It is never truly the end By William Slater

It is never truly the end By William Slater It is never truly the end By William Slater

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



a zombie story inspired greatly by the highschool of the dead anime.
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a zombie story inspired greatly by the highschool of the dead anime.

Chapter1 (v.1) - It is never truly the end By William Slater

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a zombie story inspired greatly by the highschool of the dead anime.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 16, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 16, 2012



Chapter 1: The Beginning... Of The End

HOW did it come to this? WHY did it come to this? Will we survive? I was confident I could answer that. We weren't going to survive we were all going to die. I could ask questions like these forever if I had the time, but no, I didn't, with the world screaming around me and nothing but pain, hatred and insanity filling every nook and cranny of our souls, there was no time.

I heard cries for help, for people to end the pain, for family, mother's, father's, children. I shivered at the thought. I wanted to just close my eyes, to let the fear consume me, like a river, like a bloody river to take me away, force me under its current, and keep me there till it's over, till it's all ended.

Suddenly I heard another scream, A scream that stood out among all of them, I knew that voice, "ALISHA" I shouted as I snapped back into reality. I saw them, these things had once been classmates, people I had know, friends. Now this was all that's left. I broke through the barricade of them, All thoughts of hate and pain were gone in an instant, one thing mattered now, I had to save Alisha, no matter the consequence.

As I heard another scream I smashed down the door to the classroom I saw them swarming towards her. She was slowly backing away towards the balcony. Any moment she would trick backwards over the railing and.... NO I thought as I ran headfirst into the classroom a baseball bat I took from the sports shed at my side. As I burst raging into the crowd of them all thoughts of the end were gone, only one thing remained, Alisha. As I got to the balcony Alisha screamed again as she struggled to push it away. "ALISHA" I screamed and without even thinking about it I grabbed it and threw it over the railings to the concrete grounds below.

I turned to Alisha and saw her crying "Don't worry I am here" I said softly. She looked away and put her arm up to me. No matter how much I think about it now I still have no words to describe the emotions then, as I looked at the torn sleeve I saw the mark, she had been bitten. I still can't remember much of what happened after that. But this will stay with me forever, slowly she stood up looked at the view over the bars. She climbed onto the rails, turned around and leaned back "goodbye" I screamed as she fell eyes closed to the ground below.

I turned to the sky, shrouded in fear, covered by death, my world was gone, and with it, the only girl I ever loved. I had lost it, to the living dead.

Chapter 2: What left to fight for

At that time I wanted to give up hope on life. On survival. I didn't care anymore. I mean there was nothing left to fight for, the girl I loved was gone. , The thought of death rose string within me, but then, what would I accomplish. Knowing I went out like a coward. NO, I couldn't do that, I needed a reason to live and I needed to accomplish something. I once again looked out across the death ridden city once known as Tokyo. And thought of the people and how it would end for them too.

They were scared, lonely, many praying to their gods or hoping for a miracle. For hope. Any hope they could get of survival. I thought for long but I decided my new reason for survival. I was going to be there saviour, I was going to fight to get them out of here. At that moment in time I had changed my mind. This war wasn't over just yet. The people would go together, every man, women and child would be armed and we would prepare to fight back.

I had to tell the people. I knew what to do. I would start with the school, many students were still alive. I walked back into the classroom turned around and took one last look at the world, the world we hadn't yet lost. I ran out into the corridor and charged to the principal's office. As I burst down the door I ran to the principal's microphone.

"To all the living I give this message, do not give in, arm yourself with blunt object's and form into groups. We haven't lost yet, together we can bring in more people and build an army, together we can fight back, escape to the front gate, I give this message, do not give up"

Now all I can hope is someone listened. I stood up, readied my bat and headed straight for the front gates. The living weren't going down without a fight.

Chapter 3: They believed

As I smashed my bat directly through the glass front doors of the school building I was amazed at what I saw an odd 50 to 60 people were standing there living.

I walked towards them and Robert walked out the crowd to me. I nearly cried with joy as I saw him alive in front of me. "ROBERT" I said almost smiling in this world of pain. "We got your message" he told me but I was too shocked to reply. "Every single person waiting here came because what you said". There they all were, students and faculty alike.

"So, what's the plan" came a voice from the crowd. I quickly got over my shock and began to speak aloud. "We are going to try and get on the TV and inform everyone what's going on and to meet us at the docks, from there we are going to evacuate via the sea and from there we take our plan of action to the rest of the world".

As I finished the entire crowd cheered in support. I had became their leader, well if they were listening I better try my best to save them. "Okay, all faculty with vehicles load as many student's in your cars as possible and the rest get on the school minibus". As I finished my sentence they all rushed to their places as fast as possible. Suddenly I heard a deafening scream, but this wasn't human I realised the zombies were heading directly for us. "EVERY BODY GRAB YOUR WEAPONS" I screamed at the top of my lungs and mixes of dead and living screams filled the air.

Suddenly everybody went limp, no one reacted and they all just stood still. I then realised that they were not ready to fight and would die if I didn't do something. I urged everyone to the bus and they all ran. I told the faculty to go.

Everyone Looked at me and I said my final words to them "Go to the docks and escape, form together and do what I asked, remember my name, I am john parker and to allow my friends freedom I thought the living."

I turned to the dead as the last car went out the gate. I was going to face them alone and buy everyone time to get away.

At least I thought I was alone in till Robert came out standing next to me with a large metal pole readied. "I couldn't leave you to have all the fun he said to me with a smug file on his face.

"Let's go" I shouted as we charged, me and my best friend into a horde of the living dead.


"What happened after" the boy asked his father. "Well that's for you to decide".

© Copyright 2017 William Fredrick Slater. All rights reserved.


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