What to Do ?

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after a hard break up your sometime left wounding i you
can do it again. start all over and put in the time.
but after a while one gets tierd of doing this again and again so you find you self asking what to do.

Submitted: March 31, 2007

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Submitted: March 31, 2007



Where do I go from here ?

To gather strength from where ?

Am I to old ?

Am I being to bold ?

Is it time ?

I think I'll be fine.

To start again from scratch.

This time I've met my match.

To have love, what a cost.

To only be hollowed out, left alone and lost.

Does the pain of loss love ever stop ?

Does it get better with every tear drop ?

Can I really ever love again ?

Or will my memories haunt me, making it a sin ?

What is one to do ?

Is there anyone true ?

Does anyone have a clue ?

What it means to say I love you ?

They say don't give up hope.

All your pain can be washed away with God's soap.

True love can't be found.

Its not something you'll stumble into lying on the ground.

It lies within you, don't you know.

You have to leave the light on to let it grow.

And before you know it you will shine and love will flow.

I'm not one to witness this feat.

I'm still suffering from defeat.

My wounds are all fresh and deep.

For all the painful memories I want to keep.

What to do is the question I ask ?

I could keep hiding behind my smiling mask.

Or stand strong on my own two feet.

I need to close my eyes and get some real sleep.

So I can wake up to a brand new day.

Promising myself to keep my pride and to love myself the right way.

Written by Willie N Small

© Copyright 2019 Willie N Small. All rights reserved.

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