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Friends go camping but someone is killing them.

EXT. Sugar Valley Lake - Campgrounds - night
A family of four is sitting around a campfire. The FATHER is telling old ghost stories.
SUPER: "Sugar Valley Lake - 30 Years Ago"
The little BOY, 10 years old, and the little GIRL, 8 years old, are making s'mores while they listen to the stories.
The MOTHER gets up and walks away.
Where are you going?
I have to get something from the tent.
We follow the Mother into one of the tents. She scrambles through one of the suitcases. She finds what she is looking for- a gun. She puts it in her belt. In the background we hear screaming and laughing.
We follow her back to the campfire. She grabs a knife sitting on the table under the canopy.
She quietly walks up behind the father, pulls his head back and slits his throat.
The kids scream and the little girl starts to run away. The Mother pulls out her gun and shoots the little girl three times.
The Mother drops the gun and turns to the little boy.
The Boy is staring at his Mother. He starts to run. Mother chases after him with the knife.
The Boy trips on a rock and falls on the ground. Mother catches up to him.
She is standing over him with the knife.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
She stabs the Boy in the chest six times.
She walks back to the campfire. Looks at her husband, looks at her daughter, and looks at her son. Turns to the lake and slits her throat.
INT. Jordan's House - Bedroom - day
SUPER: "Present Day"
JORDAN THOMPSON, 18 years old, is dancing around her room to the music on the radio while packing her suitcase. She is wearing a red shirt and jeans.
The bedroom door swings open. Jordan turns off the radio. Looks at the door- no one there.
INT. Hallway - Continuous
She walks through the door frame. Looks to her right- no one there. Turns to the left- sees someone wearing all black with a hood covering their face standing in the corner.
Who let you into my house?
No reply. The person in the corner just stands there, staring at Jordan. You can see blond hair sticking out from under the hood and a gold bracelet on the wrist.
I know its you Emily. Seriously, how did you get into my house?
DAMN IT! I was trying to scare you. How did you know it was me?
I saw your hair and the gold bracelet I gave you last Christmas. Now how did you get into my house?
I found your extra key hiding under the mat. You really need to find a better place for that.
INT. BEDROOM - Continuous
The two girls walk into Jordan's room.
You never know who might show up in your house. Could be a crazy, psycho killer.
Ha. Thats really funny, Emily.
You never know what could happen.
Emily turns the radio back on.
Why are you here anyways? We aren't supposed to meet up for another hour or so.
I got bored waiting at my house. So I thought I would come over here and see if you needed any help.
I've already packed. Looks like we are just waiting on everyone else to get here.
They start singing along and dancing to the song playing.
So have you heard?
Heard what?
About the campground we are going to?
No. What about it?
EMILY turns off the radio and sits on the bed.
Well apparently like 30 years ago or something, there was this family that was camping out there for the weekend. One night they were sitting around the fire and the mom walked away for a few minutes. When she came back, she slowly walked up from behind the father with a knife. She grabbed his head, pulled it back, and slit his throat while the two kids watched. The little girl was screaming and started to run but the mom shot her three times before she could get anywhere.
In the background you hear a car door slam shut.
The boy starting running and the mom chased after him with the knife. The mom caught up to him and stabbed him in the chest. Then the mom walked back to the campsite and slit her own throat. When the police got there the next morning, the little boy was missing. His body no where to be found. The boy's name was KEVIN VIRNOX. Rumor has it that the boy is still alive and comes back to kill anyone that camps out at that spot.
There's a pause and neither of them say anything.
True story.
Wait. If the body was missing, how do you know that the boy was stabbed in the chest?
I read online somewhere that the mom had written a note saying how she killed them.
No way. I don't believe that. Not for one second. Do you?
Well I don't know. It's creepy if anything. Since we are camping out at that exact same spot.
Nothing is going to...
Jordan is cut off by a bird smashing into her bedroom window. Both girls scream.
Drew (o.s.)
What could you two babies possibly be screaming about now?
DREW MANSFIELD is standing in the bedroom doorway. He is a tall, skinny, muscled jock. He is wearing skinny jeans and a tight blue shirt.
Emily runs over and jumps into his arms- they kiss.
A bird hit the window while Emily was telling me what happened at the campsite a few years back.
The one about the missing boy?
Yeah, but I was just telling her that was nonsense.
Well the story is true but the boy isnt still alive. People have camped out there before and no one else has died.
Believe what you what, but the non-believers always die first. Just remember that.
Emily leaves the room and runs downstairs.
Mark, Natalie, and Sara are all in the car. We are just waiting on Morgan to get here..
Drew walks to the bed and picks up Jordan's suitcase. Drew starts walking to the door with the suitcase.
EXT. STREET outside of Jordan's HOUSE - DAY

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