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To repeat exactly every word you said.........MISSY MISSY!!

Submitted: May 25, 2012

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Submitted: May 25, 2012




There was a rumor that the only Friend Melissa ever had was a Parrot who was no Bright rainbow sun shine animal in her life for it was Rud, nasty, and cursing.

But it was Melissa who was flawed because of the bird, A long time ago she had no self esteem and was very much into life and wanted to show what her view of the world was with the audience that awaited her. It was her fault all those year's ago and will forever more be called a witch by those who are in the mindset of "KARMA". Pain is what brought this bird to life from the ashes and dirt below your feet, When Melissa was a girl she was troubled with all kinds of abuse and never had an escape and started making up character's and being them.

A day came that she would become the next best actress in a small town theatre, it was a play based of one of Melissa's favorite's which was "HELLO DOLLY". She got the Role of Dolly like she always worked for and then while the play was going, standing on the stage something had happened. A fire was started by a boy who she had broken his heart, and it was then that she thought the world was in hatred for her. But to her it was a simple question of "Why should i have to be a certain way for anybody?"

Not realizing that you can't be loyal or promise something Fake for it show's how Fake the world is to you not knowing anything real from your own life time. Becomeing the thing you hate.

Melissa now had a history of making enemies and was always into herself when it came to the acting career, she wanted to make art out of the evil color of "GREEN". Money was always one of her goal's to have and when she had it, she would go to a drug store and get wasted with a group of friends as snobby as her to celebrate her success,This time thing's would change for the Black Parrot she had created from sorrow was so secret that it was the very thing that helped her get the life she wanted, it told her what she had to remember, what lines to remember, what appointment's she had to remember, what boy's she needed to remember flirting with, so on and so fourth. But the horror of this Parrot's reality is from being a symbol and living shadow with its spreaded wing's in her room, it would sit there and repeat all kinds of put down's and negative un healthy thing's that had happened in her life.

The reason for this was she had taken the dark side of her heart and her inner self hatred and did what most people think old fairy tales would have as a subject. Selling her soul to the devil to overcome all those who wronged her not realizing that there is a other half to everything. She had to keep her rushing thought's of suicide and fake dignity going through the Parrot as a way to remined her of what her "WORLD" really is and that this is her place.

So it was all Gothic play's of Horror and Sorrow from then the play of "HELLO DOLLY".

And even here another event happened during a Play she had Wrote herself called "The ID and the EGO".

She stood on the stage and was singing a song of a young girls desire to be a symbole for what the audience thought of as extreme Feminism and then she looked high up in the row's of seat's and say a young man who was attractive in her opinion sitting there wearing only what would be the Rich man's dress uniform and on his shoulder was surprisingly a "RED" Parrot. Melissa stopped while the show was on and knew who this man was and remembered the boy who set fire to her own town's theatre all those year's ago. The audience then began to start whisper about why she had stopped and then out of no where the Red Parrot said in it's own repeating way's.

" Burn it down, Burn it Down".

The Stage had set Fire, the people were running and the man just sat there and Watched with a Sort of chuckle that seemed to echo through out the Theatre as the Scream and cry's of the people had faded to nothing.

Melissa herself caught Fire as her dress went in flames, and The Red Parrot seemed to have a repeating Laugh to as the man who sat there did. As Meliisa burned and her skin from a bubbling mass of Red that turned black as the Black Parrot she owned back in he room, she started having her last moment as rushing thought's of her mother's voice.


And then, Melissa awoke in her Room with the Black Parrot by her bed just being there next to her. it was all a dream she thought.

But before she could think of getting out of Bed, The Black Parrot stoped moving and stood still and Melissa looked over and just watched to see what was wrong with it.

"Burn in hell, burn in hell" The Parrot had said

But fear rushed through her body as it was her Mother's long dead Voice.

"Missy , Missy".


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