The lost & found

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we all have been here on this on lol just read im sure you
find out what i mean.

Submitted: March 31, 2007

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Submitted: March 31, 2007




Where did it go ?

Does anybody know ?

It seems it's always lost.

And it's I who pays the cost.

Sitting in my chair.

Watching Judge Blair.

I don't like this show.

What did he do to his hair ?

This isn't fair !

I need it now !

Yea, I'm going to have a cow !

Don't know why it came up missing.

Maybe if I try some e.s.p.

Do you think the TV would listen ?

Yea, right like that would happen for me.

Dang it I got to pee.


I have no choice.

Must yield to my enter voice.

Let me leave my seat.

To go answer natures call.

This is no sign of my defeat.

For when I get back I'll get on the ball.

Find it I shall.

Just as soon as I dry my hands with this towel.

Well I don't see it on the ground.

It will be found.

Just let me look around.

Nope , not where it's normally at.

Are in the place I sat.

But wait what is that I see !

Are my eyes fooling me ?

Oh ! I'll be able to cope !

For I finally found the TV. remote !


Written By  Willie N Small





© Copyright 2018 Wille N Small. All rights reserved.

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