Vortex Hotel

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Welcome to Vortex Hotel, lost in the middle of no where for some, but for others its a perfect place to relax.

Submitted: June 16, 2010

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Submitted: June 16, 2010



The Vortex Hotel PT 1

My name is David Cross. I’m not sure if I should be telling this story but what the heck it’s mine. Besides what can they really do to me? Well a lot but as long as I don't use names or places I should be fine. Right?

I work at a hotel out in the middle of nowhere, ok it’s not in the middle of nowhere but everything here is a drive no matter where you go so people say it’s out in the middle of nowhere. I applied for this job because well I figured I wouldn’t get it so I tried any ways and guess what they hired me. No idea why, maintenance isn’t that hard. In the arms service was doing it for the past 5 years I just thought they would need someone with more experience. The day of the interview went fine heard from them a week later saying to start the coming Monday. It’s been 5 weeks now and well let’s say this hotel which I come to call it the Vortex Hotel is nothing like any other place I have ever worked.

The first week was simple, way too easy to take care of a place with 75 rooms and a pool. Till the second Monday came around and Travis the manager of Vortex asked me to step into his office. I sat down looking at him; he was taping his chin with his finger while reading his screen. No idea what the report was about. Nice office must of bought most of the stuff off of eBay seemed like someone put a lot of work into it. It just didn’t seem to look right in this office. So I sat waiting.

“David you have only been here a week things seem to be working out. Just so you know I wasn’t sure if I was going to hire you but frost told me it would be a good idea. She has a way of making me see things her way, so here we are.” Still taping his chin he looks across at David. “Ok right off the bat so far so good. Keep up the good work.” He stands up and opens his door. I walk out just looking at him. Strange guy but he is the boss so I didn’t question him about whatever that was. I picked up a few work orders as I walked out of the room behind the front desk. My maintenance office isn’t that far from the front desk so I grabbed my tool and set off to work.

Most of the work tickets were written in blue but a few were in red not sure why they don’t explain a lot here. All they said was be careful and polite. So I have been. I knocked at the first door that had a red ticket work order room 317. No one answered after 3 knocks so used my card key to go in. The toilet could be heard as soon as you walked in. Sitting down I took the top of the tank off to see why it wouldn’t stop running. As I placed the top on the sink the people of the room walked in, they walked right past me not seeing me. I flushed the toilet to see why it was running as I turned around for a tool I saw that they were standing at the door looking at me.

“Hello, maintenance man just fixing your toilet I will be done in a few minutes.” Without a word one of them takes out a cell phone and hands it to another. Taking it he presses a button. “There is a person in our room doing something to the toilet. We didn’t request this. I know it’s a mix up. I don’t know, he said maintenance man. Fine fix this.” He hangs up the phone and hands it back. After a few seconds there is another knock at the door. The tall African man walks to the door and opens it. Frost in very high heels and what looked like a black summer dress stands there with her arms folded.

“Well what is the problem here David? Are the customers not happy? ” Was she Korean or Chinese? I don’t know. But the customers as she called them took a step back slightly just in case she wanted to come in, but for a moment they seemed to be afraid of her. I stood there looking at both parties not sure if I should finish my work or run for my life. It was just weird the way it all looked. “How about if I just stand here and wait till you’re done David, just in case.” Going back to fix the toilet I kept my ears open. The only woman in the group with her man eater business suit on places her hand on her hips. “You know damn well we know the rules here. We just don’t like people in our room when we aren’t here.” The African guy just looks from one woman to the other keeping his mouth shut while he holds the door. “David take your time, make sure it works correctly.” Said Frost.

I repaired the toilet and got up to leave. Behind me stood the third person his black hair almost covering his eyes. He stood over me almost a foot. Being five feet ten inches tall sucks. He holds a ten in front of me for fixing the problem. I took it thanking him, shutting the door Frost stood there waiting for me.

“Its fine, it happens. The red tickets are special rooms and the customers want to be in the room when there is a problem. May I ask you a question?” We keep walking to the front desk. “Sure” She places her hands behind her back as she talks. “Did you see anything different about those customers?” “Yes, their eyes were really bright like a flashlight was behind me when I was looking at them.” She nods as I try to explain what I saw. “David there will be customers here some times that will make you feel like you’re in a fog or the way they look at you just makes you want to crawl out of your skin. But please know we will always have your back, and nothing will ever happen to you.\" I nod at her but now I am thinking maybe I took the wrong job. Looking back down the hallway the woman is standing by her door her head tilted. Seeing me look at her she fixes her top and walks back inside. This may not be the best job but it’s my job and I will have to see what happens next.

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