Christianly Soldier

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my beliefs just mixed in there hope you enjoy

Submitted: September 30, 2011

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Submitted: September 30, 2011



I was told there will be a time when God is knocking on my door.

It's up to me if I hear him, answer it or something more.

But I know he made man from the dust that's upon this floor.

He gave his only son for us but we still have hostility, sin and war.

I am a believer of the good book and all the details in the middle.

I believe he’s just tired of being disrespected and belittled.

Being accused every time for the reason that we bleed.

Being blamed for not answering every prayer that we plead.

But we still all manage to go to him when we are in desperate need?

I'm just tired of it, so devil get off of my shoulder!

I am Gods son, a Believer, a Christianly Soldier.

I have the ability to withstand disbelievers today threw the years I become older.

It's hard sometimes and will admit that my heart may become colder.

But then I always remember my faith for my father and that he's forever my soles holder.

As I hear the knock on my door I can be fearless and much more bolder .

Knowing he will never stop believing in me or leave my shoulder.


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