Rue's Legacy: The Hunger Games' Untold Stories

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My take on Rue & her backstory leading up to her very unfortunate death. :[ Leave a comment, like, a read, that'd be great. I'm always up to read new things, so if you want me to check out one of
your stories, just leave me a comment! Anyhow- I'm pushing myself so that I can expand as a writer, so don't be afraid to leave some tips, advice, criticism, anything. Enjoy!

UPDATE AS OF 4/18/18: I finally managed to remember my password for this account, and I'm sad to say I wont be finishing this piece of work, although I am grateful for all the love it got.

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Rue's Legacy: The Hunger Games' Untold Stories

Submitted: April 13, 2012

My image on Rue, and her backstory leading up to.. well, it hurts to say it, but you guys get the idea.. Leave a comment, a like, read it even, that'd be great. I'll be sure to check out on of your stories, if you check out mine :) Umm, anyway... I'm trying to push myself so that i can expand as a writer. Don't be afraid to leave some tips, some advie, critism, anything. Enjoy! If you can... Read Chapter

1: Thoughts

Submitted: April 18, 2012

July 28th, 2076 Monday. Three days left. I'm old enough to know the reality of it all. For me, it's the waiting that's the wo... Read Chapter