Bleeding Hate Taste Good

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Everyones pulling and tearing pieces of you and still wanting more. when all you want is you and nobody else. Hard to defend yourself when everyone is kicking you while your down, but it's the kicking, selfishness of others that makes the weak strong and brings out the daemons it others..( there is another message in this if you start from the beginning put together all the letters that are standing out they spell it.)

Submitted: May 01, 2007

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Submitted: May 01, 2007



I haven't been myself lately....

Dam.. who is that ?

Now that I think about it

I have forgotten...

I could sure use me right now

if he was here

there would be an awakening

for all these x bitches biting at my heels.

He is my superhero

where is he ?

Passing the breaking point...

the wrong things are not here to trigger him

I wrestle with these chains that life has tied me down with

where is he ?

I can remember

how safe I felt with him here

love watching him kick the shit out the asses

that cause me to question suicide

They are ever so smart

to keep him from me

I wish he would come

I need him

They Buried him under years

of depression, pain , and desperation he liEs

I know him he wilL not stop

fight hIs way threw all those layers

ripping his way to the top

I know he's gonna be pissed

I will loVe it

feeding off his unlimited ragE

so evil...full of hate

Taste sooooo fucking good

god dam my appetite for him hurts

I will sHed tears for losing him

but not for anyone Else

funny huh ?

I made a list foR him

the things that will need his hate first

the Excitement of knowing

that they don't have a clue about hiS wrath

makes me piss myself

erotic in some wAys

my twisted thoughts of him

so raw, powErful

there is no stopping him

I loVe it

smile now thinking of old tImes

when he was brought out

wish he wouLd get here soon

they just keep poking him

I can't see Him, but every small jAb

makes me feel him a liTtle morE

dam thats a tease

but you know I get a little

bit of me back with each


like a slow download

byte by byte

in time I'll reach 100%





May god be with you

cause he won't be with ME !

Xxx o o

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