The Herd of Deceased

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In the final moment's of the dying west, a stranger talk's of coot's chapel graveyard having a stench of the dead town folk rising out of the ground beneath his feet and people who smell this stench ether die..... or become one of "THE HERD" that is being lead by a all dressed in black necromancer slash gunslinger who is heading to town, rotting in the desert sun as they move.

Submitted: June 24, 2012

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Submitted: June 24, 2012



The Herd of Deceased


It was good and all to have a drink after a hard day's work, Walking to the saloon i wondered if i could just get away from this little town of boiled up heat and poor attitude. However, it was the only place that had good work for somebody like me who liked to work out door's for i was raised of a Farm lifiting heavy material and growing Food which i felt proud of very much for being independant at the time of my teen year's. I wish i still lived there sometimes but everybody grow's up sometimes and has to move on for the farm had a lot more bad memories than good one's but i love to work for all i ever did my whole life was work and get paid and make something out of myself to make a living.

My Father alway's told me that A Real man who worked hard and could put food on the table for his wife and kids could not be touched by any mean's of Karma or anything of supernatual ideal's such as God or the devil for that man worked hard on his own and made it on his own and is living his life the way he made it and nobody can take that from him his accomplishment's.

My Father was a good man who did not really believe in anything but me on the other hand do believe in thing's of the supernatual and that the truth is you will never know.

I drink only whisky as i sit alone in the back of the Saloon and im watching the bar with it's row of nine seat's each with some drunk's alcohol stenched or unwashed ass sitting on it. I always listen to everybody's conversation and its always the usual thing if its about some whore or some guy wanting to leave his wife.

Something new came my way on this day, and it was the most strangest thing that i have ever encountered.

This man with very poor image of being clean walked in, a foul stench came and people turned around to look at him only to see that he was very dirty from head to toe. That smell i had smelled before and it is only a smell you get from a grave yard from a dead man's sleep.

He walked in and stood up with a certain way of walking like a drunk bum would, looking around he finally looked up at the 2nd floor window's at the sunlight that came in and said out loud.

"He is walking among the deceased, He is the only way to be Released".

People around the bar and the tables in the center of the room started whipsering to each other and the man who still stood there finally started to talk again.

"From the ground beneath our feet is soil, and also beneath our feet there is a place so dark with no light that replaced the soil here with blood, and from the blood under the cracks of the earth grew a Flower with a stem made from living bone and petal's made from dead skin".

Looking around i seen that half the men in the room were very interested in what this man had to say but was also in the mood to start a game of gun fire.

Lucky for them the man pulled out his revolver and aimed it to his own face as what looked like tear's was running down his face.

"Leave now, for if you do not you will all die".

Within that moment, people started sreaming outside the Saloon as the man pulled the trigger, the front swinging door's was decorated in red with some of his mind on the side's as his body from what was left of it fell to it's knees and dropped to the side.

Blood was everywhere where the body lay twiching.

Later on that night i thought about the man who killed himself and the word's he spoke for it was like a story only a sick minded person would think of but the look in that man's eye's made me think otherwise for those tear's that reflected the sunlight from the window's in the Saloon were very real.I could not help but think of such flower that he described for in a way it was very artist like.

The next mourning was my day off, i got up and walked outside in the mourning sun and seen the ground where they buried the man's body next to the Saloon. Why they burited him next to the Saloon was way past any reason why that i could think of. but i walked in the Saloon and sat next to a window where i could see the dirt pilled up on top of his corpse and just watched as i started drinking a bottle of whisky.

Everybody went about what they were doing, i could smell the body from the window and it made me feel like passingout on the table, i took my bandana and tied it around my face for the bandnana smelled like whisky which was a sweet smell for me as always.

I continued to watch his grave only to feel very scared inside out when i seen the dirt on top of him sink inward's as if the ground sucked him deep below the earth. i said nothing to the other guy's, i had a thought that mabie i was seeing thing's from being drunk or was dreaming but something deep down in my heart was telling me that it was real what i was looking at.

finally from the dirt on his body came what looked like a person's bone that seemed like it was a finger. I could not believe what i was seeing but another part of me could, the man's words about the flower came to mind as the bone grew out splattering blood everywhere in the process some petal's of skin.

At the center of the flower grew and eye that looked directly at me, as he blinked with it's fleshy petal's it seemed to give away tear's like it was suffereing.

I was so scared of what could be possible from what i seen.

Then something came over me, i felt what seemed to be marching foot steps below my feet as the sun was now getting higher in the sky. but then the air became humid and the sky was covered in dark clouds that started to sprinkle rain. I stood up off my chair and walked out side and the person near the fron door looked at me and said.


i chose to keep my bandana on my face and ran out the Saloon to look down the center of the town.

I looked at the town folk and noticed that everybody stopped and dropped what they was doing because of the smell, but what kept me from moving was fear for everybody stopped moving altogether and just stood there looking dazed. I just watched to see that these people would not move a muscle. i stayed still, listening to the marching from way up in the hill's that looked down at this little town.

Then suddenly all the town folk looked at me all at once in the same moment, i was feeling the blood in my vains rush as i felt that everything my father told me when i was a boy, was not true and that i was not proud of living for i felt very small and helpless.

I turned and looked up in the mountains, and i seen him.

He was a tall gunslinger dressed in black, standing in the rain way high in the mountaind as if he was god.

The gunslinger raised his hand which held a pistol, and with the pistol he aimed at me and fired.

I fell to my knees, and my life did in fact come before my eye's. the good times i had and the bad times that came with it, i could see my father looking down at me for i was a boy again. But with a blink of an eye i seen the town folk walking slowly towards me and all of them were deceased. that smell made me gag but the more i gaged the more the gunshot wound hurt.

I just fell on my belly and bleed, looking at the town folk ganging up on me for whatever they was about to do, my last thought was the family i wanted and the life i tryed to work for.

and then before i knew it i was dieing, slowly but surely.

And then i seen nothing more but black.

The End

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