The Tattoo "Jeannine"

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This is about a refection i have from a tattoo thats
on my left arm of a women i was in love with but i had
to let her go for she could never find happies, her way
of thinking was that somebody will make her feel that way.
she refuse to face the fact that happness comes from within.
no one thing are person will ever make her happy. she has to.

Submitted: March 31, 2007

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Submitted: March 31, 2007



As I sit here looking out the window watching the weather.

Thoughts of you keep going through my head, wondering if our break up

Made your life any better.

It seems I'm always left to clean up your mess.

While you run off to another wearing your best dress.

Blaming it all on stress.

You yell, you can't be happy with me.

Screaming I'm too good for you.

To run away saying, "Just let me be".

Saying you're so messed up, if only I knew.

I don't need to hear !

Go have another beer !

Stop running from your fear.

Of letting someone near.

You just want to cast away.

Your problems for another day.

You hide.

But won't confide.

Your true feeling inside.

You say you want to die.

That's just a lie.

Don't talk smack.

Cause it's the heart you lack.

Your problems can't all be solved lying on your back.

You'll never know love.

Less you reach for help above.

You won't find it in someone else's pocket.

Wishing for yourself to be put in someone's golden locket.

You want to change.

Like a old dog with mange.

Your self destruction drives your own self insane.

Grow a brain !

Get out of the rain !

Of self doubt and "I hate me pain".

It's your road in life, change lanes.

Make a stand.

I know you can.

Make a plan.

Come on baby start today.

Start loving yourself the right way.

Its not hard just always know.

For all I said and did, it was cause.

I love you so.

Written by Willie N Small

© Copyright 2018 Wille N Small. All rights reserved.

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