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when everything is not what it seems.

Submitted: August 08, 2011

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Submitted: August 08, 2011




It is said that a young teenager who’s pessimistic views of the world made him a primary target of society, he has reached his hand out and clawed his way through reality as if it were nothing but a movie screen messing up the picture that show’s all the lie’s we hide behind whiles he brought in a book to read to us.

A book that is mentally in his mind, to outlandish to write in word’s for others to acknowledge.

three year’s earlier

“ We have a new one” said the nurse behind the counter that was the first noticeable spot  usually hall of the asylum.

The main hall was outlandishly decorated with bright orange colored prescription  bottle’s from the counter itself throughout the room of side tables and desk’s,  which along with the room was made out of Black Iron metal while in some spot’s it looked like a  dark grey type shade.
“ Well I know you understand my job very well for I will need to what you might call “persistently” see him now.” said the doctor  as both him and the nurse walked from the counter. she came around to open a metal door black as night with strange iron key’s.

The nurse opened what the doctor call’s “titanium armor” and showed him
A long, dark, silent , outlandish atmosphere of a hallway of lined up cell door’s with their cell light’s off.  The doctor looked over at the nurse who has to lead him to the patients cell door and asked “Why are the cell light’s off”?

the nurse looked at him and said,

“There was a patient here last night who escaped somehow with all our metal and iron door’s locked, but all we know is this and do not tell anybody else, the patient  you are here to see was the only one who survived unknown event’s of slaughter for he was the only one in this hallway, and is now the only patient here.

The cell light’s are off because…. Gore decorated the wall’s and the staff is to damn scared to clean it up and Teeth-Grinder Will sit there with a smile.”

The doctor started walking along side with the nurse whiles he looked side to side trying to adjust his eye’s to the dark.  When he could at least see the cell door’s because they
 were so close he could see there was something hanging from each cell within and had to stop to see what it was.

The doctor looked in one cell and wanted to vomit because of such smell of what smelled like old penny’s.

The nurse said “ yes the light’s are off because the body part’s are still here and nobody want’s to look at them.”

The doctor who was trying to get his thought’s together all a sudden could not think anymore and fell to the floor with his face rubbing up on the metal door.
That smell, got to him real quick but something else was on his mind.

“ doctor are you alright” said the nurse as she preceded to help him up but then he started feeling a deep depression with tears running down his face.

He could not understand why he felt such emotion in such moment as this, but the horror and visions of unwanted gore came to him when he got back on his feet to look back in the cell.

 He seen what looked like a person was sitting in there in the corner watching him.

The doctor turned around and said “Please take me to Teeth-Grinder’s cell, quickly”.
Feeling this unwanted pain he could not figure out what it was., him and the nurse moved quickly to the elevator at the end of the hall and turned around as the door shut.

The nurse had a cell phone that started ringing with a very amusing ring tone to it as she was pulling it out of her back pocket.

The doctor, sitting there trying to look normal could not help but look at her leg’s all the way up to were he found her thigh’s and was turned on. He would rather feel this “emotion” then what he had just experienced in the hallway’s.

The nurse put her cell phone up after she was done and turned to him saying,

“ That was Teeth-Grinder, he is not in his cell but what used to be the gymnasium on the very top floor.”  

The doctor, trying not to move so much and keep what he called  his “pride” in check, looked up to the nurses face and said, “ Teeth-Grinder has a phone?”.

“Yes, because the whole top floor is his with the electric room, art room, bathroom, bed room, Movie room, and all kinds of other things. “ the nurse said with wide eye’s for really you would think that they would have Teeth-Grinder in these cells like the other‘s“.  

She continued to say “Basically he Lives on the entire top floor and everything is up there, including a phone.”

The doctor was still trying to keep it down and had an issue but made out the word’s.

“What is the Electric room”?

the nurse before she pushed the button to go to the top floor turned completely around and said,  “Well, to be honest with you it is something I do not agree to or agree having inside an asylum, it is what they are trying to make in the gymnasium.”

the doctor looked at her still waiting to hear what it was.

The nurse leaned foreword to him and quietly said  “A electric chair “

The doctor said “OH” as he tried to turn a certain angle that way she would not notice, but it was to late for she looked down do to the fact her key’s dropped in the middle of the elevator floor when she was adjusting her cell phone in place of her back pocket and looked up at him with a smile.

The doctor tried to pretend that nothing was going on. but the doctor himself had a secret, for he was a married man with two daughter’s

And was always cheating,  he almost done the act of suicide three times because of what he did.

but now was trying to change his way’s.

She came up to where his face is and said “ wow”  as the doctor pushed the what he did. button at the same time trying to tell her that he was married, for that is the best excuse he has in this kind of moment.

The nurse blushed and her pale cheek’s were as red as a person’s cheek’s would be if they had a cold.

Still smiling she said

“It is Alright Hun, we all know it's something that happens to everybody periodically.?
The doctor could feel his old urges come to a great feeling of relief and finally was able to breath without fear of the nurse hearing anything embarrassing such as “panting”,
It was only a few moment’s for him to calm down long enough to think of what to say. And out loud without thinking said.

“ If I could do anything with my life right now, I would pretty much just have the one wish that I was castrated and hanged up side down from this asylum, to bleed slowly and painfully looking above the rocky landscapes with the dwelling of myself being an idiot with so much self hatred.”

The nurse gave him a surprised and shocked look at the same time realizing that there was a secret he carried, and to her it really had not’t take much to figure it out for he was still in some way’s trying to cover his private area with both of his hand’s, with one of them wearing a wedding ring.

The doctor, coming back to reality, realized he had just burst out personnel thought and could do nothing but look down at the elevator’s floor and do what he could do best, and he cursed at himself now wishing that what he would wish for would come true as he listened to the hum and the vibration of the elevator going on past the thirty-fourth floor.

The nurse turned looking back at the elevator’s door’s and said. “ sorry if my presence here has embarrassed you in some way”? and she crossed her arm’s as if she should be ashamed of something.

The doctor did not say anything for a few minutes and wondered if the elevator was having an issue moving because it was starting to move very slowly.

“Don’t worry doctor” the nurse said with warm comfort, “ the elevator is old but it will never get to old for this,  just give it a few minute’s and we will finally move up the last few floor’s”

The doctor looked all around within the elevator admiring its grim feeling of how it to was made from black iron with a vent opened wide on the roof letting him be able to see the pitch darkness that was left to go up.

Finally he stopped being silent and had to ask a question that was on his mind.

“ might I ask you something”? the doctor said to get the nurses attention which she quickly turned around paying attention.

“Why is it that everybody I went through to see this patient tonight on this island , is calling him by the name of Teeth-Grinder?”

The nurse looked at him with a blank expression and finally responded,

“ you just have to see him, but do not worry he is actually really nice in his own creepy way”

and started laughing turning back towards the door’s.

“why do I have to wait to see him, is he like deformed ?” the doctor continued.

The nurse moved in some sort of way as if she was dancing and came to a complete stop with a response.

“ no, but just to be honest if you want a better answer than that from me specifically I really find him to be quite sexy”

Of all the thing’s she could have said with all kinds of other word’s that would feel right to him, she had to  say the word sexy, and of all kinds of people with all kinds of mind’s put together she was talking about a “Crazy Person”.

He began to think she was crazy there for a moment as he

 He began to think she was crazy there for a moment as he gave her a horrified look while she was not looking, for a feeling swept in his stomach and felt as if the elevator he was in just suddenly became chillingly cold.  

The nurse turned around and saw his expression and told him.

“ Alright, I know that face on anybody, now believe me you should not be that shocked because I said that I find Teeth-Grinder sexy for there is is a why I do find him attractive.”

The doctor thought he could play along just to see what the reason was while he probably could guess for the nurse was in fact from appearance, one of those women who wore dark lipstick with a black anarchy A drawn on her white nurse outfit with big spiked boots and black panty hoe’s with a very interesting kilt with the color’s of black and green.

But that was stereotyping and it more likely did not mean anything for it never really did.

“ ok what is the why you find him so attractive?”

The nurse smiled and made him feel as if he was being tested with her response.

“come on I heard about you on interview’s through TV program’s and I have read some of your book’s, Now you should know by now that there are all kind’s of women who love bad boys but not such as Teeth-Grinder, Teeth-grinder is very smart, good looking, attractive, charismatic and above all he is what you would call “REAL”.

The doctor thought very hard of what the nurse said of her opinion of Teeth-Grinder and somehow in some weird way of the moment, he understood what she meant, which was vary rare for the doctor himself to understand ever something he could not “Think Of”.

The elevator finally hit the 57th floor and the nurse turned around to say “ The door’s got to have a moment for we are still trying to figure out what make’s our elevator door’s rusty.”

There they both waited only just a few minute’s and finally the doctor said out of randomness

“ I guess I can take this moment to say that you are in some way’s close friend’s with Teeth-Grinder?”

The nurse turned around looking around before she looked at him “ Yes, I guess you can say that me and him are close friend’s…. in fact he is the only friend I have and he makes me feel well about myself.”

The doctor stood up from leaning on the side of the elevator and that cold shivering feeling hit him again in his stomach and it seemed to have just hit right after he had a thought that something about this asylum and the short talk’s with the nurse about Teeth-Grinder made him feel hollow. something was not right.

He thought about the fact that when he first arrived there was nobody in the entire main hall but the nurse and that he could feel the stupidity overwhelms him when he also thought that anybody would think somebody would come to get the body part’s hanging from the cell’s.

Let alone the fact that he was wondering why the were all hanging upside down, and he kept saying to himself that there was nothing to feel anguished about.

Then that feeling came to him again and he found it hard to breath and everything were blurry, he tried to pay attention to the nurse who was talking about how she meets Teeth-grinder and then in a sudden act to cry for help for he could feel no air in his lung’s, he fell to his knees and his torso turned at an angle where he feel flat on his back like he was having cardiac arrest.

He could see nothing but look through the ceiling of the elevator and was staring directly through the square opening that could let you see what seemed to be never ending darkness with some lose old cable’s that pull the elevator up or down.

The nurse quickly fell to the floor next to him and was asking if he was alright, but it seemed that her voice was fading along with the feeling of unknown guilt forming in to a deep depression.

The doctor felt his eye’s roll in the back of his head, everything seemed to be breaking apart before the doctor could try one last time to speak and call for help, he looked up towards the ceiling and fell in to a state of feeling numb all over his body when he saw something in the elevator shaft through that square on the ceiling.

He looked at the what did actually this time seems like the never ending darkness only in a form, a form that he did feel  in some unknown fear of panic, as if he was being watched.

The doctor could feel his face wet with tear’s and was crying to what seemed for no apparent reason

 something was insane,

if it was the doctor, the nurse, or whatever he was determined was in the shaft. The darkness seems to had been moving closer down on the top of the elevator itself. And was horrified by what he saw.

The Cable’s, seemed to be alive and was no longer just swinging back and forth for they began swinging towards the elevator’s opening through it’s roof. Now the doctor was feeling weak as if were drained by worrying so much.

The doctor took one last breath of air he could only feel was left in his body and past out right at the moment was through that square passed the ceiling in the elevator’s shaft was bright blue eye’s.

 They  glowed so bright which made everything else difficult to see in darkness for the doctor and then there was nothing.

There was nothing at all, as if nothing was real, but the sound of your ear’s ringing and most importantly to the doctor that he was non real and was not in physical form but of negative energy.

Nothing seemed real at first instead if pitch black and the feeling of hatred, sorrow, pain and for one more horrifying truth mutilation.

There was a moment in deep sleep, or what seemed to be a deep sleep, where an image of the doctor’s wife came to mind. Just standing there in front of him but wit a disturbing nightmare that she was crying. Not only was she crying with her hand’s over her face but he could also see his two young beautiful daughter’s just a little bit older.

Both of his children now looked like they were teen’s, and his wife was crying right in front of one of the kid’s. “ mom, why did dad leave us?”
The doctor looked all around and there was nothing but darkness and looked back towards the direction of what seemed like a messed up movie made specifically for him.

His wife with her face red from crying so hard, looked down on their second daughter who looked like she was now 13 when not that long ago before coming to the asylum she was 8.

Then apparently their first daughter who was off to the side of this nightmare was 15 when really once he wakes up from this dream she will be ten again.

Their first daughter got in the way of their younger one and began to scream at her with rage of many sexist word’s that involved men being nothing and would remain nothing for they are weak minded and the doctor himself started wondering now if this was the future for he knew why this dream was taking place at such a time likes this.

His wife could do nothing but cry and no matter how much she tried to tell the kid’s to stop fighting, it was no use. Finally the little one started to cry and screamed
“ why is you being mean about our dad!, I just want both mom and dad again!”

Then a terrifying feeling came to him when his oldest daughter said



The unwanted feeling of depression and regret again from the unknown, was eating him alive inside. Then everything went from darkness and him was waking up.

Everything around him started to clear up.

There was no more blur and no more emotional pain, the doctor raised his head from being bent backwards from what seemed to be a wheel chair that he was sitting in.
He looked around the room ad it was a very dark hallway with dim light’s at certain part’s of it.

He bent his head back again just to see what was behind him and saw the elevator door’s in the process of closing with the nurse in while there was another person within the light from the elevator that vanished as the door’s completely closed.

The doctor felt his body ache and started talking out loud “ Is this the top floor?”

He was waiting a moment for a reply and tried to get up, but fell back down for not only was his body for some reason in pain as if he had been thrown across a room, but he was extremely dizzy and still did feel as if the area around him was moving without him.
He heard foot step’s from behind and the hallway was now pitch dark without light from the elevator so it was impossible to even dare try to look and see who it was when the doctor could not even see his own hand in front of his face.
The sound of what the unknown person’s footstep’s was getting closer and closer until finally whoever it was made the doctor jump and hurt himself from fright for whom ever it was pushed the wheelchair and was leading him down a long hallway that was impossible to even see for it was covered in darkness.

The thought of what happened in the elevator, when he thought bout the never ending darkness.

The doctor started to panic “ WHAT IS GOING ON!”

And the doctor wondered until they hit a bump through a door way in to another room
With the same since of darkness but there was a table with two chairs and a lamp with a strong beam of light aimed at the table.

The doctor asked again “what’s going on?”

And then suddenly a voice of a young man so smooth and yet so deep, answered his response from behind the wheelchair as the doctor was getting closer to the table with its bright lamp.

“Don’t worry doctor, your just fine, all you need is somebody to help you get to where you need to go, me and you can get down to your business on why you are here”

They arrived at the table and the doctor flinched sideways’s when the mysterious young man kicked one chair so hard it made a loud boom sound as it hit the ground some where in the room, and the doctor was moved towards with his leg’s under the table.

Those foot step’s were loud in such way’s and seemed to walk a wide turn In to the darkness and back to the other side of the table where the mysterious young man flopped the doctor’s paper work in front of him and threw a pen next to them.

“ Ok” said the mysterious young man, “ you are here to ask question’s I guess?’

The doctor rubbed his eye’s and still could not see the young man’s face because of how strong the light from the lamp made a beam among the doctor and who he was starting to think might be teeth-Grinder.

“What the hell happened to me in the elevator?” the doctor was actually determined to know and had to ask the question.

The mystery that was hiding from the doctor in the darkness across the table made a sound of getting comfortable in his chair and responded.

“ Well, the nurse said that you and her was having a conversation and that she was telling you how she came to meet me and all this kind of stuff, and then you just fell in the middle of the elevator’s floor and started. Saying weird shit., and then you just kind of past out so I asked the nurse to help me put you in that wheelchair so I can help you make out the rest of your adventure to meet me.”

The doctor was having his eye’s adjust to the light when he said “ Really, damn”

The doctor grabbed the pen and picked up his paperwork and said “ Alright so your teeth-Grinder?”

The young man hiding in the shadow’s did not say anything for a short while and finally brought it up to himself to say“Yes”.

There was another moment of silence that seemed like forever before ether one of them said another word.

The doctor, who was reading a file on Teeth-Grinder, was amazed on why he was in the asylum in the first place. The doctor read that Teeth-Grinder had stated in many previous  mental hospital’s that the world around us is what he considered a ball of negative energy and a whole 16 page long document on all the thing’s he has every said to other doctor’s and so on.
He looked up across the table and could see better with no more blurry vision from the light of the lamp, but the room around the table was pure darkness and he still could not see the face of Teeth-Grinder. He sat his paper work on the table and started writing notes on how Teeth-Grinder was calm with they're first meeting with with one another.

Before the doctor could say anything, he went through that moment again where everything seemed to not be real. There was only three other time’s where he did feel this way and the first time around, he himself like many of the patients he would go to visit unlike Teeth-Grinder, had all been suicidal.
Yes,  that feeling of one who thinks of himself as a worthless tick,  a tick ,with not much of a life span and sucks the life out of anything around it just to live and seem more alive when really it doesn't matter one way or the other.
In the end there will be nothing.

“So why exactly are you here?”  Teeth-Grinder asked as he moved in a different position in his chair.

The doctor hesitated to answer to that smooth deep voice of a Young man to be lucky to have,  broke the concentration on that feeling of self hatred that seems to have no reason to happen as if it were a choice to dislike your own personality.

“Well, I am here to ask question’s on why you do what you do and basically what I would call your philosophy.”

There was ringing in The doctor’s ear’s and he thought that Teeth-Grinder had to go crazy periodically just because the ringing seemed to be loud in such silence.

He watched Teeth-grinder sit up strait and drag himself towards the table with his arm’s brought up with his elbow’s sitting on the table holding himself up by the chin and he said as if with great interest.  

“My philosophy”!.

Teeth-Grinder continued to finish what thought’s came to mind.

“Why do you say my philosophy?, that is the most interesting way to put it that I have ever heard.”

The doctor never knew why he even said it in the first place now that he thought about it,  but it seemed to feel like it was the right word at this point. The doctor himself was always into philosophy for it was always looked by many people as a way to solve an issue.

But there are always two side’s to everything, even the greatest and influential theory’s and idea’s are not always perfect. Which makes it worse to think that these thing’s even become influential.

The doctor sat strait up in the wheelchair thinking he could wait a few moment’s before getting down to business, with what he called the “cause and affect? treatment., and looked across the table.

“I honestly do not know why I even said the word Philosophy, it just seemed like the correct thing to say”.

After saying this, The doctor could feel sick to his stomach.

“ The correct thing to say,  is that what I heard from you just now that It was more likely to correct thing to say? “

The doctor remained silent., but then there was a moment for Teeth-Grinder when the doctor noticed that he leaned foreword towards him.

He leaned towards the doctor slowly but had not come foreword to him enough for the doctor to see his face.

“well, I guess me and you are a lot alike.”

Said Teeth-Grinder in a low voice.

He said this in such a low voice that everything to the doctor’s point of view, all the emotional stress and sickness he had been feeling, in an odd way all together made an emotion in his stomach of everything being cohesive.

Yes, everything from the nurse being “too” friendly, to passing out in the elevator all the way to the idea of Teeth-grinder helping him get in a wheelchair.

The doctor never in his life at any kind of weird moment felt so disrespected, he just did not know why.

“In what way do you mean that we are alike?”

Teeth-Grinder now was leaning back in his chair.

“ I mean exactly what I mean and you know what I am talking about, let’s be honest here,
You are a doctor who comes to all these patients and you “apparently” are asking questions about why we do what we do.

The doctor sat up strait and with a tone in his voice what came out was

“ What do you mean apparently?”

Teeth-Grinder quickly came with a reply.

“ Well, everybody in your life  “teeth-Grinder put in quotes with his fingers”
Apparently, thinks that you are a good man taking care of what you “might’ call the mentally insane.

The doctor felt so insulted for some unknown reason that he found it very hard to sit actually in the wheelchair and listen to Teeth-Grinder talk to him as if the doctor was the patient.

But at the same time the doctor had a secret within him that was amused for listening to the man talk.

As if there was a connection.

The doctor could not talk for a moment and had to force himself to speak.

“ok, since I am here to ask questions, let’s start off with this one.”

The doctor sat strait up a little bit more and looked at the paper’s

“it is true you are here not only for killing 427 people, but you are also here because you wanted to be here is that right?”

Teeth-Grinder sat in silence and was very quiet.

“ Teeth-Grinder?”the doctor said breaking the silence that Teeth-grinder seemed to be caught up in.

“I killed 427 people?”  Teeth-Grinder’s voice somewhat high pitch when he said this with such an awkward way, while sitting backwards in his chair.

“yes” Said the doctor.

“damn, and I was only doing these thing’s all my life but I never thought that I would kill that many people.

Yes by the way, I did say that I wanted to be here.

The doctor, with a blank expression, looked towards the shadow’s at whereever
Teeth-grinder’s face might have been and then looked back down at the paper’s.

“One of the answer’s that  I am looking for because of a question that I want to ask you might help me if I am right about the answer to me, which will basically be a review of all the other things said with you through many other meeting’s if that is okay.”

“That is Alright with me” Teeth-Grinder said as he got in another weird position in his chair before they got started.

The doctor sat a little different in his chair as well to the left side and got a pen out of the front pocket of his dark blue dress shirt to write note’s in his journal.

But with all the rushing thought’s going through the doctor’s mind, a great depressing feeling of so much self hatred came over him and he thought that deep down somewhere in the core of his soul, apart of him belonged in this asylum, especially with Teeth-grinder hiding in the shadow’s in front of him could he only feel something that was pure negative energy and a terrible since of being unsafe.

But the doctor tried to tell himself that it was noting but the thought of the dysfunctional atmosphere in the dark room, within the asylum. The doctor then watched the darkness all around the room from where he sat In the wheelchair, because a certain kind of sound caught his attention.

It was the sound of a little girl’s whimper in the dark saying  “Please stop.”
The room seemed to twist and the doctor was in emotions caused by his rushing thought’s and began to feel from the thought that he was dreadfully panicking, but he kept his mind on task and continued his job.

“are you very well in to what you do for a living?” asked the doctor for it was a
'personnel question” .

Teeth-grinder answered the question quickly.

“Yes I do”  

Then it went in to a conversation for the doctor, who had lost thought all about the paper’s in front of him.

“why do you like doing these thing’s?”

“Really it is not much of why I like doing these thing’s as much as it is why I “have” to do these thing’s, and to answer the question I do these thing’s because there are certain people in this world that I believe should not  be around when I hear of them.”

Teeth-Grinder did a little shrug sideways to his right and said.

“or if I know of them in some how in anyway possible.”

The doctor wrote what was said in his journal and stopped when that voice came one more, this time in echoed screams.


“may I ask you a question just out of curiosity ?”

Teeth-Grinder said as he moved and put both of his elbow’s on the table whiles he put his hand’s in a way as if he were praying.


The doctor put his pen down on the table along with his journal thinking that maybe it would be something about the fact he wrote only in his 'personnel? journal and not on the paper’s.

Teeth grinder, with the only part of him the doctor was able to see which were his hand’s and his arms,  Teeth Grinder pointed at the doctor’s journal with his right and said.

“why did you ask me a question such as that only to be a personnel question?”

The doctor, heard that voice again only this time it was sounds of the little girl crying in pain, and he was disturbed in spirit and in thoughts of why he heard cry’s of a little girl and was so distracted with his rushing thought’s that he forgot to answer Teeth-Grinder’s question.

When the doctor actually had no response to his question, now he was not only disturbed, but he felt a deep since of self hatred and depression from thinking about the question itself.

“So much rushing thought’s and emotions” said the doctor under his breath to himself I one breath.

“thought’s and emotion’s?” Teeth-Grinder said out of curiosity from what he heard From the doctor’s whisper to himself.

The doctor looked up towards the pitch darkness and looked more closely for he thought he saw the glow of those bright ocean blue eye’s in the dark.

Those bright crystal blue eye’s, just staring at him without blinking., Maybe they were not noticeable to him before because of the bright light from the lamp.

“sorry, I was in a weird moment” The doctor said sounding as if he just seen something messed up.”

Teeth-Grinder did not say anything.

“I wonder about thought’s I have of a person’s actions” said the doctor.

Teeth-Grinder’s eye’s seemed to glow more as he said.

“well, you said that depending on what I say will determine if you get the answer you think is right because it is what you're looking for.?

The doctor put his elbow’s on the table and held his chin up with the palm of his hand’s and was listening to Teeth-grinder for there was a since of possibly learning something.

“was it the answer you was looking for?”

The doctor thought really hard for it really did not go near The doctor’s issue, but it fit very well for teeth-Grinder’s case.

Before he could answer the question which was very hard to answer any of them for he keep’s getting distracted, he was distracted once more by looking at teeth-Grinder's arm, hands and nail’s.

But above all he was looking at how much scars he had made up of symbol’s though out both of his pale white arm’s, each one looked as if he had stitched them over again just to make it noticeable like tattoo’s.  There were symbols of Yin and yang and four pentagrams from smallest to biggest from top to bottom down his right forearm underneath is wrist.

His wrist bearing the yin and yang symbol carved in his skin.

“alright, I am not going to play this game any longer.”

The doctor was about to look at the other arm when Teeth-grinder caught is attention.

“what?” said the doctor thinking about the word game.

Teeth-Grinder put his left arm down flat on the table, the doctor caught a quick moment to see that the scars were of the anarchy symbol and below that were what seem to have been names crossed out with only one not being crossed out at all.

The doctor found it very hard to see what name it was but had to pay attention to what teeth-Grinder would say next about this “game.”

Teeth-Grinder sat up to adjust his black dress shirt that was as dark as the room with only the buttons being shiny as they were the only other visible parts of him to see beside his pale arms and his blue eye’s.

He sat down not saying anything for a moment, then came out and said

“This all woks out perfectly for me, you are here because I wanted you to come here and that your job anyway was to come here.”

The doctor tried to talk but the girl’s voice transformed into a high pitched cold chilling scream the echoed through out the room.


The doctor then could not hold it in his thought’s any longer, he remembered what he tried to forget .

The doctor was a 30 seven year old man who always cheated on his wife one way or another and felt as if he did not care for life that much at all, but never wanted to kill himself until now that he thought about it.

The thought of when he past out in to the moment of looking at the vision of his oldest daughter screaming about all the thing’s she felt and all the thing’s that she wished never came true.

But the doctor noticed that the more he was having self hatred and was now seeing what he had been doing to his family, the more Teeth-Grinder’s eye’s glowed until he could see them even through the beam of the lamp.

“ a long time ago, eight years ago when you was past two and I was 13 my family brought me and my sister here to try to get used to the fact that we had to stay here for we had issues of our own. I had this believe that I could bring darkness from a person’s heart in a form of storytelling about how we all lie whiles my sister could not speak.”

The doctor started crying for he was remembering what happened.

“me and my sister stayed here for two week’s and you was at home one night having a fight with your wife about how you had a two and a half daughter at the time.”

“I remember that you are how much of an ass you are now wanted to do whatever wanted without the worry of a family that love’s you, not knowing what your secret’s were.”

The doctor started feeling cold inside his stomach and was quivering for there was something lurking around the room.
Something dark and was a pet to Teeth-Grinder, for there was a growl in the darkness that was to deep for any animal to make.

“ you was cheating on your wife and you never cared about your kids or any other kid’s at that. So you came back to “Black Rock Asylum” to do your job as always and my sister was your focus for that day.  And you was so ignorant at the time that when she pointed for a glass of water you took her by the neck and killed her.”
The doctor was now wanting to scream thinking that he was here to die for whatever came on him as this feeling of being unsafe, he was right, for teeth grinder raised he left hand and the doctor could see his nails like black glass grows slowly Teeth grinder grabbed the switch.

“ It is fun to see how you humans are so stupid because you bare something called curiosity, let’s keep you are ignorant for I hope it will save you, time to be insightful”

Teeth-Grinder tuned the lamp of and his eye’s made the table in front of the doctor reflects the light in to the doctor’s face.

The doctor was scared to run, and found it hard to breath and could not scream when teeth-Grinder’s eye’s came in the doctor’s face.

“do you remember telling me my sister had done suicide in my face, do you remember lying to me about my only sister who you know could not even scream for help because she could not speak.”

Teeth-Grinder’s eye’s changed from the color of crystal blue to a dark red and orange mix and he could see his tears run down his face and they sounded like they were burning the skin on his face.

The doctor waned to turn the light on but remembering his name “Teeth-Grinder”, he was scared to see what his face looked like.

Teeth-Grinder then said deeply

“go ahead, your curious about what I look like, turn the lamp on because ether way”

And he paused and moved closer over the table in the doctor’s face along with whatever was walking around the room coming closer to and said.

“ it will be the last thing you will ever see.”

The doctor slowly moved his hand towards the lamp but looked back at Teeth-Grinder in the dark only to see he was still staring at him.

He looked around in the dark for the lamp switch and caught the cord and slowly, he turned the switch on and looked at what was the same boy he told the lie to all those year’s ago.

All the documents to get the doctor here were wrong, they were just to get him there for Teeth-Grinder to see him again after it had been so long since that day.

He was a handsome young man with long black dreads with his pale skin which made him look not human at all.

But then before the doctor could say anything , Teeth-Grinder gave him a smile of Teeth that he plunged out of his gum’s, making blood run all over the table.

The doctor, horrified by what was happening fell back out of his chair trying to run.
But whatever was walking around the room caught him around his neck and pulled him away from the light in the room caused Teeth-Grinder's eye and the lamp.

Soon, there was nothing but darkness and he fell into another nightmare only this time, it was Teeth-Grinder’s little sister who just sat there in pitch darkness and watched him.

But the nightmare of unwanted thought’s and emotion’s did not last long for the doctor awoke on the top of the entire asylum sideways on the ledge looking down at the road to the entrance of the asylum.

There were other people there along with the police.

“ I had the nurse call the police knowing your family would have been here to watch”

Said teeth-Grinder as he came in the doctor’s view.

“I have stitched your arm’s and leg’s together and have put hooks in your thigh’s and spinal cord, and if you noticed you're not wearing anything it's because you wont be needing cloth’s were your going.”

The doctor started to shred tear’s knowing that his life was not meant to be here for it has affected the woman he married and his kid’s, but most of all, Teeth-Grinder.

From what the doctor could see, it was dark cloud’s with no sun but heavy wind and he could feel the cold rain drops starting to fall on his naked body.

“I do not deserve to live this life, I am sorry for what I have done without knowing how much I could have mad as good choices.”

Teeth-Grinder came up behind the doctor and looked over the ledge.

Your family is here, everybody down there think that this is you are doing this when in a way if you think about it, they are right.”

“are you ready?” said teeth grinder as he puts his foot on the doctor’s back.

The doctor started crying knowing that this was it.


Teeth-Grinder pushed him and watched him fall twisting and turning until then chains came to its limit and the doctor started screaming, when the hooks was peeling his skin off as he unrolled out of his skin like a human scroll along the asylum wall.

From below you could hear the screams of loss and the sound of it made Teeth-grinder laugh.


Children were playing in a brightly lit park on a sunny day when a girl, 13 year’s old,
Was sitting on a bench by herself looking at a picture of her family.

She was crying for that she had said that she wished her step dad would die knowing he was doing bad things.

It was a wish that came true, all she wanted was a family that was real and not broken down.

She got off the bench and went home and 13 to go to McDonalds’s like her mother promised her she would. By the time she got home she heard her mom laughing and went through the front door just to see what was making her happy.

She went to the kitchen only to see a her mother trying to stop laughing so she could say

“ baby you wont believe who this is and what he said we could call him”

The girl started walking up to the young man whose head was laying on the table.

She was smiling and figure she could be friends with a special person that can finally make mom happy since dad’s funeral.

She walked up whose head was the man who raised his had up and did not look at her yet.

“what’s your name “ said the girl.

The young man turned and looked at her and started crying a little for she was 13 year’s old.

He girl stopped smiling and starred at the man as he said

“my name is Teeth-Grinder”

The girl asked him “why are you crying” but then was scared when she saw his eye’s light up the room with that ocean blue color as he said  “because you remind me of my sister.”


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