Face to Face

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strait up raw poetry, dirty, nasty, and full of bad words.
I'm writing about 16 different people. each saying what they are. Its about writing why we feel that way. Using are paper like a mirror so we can be face to face with ourselves.

Submitted: April 07, 2007

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Submitted: April 07, 2007



I'm a hurricane
A god-dam reckoning
A whirlwind of emotions
A dry hand without lotion
I'm my judge that carries this motion
I'm the fuck'n misspelled words that are typed
The succulent juices from a fruit that's ripe
I'm the thoughts I feel when I'm getting head
I'm the frustration from all the bullshit being feed
The last memory from the stains left in my bed
I'm so much more than what little you've read
I'm the irritating sounds of raking nails on a chalk board in a class
I'm that mother-fucker that will kick your ass
Try meeting me head on
and I'll ass-fuck you over that computer you own
I'm more than a fear
I'm the constant reminder that honesty is out here
If it's something you can't face
Then stop clicking to my space

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