Will Always 2011 - 1

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Will Always Remember 2011 - 1

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



wake up, everyday, a piece misplaced
not seeing, not tasting, never more
hole in the head and deep below
keeping it all inside... will this subside
not once escapes my mind.

what to think, never more
hope to escape one day, i will sigh
will never be complete, never more
can't escape this climb, to eternal sunshine
this won't rest, never more

everyday, never escaping from my mind
finding please from your sight, a diamond in your eye
wish it could be mine. I yearn for your time

this will never subside, i have chosen a path
do what I have to do, cause no rest for my mind
not once escaping from my mind
beauty times 2, wish it was mine
do what I have to do, always on my mind

will always be a part of me
would love to be with you
but can't escape from this present time

I deserve this hole of mine, like a father from time
no excuse for this hole of mine
should get up and walk a line, to take control

fear of mine, can't trust present line
only to feel your touch, just one last time
and to hold a piece of the new line

I will always love and wish I could be
but have to do what is required
no excuses, only wish
to be in your heart, forever in time

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