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just like a coin has two sides so does a story of love.
ive been there on both sides. it takes so much work to keep a releaship lasting forever. especialy when theres a lot of passion in it..

Submitted: April 01, 2007

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Submitted: April 01, 2007




You never hear.

All my words fall on deaf ears.

You never listen.

You just through my feelings into submission.

To my best friends, I open up and cry.

For it seems you don't ever lie.

You're killing me from the inside.

I try so hard to commutate.

Just to have you shut me out your emotional door.

We have been together so long my soul mate.

But still you leave me raging in tears on the floor.

I think I hate you sometimes.

Wish I could do everything perfect for you.

Instead I write down my thoughts in words and rhymes.

Sometimes I feel scared, lost not knowing what to do.

No I'm not trapped !

I stay because I do give a crap !

I wont quit our run in life after a few hard laps.

With no direction to go, you didn't come with a map !


I won't stop caring

My emotions I will keep sharing.

For it's my heart you're scaring.

I'm so tired of hiding behind this mask I've been wearing.

In time I'm sure I'll reach a place.

When my heart has been bled out.

And your memories are erase.

I know I will lose this bout.

And are issues will be unsolved like an ANE cold case.




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