Long tooth part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is just something i put together to cash in on the vampire craze going on. I would like input.

Submitted: March 18, 2011

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Submitted: March 18, 2011



Long Tooth

Book 1

By William Pate

Part 1

The sun rises in the east, sets in the west, and there are few things in the world so reliable.

Levi woke with his hand on his pistol. He wasn't sure if it was the dream of his mother's phrase she spoke so often or something in the woods that startled him. His fire was almost out giving him a general idea of how long he'd been sleeping. He stayed as quiet as possible. A man (or boy he was nineteen) had to stay as aware as possible seeing how some of these parts were still Indian country, and the whites weren't much better.

He listened a bit longer not noticing his eyelids closing until he was almost in a doze. Again, a noise caused his eyes to shoot open, his hand never left his pistol. Suddenly a half naked Indian girl crashed out into the opening. He had his pistol on her before she even saw him. His hands were quick. When she noticed him she stopped in her tracks. Levi Guessed she was around twelve, old enough to start filling out but young enough to still be a child. She had blood trickling down the side of her mouth and scratch marks on her arms. Her eyes were wild with panic and darted from him to the woods she just came from.

Before Levi could ask what was going on, he forgot she probably didn't know English, a burly bearded man sprang out of the woods and grabbed her by the throat.

There you are you little whore.” He yelled. “Thought you could get away, huh? Well you...” The man looked over noticing Levi for the first time. Levi lowered his gun.

The man looked shocked and a little guilty at first then he smiled. If anything the smile made him look more sinister.

Well thank you, young man. You helped me corral this sweet little piece. I was about to get me some of this here engine pussy when the little bitch darted off on me. These Indians are fast like the squirrels.”

The man looked from Levi to the gasping girl.

Hmmm, you want a turn when I get done? I hear Indian pussy is as hot as an oven. It'll make a man want to do an rain dance to cool off his pecker.”

The man cackled laughter into the quiet night.

Levi saw the look of total loss in the young girls face. She new what was going to happen.

Where did you find her at?”

Down by the stream.” The big man said “dunno what she was doing down there.”

Were you followed?”

Don't reckon.” The man said lowering his suspenders and trying to unbutton his pants. His excited fingers were making the same mistakes over and over again.

I think you should be sure. I don't think an Indian would take to kindly to what you're about to do.” Levi said.

You just watch my back, boy!”

Don't you have any people with you?” Levi asked.

Nope, I've been saving this one special for me.” The man said finally lowering his britches. “I've been watching this girl few the last few nights. She keeps going to a certain spot in the creek. I waited but tonight I couldn't wait no longer. I almost had her too but she can run. I wager I pulled out two handfuls of hair trying to get her before she wiggled away.”

Levi sighed. This was a predicament. Nothing about this trip had went right so far and it was about to get worse. Without a word Levi brought his .45 up and shot the man in the right temple. The heavy slug obliterated half of his forehead. He collapsed in a heap dead before his erection went away. The Indian girl screamed but Levi wasn't fazed. He'd shot men before. He was good at it.

Levi sat his gun down on his blanket and looked back at the Indian girl. She was balled up on the ground crying.

You need to get so I can figure out what to do with this body.” Levi said pointing to the woods.

She didn't budge, she only stared at the corpse.

When I rains it pours.” Levi said trying to think of what to do. That was one of his father's sayings. He couldn't believe he just shot a white man over some heathen girl. But he wasn't about to let a young girl get raped. Not after what happened to his sister. The Irony there was Indians did that and the idea of saving an Indian girl made things all the more complicated because he hated Indians.

The girl tried to situate her ripped buckskin dress to cover herself better but every time her shaky fingers made her drop it and expose her breasts making her more flustered. Levi dug through his sack of belongings. He had two good shits left and one that was mostly rags. He tossed that one over to her roughly causing her to flinch.

He made motions while speaking slowly and loudly “PUT ON THAT SHIRT AND GET!” He finished by pointing to the woods again.

She put the shirt on, stood up, and said something in her language. Whatever she said was probably a thank you. She then took off into the woods and was swallowed by darkness leaving Levi with a very dead man to deal with.

Levi's night was far from over. He had a body that would be drawing flies come morning and no good way to dig a hole. The town he was almost to was a bust because if he said he found a body people were apt to investigate even if he made it look like an Indian brained him. It just takes one clever sheriff with a hard on for hanging to fuck things up.

Running was an option. He literally would have to run too. The horse his father gave him kilt over the day before. Since then he'd been dragging a saddle and all his other provisions around and it was slow going. Running wouldn't get him too far though if a posse went after him.

Levi only had one option, as far as he was concerned. He had to try and hide the body until he could find something to dig. He got up to roll the big bastard in the brush to give him time when something smacked him over the back of the head. He felt his knees buckle and his teeth rattle from the jarring shot and then darkness.

When Levi woke up the light stabbed at his eyes. A steady thud issued from the back of his head and made its way to front. The pain was sickening. He rolled over to his side to throw up but could only dry heave. It had been a few days since he ate.

Well, it looks like you woke up, boy.” Someone said.

Levi tried to focus on the voice but his head was swimming and his eyes didn't want to adjust.

You just sit still now. I whacked you pretty hard on account of hearing a gunshot. I was wondering if I scrambled your brains a little.”

Levi lay back down with his eyes closed. He didn't bother reaching for his pistol. He could tell by the lack of weight on his hip it was gone.

Who in the hell are you?” Levi asked. He didn't sound like himself. His voice was course and groggy.

Well I guess you're good enough to speak. Don't matter none who I am. This ain't no formal visit. You're not tied up yet but rest assured I have a pistol on ya. The sheriff will be here soon to figure out what to do with ya.”

Levi held a hand over his eyes protecting them from daylight. “So what are you some kinda deputy?”

Yes, I was on the edge of town and heard that damn hand cannon of yours so I came to investigate. You didn't realize you were so close did ya?”

So what do you think happened here?” Levi asked.

Don't rightly care. You can explain it to the sheriff when he comes in. I sent my boy to fetch him. All I know is you shot Hermie and they never let Hermie have no gun on account he was weird. Now sit up and drink some water.”

Levi heard a canteen tossed near him. He sat up slow keeping his eyes closed. He opened his eyes to find the canteen. Every time the light came in it felt like ice picks digging in his brain but he needed to get his eyes focused.

Drink it slow or you'll toss it back up.”

Levi looked at the person with a gun on him for the first time. He was a clean cut looking negro man with a badge on his chest. He took a drink of water slowly like ordered. The water tasted good and his body seemed to crave more but that would do for now.

Thank ya.” Levi said.

Don't thank me, shit head, I'm not your friend.” Said the deputy.

Levi nodded and drank some more. The sheriff arrived shortly with a colored boy in his early teens who was probably the deputies son. The sheriff was a fancy dressed man, his clothes were very neat and showy. He must have liked people looking at him because his beard was special trimmed and his long hair was extra curly. His father knew fancy men like this in the military, the only one worth a shit was wild bill.

The sheriff inspected Hermie and shook his head.

Yup, that's ole Hermie all right. You blew half his fucking head off.”

He looked from the body to the deputies son. He was thin colored boy in his early teens.

Thanks for fetching me. Now go on back down and get the wagon ready.”

Levi noticed the sheriff wink when he said that. He wondered if the sheriff was just fooling with the boy or that wink was some sort of signal about Levi's fate. He then patted the boy on the back and watched after him with a warm smile. Maybe this guy wasn't bad after all.

The smile faded away when he turned back to Levi. The sheriff seemed to glance around for a place to hunker down then decided to just stand probably not wanting to get dirty.

Well boy, why don't you start with your name and why you're out here.”

Levi Hawthorne” Levi said. He thought about making up a name but didn't want to get tripped up by losing track of his own bullshit. He never was a good liar.

I came out here looking for work, or adventure, I'm not sure. I wanted something to do other than farm.”

Sure are a good shot with a farmer.” The Sheriff said.

The deputy stared at the ground kicking at dust like he was bored with the whole conversation.

Tell us how Hermie ended up dead.” The sheriff said.

Levi told his story. He told the truth as best as he could remember. The sheriff showed no emotion and the deputy seemed to go from bored to restless.

When he finished the sheriff scratched his whiskers for what seemed like an eternity then said. “That explains these here barefoot prints here in a few places. But why kill a white man over an Indian? You soft on Indians?”

Levi wanted to ask the man if he was soft on negras but this was no time for lip. He only said, “I don't care very much for Indians at all, I just care less for rapists.”

The sheriff looked slightly confused for the first time then shook it off. “You have some piss poor luck, boy. Where is the horse for that saddle there.”

The horse died yesterday.” Levi said.

You should have stayed home boy on account of you ain't got not luck at all. Hermie was the son of the town judge and to top that all off the black foot Indians have been killing folks that wonder too far to the west. I also have an election coming up. You understand what I'm saying?”

He understood. He couldn't find the words he wanted but he wasn't going to break down in front of these men. He may before they hang him. Levi didn't want to panic but he could feel it setting. His stomach clenched and he wanted to be back home on his farm.

I don't like this much but hangings are pretty quick and we'll get you a nice meal before.” The sheriff said.

Levi nodded to show he understood but then he noticed a shadow move behind him. The deputy was glancing behind him too. He waited and when the shadow moved he stepped to the side. The deputies son had crept around and tried to knock Levi out with the butt of his pistol. Missing Levi threw him off balance giving Levi a chance to put the boy in a headlock and snatch his pistol away. He pointed it at the sheriff.

Drop your guns.” Levi said holding the struggling boy. The deputy did instantly causing the sheriff to glower at him.

He's got my son, Carl! What do you expect me to do.” The deputy shouted.

The sheriff focused his attention back on Levi. “You're making a bad thing worse, boy. You shoot us and you have a posse on your trail not to mention the heathens out there. You'd be better off with us, they'll carve you up like a turkey.”

I'd rather die with a gun in my hand than being gawked at by a bunch of townsfolk with a rope around my neck.”

Pain erupted in Levi's side. He let go of the kid and looked down to see the handle of a pocket knife sticking out of his ribs. The little shit stabbed him.

Levi heard the deputy yell for his son to run. He glanced over but saw the sheriff's hand move. He was also quick. He shot the sheriff twice in the chest but not before the sheriff put a bullet in his belly.

They both dropped at the same time. The sheriff was dead. Levi was alive but badly wounded.

The deputy didn't budge. Levi had his gun on him even after hitting the ground. He lifted his hand up to look at the hole in his belly. “It doesn't hurt. That's odd.”

Most times they don't at first but it will.” The deputy said.

Levi nodded. “You run away now. Leave your gun and don't come back until tomorrow. I'm gonna find me a spot to hide and if I see anyone coming for me I'll blow their fucking head off. Do you understand?”

I understand.” The deputy said. He scooted the gun over and sat the sheriff's gun beside Levi. He then sat the canteen next to him. “You're gonna have a fierce thirst in a bit.”

Levi smiled. “You tell your son no hard feelings. He did what I would have done in that situation. Tell him I wanted him to take his knife back after they find my body.”

The deputy hurriedly walked away leaving Levi to deal with the thoughts of dying. His stomach started burning and he had a feeling it was going to get worse. He'd be lucky to live another hour but he didn't want to think about that.

He tried crawling back into the woods for cover in case someone did come back but his body seemed to weigh a ton. He'd grown very weak in a short time. Looking down he realized he was sitting in a large puddle of blood.

This was dying?

Leviathan Eugene Hawthorne sat bleeding to death contemplating his young life. The pain was setting in now. His stomach burned and he coughed on something coppery that seemed to be getting into his lungs. He concentrated on the pain to keep himself awake. Closing his eyes would be the easy way out but nothing in his life had been easy so far and he wasn't about to start now.

He thought of his father, a former soldier who defected the army once they began their assault on the Indians. He said what they were doing to the Indians wasn't war. He said he didn't have words for it because he was not a well educated man but there was no pride in what they did to the natives. He became an outlaw of sorts until he met Levi's mother who settled him down.

He thought of his mother, who died a few years ago of fever. She was rough too in her own way but she learned to read the bible and named her first son Leviathan because that word stuck with her. Levi missed her very much and thought maybe if there was something after this life he would like to see his mother again.

He thought of his little sister that the Indians raped. They left her scared both from where they cut her face but also in the mind. She was slowly getting better but they didn't think she'd ever be right again. She was only a child of ten years old when that happened.

Levi's thoughts meshed together in a delirium. He fell backwards losing consciousness and almost instantly Indians came out of the woods. They grabbed him, all the weapons and his belongings and carried him away.

While they carried him Levi teetered on the edge of death and dreamed. He dreamed it was years after his adventure and he had a farm of his own. His father and his sister lived with him and his new wife. A wife could have been a reason he left in the first place. He didn't know for sure but he knew they were happy. They seemed happy but sometimes they looked at the barn and their expressions changed. He asked what was in there and they said pain. His stomach felt odd. He moved his hand to his pistol and told them he was not afraid of pain. His father said bullets can't stop pain, they bring pain. The barn doors sprang open...

Levi woke up screaming. A beautiful woman stood over him holding him down.

Shhhh, young one. Be still. I am trying to help you.”

Levi had never seen such light blue eyes. Her hair fell in front of one eye and he wanted to reach up and gently brush the black hair back so he could look at her again. He wanted to say something or do something but more pain rocketed through him. She had her fingers in the hole. It felt like she was digging in him.

You've lost a lot of blood and the bullet is lodged somewhere in there. Can I ask you something?”

He wanted to tell her she could ask anything she wanted but only managed a nod.

These are the Cree Indians. A young girl said a white saved her last night. They went to investigate and watched your shoot out. They said you let one of them live. Why?”

He wanted to drift back off but those blue eyes had him prisoner.

He didn't try to shoot me so I guess that's why. I'm not rightly sure. Didn't seem right.”

And the little Indian girl, why did you risk your life for hers?” She asked.

I'm getting tired of being asked that over and over. Because I don't care for rapists I guess.”

Was today the first time you killed a man?” She asked.

Levi looked away from her to the ceiling. She grabbed his face and pulled it back to her.

tell me” She demanded.

When I was fourteen my father and I killed a whole bunch of Indians. He said I dropped more bodies than him on that day. I asked him how many and he told me not to count, vanity destroys some people.”

Why did you kill those people?”

They took her when she was looking for berries. Father noticed quick and they didn't have much of a head start but we didn't stop them for raping and cutting on her. The were getting ready to kill her when we showed up. We didn't say anything, just started shooting. Bodies fell over each other in red mists of blood.”

What did you feel at that moment?” She asked

Sorry for my sister, we felt like we let her down.”

She touched his forehead and then his bare chest. Her hands were beautiful with long sharp nails. She closed her eyes with her hand over his heart and seemed to be restraining herself.

You seem to have a wholesome soul Levi. You know you're dying, correct?”

He nodded.

The odds of you making it this long were quite slim but you seem to have fight in you.”

She paused as if to think of what to say next.

Would you believe me if I said I could heal you? Some call what I can do a curse and others call it a miracle. You can live a very long time under the right circumstances.”

She looked up at the ceiling then back down at him shaking her head. He wanted to put his hand over hers be he was too weak to move.

Asking you if you want to live isn't quite fair. Of course you want to live. You have no idea what is about to happen so I will take full responsibility. If I am wrong about your morals, your ambitions, if you enjoy hurting then I will destroy you myself. Do you understand?”

Levi was slipping. He could feel his body growing weaker by the second. He whispered “I don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about but if you're going to do something you need to do it quick.”

She took a deep breath. “This is called in my home country, baiser de la mort, the kiss of death. Lay still.”

She leaned over to him and kissed him on the lips. She then moved his head to the side and he felt a sharp pain in his neck. Then, nothing, blackness swallowed him.

He awoke naked, naked except for a bandage covering the area where he'd been shot. The wound didn't hurt. He sat up expecting the weird looseness like his insides were about to quirt out of the large hole but he felt nothing. He wanted to peel up a corner of the bandage and see how she fixed the hole but decided not to. A wound could turn green quick out in the wilderness with no proper medicine. He'd seen wounds that festered before, he didn't want any part of that.

Good morning young man.”

He jerked and looked in the direction of the woman's voice. It was daylight outside but the cabin had its windows covered and seeing was difficult. He noticed her sitting over in a dark corner watching him.

You've been out a few days. It always takes the weaker ones longer to heal. As you age you'll find you heal faster and faster but that's neither here nor there.”

She came over and sat next to him in bed. She took his hand and just the feel of her skin against his gave him an erection. He shifted his position so she wouldn't see.

You've had a visitor. The young girl you saved. She wanted to help take care of your wounds but I would not let her. She wouldn't understand why they were healed. She didn't go easy but in time she gave up. Indians are such a stubborn people.”

She lay down next to him with her head on his chest.

You can relax, its okay to be excited. I'm excited by your touch too. When I drank your blood I experienced some of your essence.”

He didn't know what essence meant but he wasn't about to say anything to make her move.

You have a kind soul. You ideals are so simple and yet so complicated. You rarely think of yourself and you are extremely loyal. You're what I've been looking for.”

I don't understand whats happening.” Levi said.

I saved your life. I gave you what some people call a gift and others call a curse. In truth it can be both depending on how its used. That's why I had to be careful in whom I gave it to.”

Why me?” Levi asked. “Why not any of these Indians? There is a reason you're out here, isn't there?”

I chose you because you saved that girl. I chose you because I was lonely. I've only chose one before but when I took from him I saw in his soul and what I saw was bleak. I immediately snapped his neck to keep him from ever becoming like us.”

She looked around seemingly to make sure no one was looking through the window.

I came here because of the Indians. From the stories I heard I thought maybe one would be a perfect candidate for our gifts but when I got here I saw how they can be with drink. If something like alcohol can change a once proud man in such a way then I can only imagine what our gift can do.”

what do you mean” Levi asked.

In time you will find out. I only ask that you be strong when it happens. Don't let the urges control you.”

Levi closed his eyes thinking of the situation and quickly drifted back off to sleep. He slept a dreamless sleep and woke up at dawn. The woman who saved him sat looking at his pistol with great interest. She had a cold look in here eyes. She was sitting at a small table and motioned for him to come sit across of her. He did obediently.

Good morning.” She said not bothering to smile. “My name is Ragina Deluex. It ends with an x but the x is silent. Some people who can read have problems with that. Its french if you have not gathered by my accent.”

I like your accent” Levi said still groggy.

I realized last night I never formally introduced myself. May I ask your name.”

My name is Leviathan Eugene Hawthorne.” He said.

What a peculiar name. May I ask, do you know why your parents chose this name?”

Toward the end of her life my mother took to reading the bible. She couldn't read very well but the name leviathan stuck with her. They call me Levi for short.”

Splendid.” She said “And this weapon. Where did you get it.”

Its one of my father's old army pistols. He... he defected when they started fighting the indians. He gave me that one, he said I handled it better than he did.” he paused. “Whats wrong, you seem like something is bothering you?”

I need to show you something. The only way for you to believe me will cause you a great deal of pain. But trust me, this is the only way you'll learn. But first, remove your bandage.”

He did as he was told and only a large purple bruise showed where a hole had once been.

I don't understand.” He said.

I had to be shown.” She said. “I didn't understand either. You will heal and be almost impossible to kill. You will, however, need blood from time to time.”

Are there others like us?” He asked

The man who selected me said he'd only known of the one who made him. He didn't tell me much about the past only that she was very bad and killed many people. She had a castle stained with blood and a throne made of bones.”

What happened to him?”

He's no longer around. You ask many questions, which is good, your mind and your body will grow. But first, I need to show you your lesson and make you believe.” She stopped looking him in the eyes.


Easy.” She said and raised the gun. Without another word she shot him in the temple at point blank range. Blood spattered on the wall behind him and he slid out of the chair onto the dirt floor. He only saw the muzzle flash then an impact followed by darkness.

Gina was startled by the kick of the weapon and the loudness of it. Her ears rang from the blast and she'd closed her eyes when the shot rang out. She opened them to see the boy slide out of his chair. She sat the pistol down and looked at young Leviathan's body. The first lesson was the hardest for her. Many more lesson's were to follow but she had faith in this brave boy. She hoped the years of crippling loneliness were behind her.

Levi's existence was darkness and confusion. He didn't know and couldn't remember what happened to him. He couldn't only hear the steady buzzing of bees. These were worker bees hard at work fixing something. The buzzing grew louder and thinking became easier. Someone had shot him, he should be dead but didn't seem to be. Itching began. The buzzing echoed in his head until he though it would drive him insane. Once he decided he couldn't take the itching and buzzing anymore his eyes opened.

His arms and legs wouldn't move. Deep in the back of the mind he could hear the buzzing of the worker bees only now it seemed distant and um important. Slowly the sound faded away and his mobility came back. He sat up, looking around, and saw Gina still sitting at the table.


To prove that you cannot be harmed. Let me amend that. You cannot be harmed by conventional methods. You may take your gun back and shoot me if you want. Shoot me anywhere. I'll show you I can also heal.”

what are we?” Levi asked getting up from the floor.

We are special. My knowledge on what we are is limited but as you grow and learn I will teach you. This was the first lesson.”

So what now?” Levi asked running his hand through his hair. “I mean... we live a long time. What do we do?”

She smiled and took his hand. “We live. You have a second chance to do anything you want. I won't be so lonely anymore. Am I pleasing to you?”

You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.”

And how many women have you seen?” She asked smiling.

Levi paused to think. “Well, other than my mom and sister not too many. A few girls in town and the whores I always snuck a look at when we went to the far away town down south.”

Good, I haven't acted like an insecure little girl in years. Soon we will need to leave. Its not safe to stay in one place too long. I like these indians but the people who hunt us may hurt them. I don't want that.”

A knock at the door made them both jump. Levi grabbed his pistol but Gina snatched it away with speed and strength he was not expecting.

That's Keona, the young girl you saved. She invited you to meet her family and their people for a small celebration tonight. Keep the bandages on your stomach. From time to time act as if the wound gives you pain. I do not want these people thinking I can make miracles.”

He stood up.

Remember” Gina said. “Keep your movements slow. People have a number of ideas about the indian race but let me assure you they are not ignorant. They treat their tribe and their families well and yet war with and slaughter enemy tribes without pity. They are the very example of the word conundrum.”

He kissed her on the cheek. “You're purdy when you talk fancy but I have no idea what that fucking word means.”

She stared at him shrewdly. “You are also a conundrum.”

I recon it means pecker head, then.” He said walking past her and strapping on his britches and boots. She handed him his shirt and gun belt and it reminded him of watching his parents. Many times his mother would help his father in and out of his winter coat or other items. He felt a tug at his emotions and homesickness.

Its okay.” She said

What are you talking about.” He asked.

I can sense your sadness. Its okay to miss the ones you love. Maybe in time you can go back home but we must be very careful. You don't want the people after us finding them. Let me have a look at you.”

Levi watched Gina straighten his close and brush off his shoulders to make him presentable. He liked her grooming him.

Oh and Keona in their language means pretty flower. Its such a beautiful name.” She grabbed his hand and led him toward the door. He was hesitant to step out into the bright light of the day. This is another step into his new life.

Letting Gina lead him, Levi walked out into the unknown.

© Copyright 2020 willaim chambers. All rights reserved.

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