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It's about losing the freedoms in this world today. knowing that even if I play a small part in it. I am part of the blame.

Submitted: April 05, 2007

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Submitted: April 05, 2007



What a fucked up world we live in.

With what ever we say or do becoming a sin.

Where there is always someone pointing a finger.

While it's their putrid smell that still lingers.

As one of them stands behind a mic filled podium and cries.

"Please all you beautiful people vote for my lies."

We can follow trends.

That have come back again.

But most won't stand for what we believe in.

Franticly wearing down in our fast paced lives.

While Uncle Sam lashes us with the whip he drives.

And they say slavery has died.

I say fuck them, its been commercialized !

Big brother always yelling at our back.

While he sits behind his loud speaker getting fat.

What the fucks their problem ?

Their causing more than their solving.

We shed blood for their name sake.

But hang us for our taxes being late.

They say "you got freedom its even been written down."

Wow, really I got an autograph by Bozo the clown.

Show me the freedom I got with my vote.

Instead of prescribing me your newest brand of dope.

There is no place we can go to live without their eye.

Since they claimed ever place, hell even air space in the sky.

We are force to adcept our fate.

It's hard for us to swallow our on self-hate.

From the force feed image we must become.

Like Monaca Lewinski it's hard to swallow the cum.

Tighten their grip with threaten mail.

Fall in suit are we'll go to jail.

I'm too small to make a stand.

Crush me like a bug if I raise my hand.

Fuck you I do have a say.

I'm sick of this generation being raped as you look away.

While you enjoy the rich wine that you sip.

Lucky I'm not there id bust your fat lip.

You all were delivered with gentle hands.

But now together with greed united ya'll stand.

If ya'll didn't have us to drive the economy.

What a world this would be.

I guess we're all a little to blame.

As small as a pen we buy.

To the choices of airlines we fly.

Were all a link in this chain.

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