Rubbing my Eyes

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This about our world thats full of people who spend more time thinking about helping someone than doing it.

Submitted: May 03, 2007

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Submitted: May 03, 2007



I see them laying on the street.

Shriving form the cold with nothing to eat.

Disease feels their bodies, death calls their names.

We need to change the rules to life's wicked games.

The church barely helps,and the people they can't give.

It would take a mighty miracle for most of them to live.

" can you see the signs ? "

"don't waste the time."

Can you hear their silent cries ?

How many will we kill ?

Before we realize.

They are acutely real.

Their future determined by their confused mothers.

What choice will she make ?

She could listen to all the others.

But that could be a unforgiving mistake.

" can you see the signs?"

" Don't waste the time."

With a glance you assume we are not friends.

Is that because you don't know me?

Or is it the color of my skin ?

Condemning my views.

My words hateful sin.

Because I choose not to have faith in what you believe in.

you criticize

Am I wrong or right ?

While I realize

Your just short on sight.

You can't see these signs.


Don't waste your time.

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