing to live out God’s love letter

Now I know what some of you women are thinking

From your experiences, Christian and non-Christian men are equally the same

The only thing that separates them is a false label claim

We live in a country where 83 percent of people call themselves Christians

But I’m willing to bet that only 17 percent actually have a Christ-centered ambition

Most men I know who call themselves Christians would be synonymous to me calling myself a baseball player

Just because I swung a bat up until the age of 11 does not mean I’m a baseball player

Just as saying a man who believes in God, but does nothing else, is not a Christian

I say these words in hopes that you will not settle

Do not let your desire for love turn your instant gratification into a marriage unsettled

I know you feel so much pressure and crave that current comfort

But ultimately the longer you go on with this relationship you will have more discomfort

Be willing to wait on that man who wants your heart more than your body

That man that wants to always talk to you instead of going to every party

It’s this kind of man that wants to love you like Jesus does

So be careful and don’t surrender to the pressure because

…I’m waiting.

© Copyright 2019 Will McConaughey. All rights reserved.

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