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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
After the tragedy on the man's life as Teeth-Grinder's doctor, a woodland gang banger who wishes to see his sister again..goes on a little adventure fighting Skin Heads to protect his little mixed half sister..and to find teeth grinder with the nurse actually being the protagonist long lost baby sister.

Submitted: August 08, 2011

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Submitted: August 08, 2011






For Carl. B Wilson

Author of genetics

And the only friend I ever had.



Carl . B Wilson



 Chapter 1: sticks and stones


My name is Wilson McDowell and

I walk through the forest with nothing but hatred against hatred. My cheek’s are numb from so much pain caused by grinding my teeth all night long without sleeping.


Through the forest I march with my crew of “Woodland root’s”

Alongside with my best friends Ronald and rose who have been there for me since the very start of our crew’s story.


We march on a warm summer evening through grass and bushes being the color green and past the tree’s with leave’s as the color of the mourning sun’s orange ray’s.

Marching over branches and twig’s listening to them crackle like

Death’s army marching on the bone’s of our enemies.


As we march, I dwell on the thought of what had happened not but 24 hour’s ago.


To think that everything was peaceful for once so I could possibly relax for the first time without gang fight’s in the wood’s.

Everything is fine until a rock comes through my window with a  note stuck to it. The note itself was not long afterward burned on my front porch for it was a threat letter.


The letter was from a child hood enemy who grew up being a racist skin head. He said that my little half sister was to be dead and plenty of “N” word’s have been used. This is something I don’t really don’t  deal with for id rather kill a skin head then to know that one still breath’s.


His name was Robert cunning’s, and he was always wearing a black Nazi uniform trying to take away our space in the forest that was next to my hometown which was small.


I guess you could look at it like a “hill’s of Kentucky” type of town.


I hate the “N” word so I will and would never say it.

The letter basically said that for his discover of my baby half sister being partially black, that he knew it would have been the greatest idea to bring her in this sick game to get back at me for all the thing’s I have done to him and his gang of shiny white head’s.


Shiny white head’s that I love to watch get popped with the color red spewing out everywhere, like eating fried egg’s.


We march through the forest for the letter said if I wanted to stop this my way, we would meet in the heart of the forest and have one big fist fight where anything go’s.


We marched for what seemed 2 hour’s and finally we came across a opening full of nothing but twig’s.


My blood boiled and I did not hesitate and I must had not been thinking.


I screamed in rage as I said before, hatred against hatred, and charged forward with pistols and rifles with my crew behind me running along with me.



My eye’s were focused on Robert, who was hiding in the crowed of people who wish that they were bald eagles.



We clashed, and 4 of my guy’s had hit ground as we instantly killed 6 or 7 of his men. I unlike everybody else, was blind with rage.


I was thinking my stomach was on fire for that was how much rage I could feel. I ran through everyone like it was nothing to me at all but walking over bug’s.


I pulled a knife out of my back pocket near the end and slashed, tore, pierced and castrated anyone I came across with a swastika tattooed on them.


I was good at killing and had done so since I was little.


My moment came to me finally, I seen Robert trying to get out of the war zone so I had went around tree’s to get my hand’s on him.


I looked back before making any action on Robert having a smile on my face, the skin head’s were losing and some of my guy’s followed Ronald and rose’s commands on impaling them against the tree’s.


I looked back ahead and ran as fast as I could and put all the power in my leg’s, for I leaped a great distance from a hillside and was lucky.


I had plunged my knife in his calf in the process of going head first in the ground.



He screamed so loudly that he sounded as if his voice box blew out and he had screamed so hard he did in fact blow the blood vessels in his neck, which made him bleed all over the grass.



I left the knife in the back of his leg as I got up on my feet. I took my pistol out from within the back of my jean’s and walked slowly to his right side.


He cried racial slur’s to me such as I was a lover of this and that, but in the end he is right for I love everybody equal.

I love everybody, except people who don’t believe in equality.


I guess you can say I am prejudice towards racist bullshit.


I turned and looked at the hillside behind me to hear if the fight was still going on and curse word’s was starting to fade.


I made a guess that the fight was almost over and I knew who was winning, so I looked back at Robert only to see he tried to pull a gun on me.


But the pain from the knife in his leg made him think twice and he knew for a fact that he was going to die.


I looked down at his white power loving ass, and noticed something as I held my grip on my gun.


“hay, I just noticed something funny”


He brought his face out of the ground and gave me a pissed of expression.


“you truly are what I thought you would be in a good way”


His expression was now a confused look as he said “what?”


I pointed my gun right between his eye’s and said




“you a ignorant, bitch made, white young man with a black Nazi uniform and red blood coming out your mouth because of all the shit you say.”


Robert tried to spit at me, but missed, so I with my back straight and still aiming at him and told him


“congrats, you now represent the color’s of the Nazi flag you love so much”


And within the second I told him this, I had just shot him three time’s in the face around his eye’s



Chapter 2: as hollow as a family tree





A few day’s later and I am in such a relaxing state of mind.


To think that none of my guy’s were killed although one is in the hospital, we finally found peace. But then again everybody has something personal that they want to know and find out.


My reasons for killing these skin head’s came back to me when my baby sister came in the room to play on my computer.


When I was little, I was like how I am today believing in equality.


At one time I had a blood related sister who was always making friends out of no where, and I miss her very much and might not ever see her again.


There was a day we she made a friend who was a little black girl who was also in fact living next door to us.


They both went outside playing with Barbie doll’s and it was something that would make you smile to see that your sister is happy.


Then it was evening and before it was time to go in, they both did not know that they had walked up to a skin head and asked him what he thought about their Barbie doll’s.


I can’t remember what had happened after that but that the father of the girl next door came out with a pistol and was trying to shoot the racist bastard.


But then he kidnapped my sister, saying he would tell her all the negativity that he believed in to her.


And the funny thing was, not 3 day’s later, that same man was found torn apart and eaten alive.


But my sister was not found.


The man’s body however was found 6 miles from my hometown along the side of a river on rocky landscapes in front of a very infamous asylum called “Black Rock Asylum”.


Apart of me say’s that my sister is still alive and that they would have found her.


But I know there is a reason why she is not here, I just don’t know if it is a good or bad reason.


I stood up off my bed and walked over next to my baby sister.


I looked at her and I always called her bug.


I call her bug because she has that crazy curl hairstyle with big beautiful brown eye’s.


I would kill if something had happened to her.


While she played some puzzle solving game on my pc, I looked through the desk to find a picture of my lost relative.


I looked all over the desk until I found it, in the picture we were in the city at a mall for Christmas which that is the only time we go to the city ever since it is a holiday to go by stuff.


Mom was single at the time and it was me mom and my sister in front of a man dressed as a elf.


But my sister was as dark as I was, in the picture she looked like a diabolical elf.


Hell, even Santa was scared to have her on his lap.


I look at the picture with overwhelming depression for I can never remember what my sister’s name was.


It was ether Kristin or Christy, I keep thinking Christy.


Every now and then I would ask my mother which one her name was and she would ignore me, do to the fact it was hard that she never came home and mother had tried everything to forget about it.




But I know that the forest is full of interesting places and thing’s that I have heard of but never went to go see, but I was determined to find out by going to the river with the view of the island where Black Rock Asylum was.


So I took my baby sister to bed and I myself went too for I had a long walk to start early in the mourning.


And then, it was early in the mourning and the sun was just starting to come around. I had already let my mother know what I was doing and it hurts to think I stole my real father’s gun from his box.


It hurt’s worse to think that I killed so many people and nobody but my gang would know of my action’s.


To my mother, step father and baby sister I was Wilson McDowell, a 23 year old young man while to my friends I was Wilson McDowell, the savior of my little hometown from rapist, skin head’s, and people who cut down tree’s.


When ever somebody suspect’s me of doing these things, I tell them that it is what ever the people of this little town has been looking for which was the same thing that killed the man who kidnapped my sister.


I have to thank what ever that is that killed him because it is not just that, but because what ever it is has become a good cover up on what I have been doing.


I got a tent and a back pack full of enough food and water with a secret place within the back that held my dad’s revolver with its bullet’s.


After I said id more likely be back on that day or the next, I turned around and started walking.


Chapter 3: strange land


I had been walking for a whole hour and it was now a bright and early mourning and it was somewhat chilly for some odd reason.


As I walked through the forest, I made my choice on going to a old deserted graveyard that certain people use still in these times, such as for pet’s and box’s full of nothing but memories that are not wanted.


As I made my way to where I was going, I watched all the tree’s that walked passed and it seemed that each 5 minutes that went by, more and more of the tree’s looked more hollow and within a hour from noticing it then, all the tree’s looked dead and black.


The more I walked trying to ignore what I had noticed, the more I was starting to give myself Goosebumps’s.

Here and there I ran for a while and I must had at least made it 2 miles out of 6 and stopped when I made it to the grave yard.


It was now noon when I looked at my watch, I took my backpack off and looked for the nearest tree stump to sit and take a break.



I sat there and pulled out my father’s revolver and put 6 bullet’s in it, and then I pulled out a bottle of water and started chugging it down.





I sat there for a long while and then looked at my watch to see that it was 1:47 PM.


I sat there a bit longer and was thinking about my baby sister back home, and thinking of all the thing’s I have done to all these people in the forest.


I sat there with so much rushing thought’s within about 15 minute’s of thinking to much, and then something hit me of a very powerful emotion.


I felt like crying.


I felt so much self hatred for some reason of thinking about what I have done to all these people.


And then, such a powerful impact of a feeling in my stomach like somebody hit me with a jack hammer made of negative thought’s and feeling’s made me fall side way’s of the tree stump and I felt as if I could not breath.


I tried to think of positive thing’s, and slowly over a few moment’s I was making it back on my feet, but then their was a moment of curiosity that I was not alone.


I picked up the revolver and swung my arm in the direction that I had heard crackling sounds as if a bird landed.


There in front of the biggest tombstone in the entire grave yard, was a young woman.


She was pale as snow and wore a dark purple dress with a black ribbon tied in the front in the symbol of the zodiac S.


It is summer and the sun is out, and yet this woman looked as if she had been within a frozen lake.

I kept aiming at her and slowly walked up behind her.


The more I came closer to her, the more I cried, it was the most insane thing that you could think would happen in such a strange moment.


I had to think about how to get close without her hearing me and made a choice I regret for it was disrespect to the grave yard of walking on the tombstones.


I stretched each leg out to take a step on each tomb stone to get to her, and then I fell off the tombstone closest to her in fear when I heard her smooth soft voice.


“I know your there sneaking up behind me on the tombstones”


I got up and thought of what to say which I could not say anything at all knowing that I got caught.


So I put my revolver in my jean’s and walked over to stand next to her and see her face.


I walked slowly up next to her and looked at her as she turned and gave me a smile.



She was the most beautiful young lady you could ever look at.


She looked as if she was 22, with her pale smooth skin and dark eyeliner, she looked like she was a queen, but what was hard to think of was what she would be a queen of.



“are you here for a lost pet to?”


Asked the lady as she looked back at the big black tombstone.




I said simply to answer her question, I could not stop looking at how beautiful she was.


But I was able to take a moment to look at the big tombstone that she was looking at and realized that it was not the grave of a pet, but of a person.


“that is not a pet’s grave”


I said to her just to see what her response was.


She looked at me with a smile and said


“I know, this is the grave of my sister’s husband”


I gave her a weird look and had to ask the question


“why would a husbands wife’s sister come to see his grave?”


She stopped smiling and stared at me and said.


“well, its kind of weird but I loved my sisters husband even before he married my sister. But then I was disgusted with him for he went around on my sister, we both knew this to.”


I gave her a surprised look and she went on to say what was on her mind.



“I planned on exposing his deed’s, but then somebody killed him by tearing off his skin with hooks from the roof of the Black Rock Asylum.”



I felt Goosebumps’s on the back of my neck for just the thought that I was going to a place near there.


She closed her eye’s for a moment and I could do nothing but look at her for she was so beautiful, that the idea of it being rude to stare did not seem to exist.


She opened her eye’s and said


“they never found his skin”


I felt more Goosebumps.


I stood up straight and told her


“I am in fact heading towards the rocky landscapes by the river near the Black Rock Asylum for my sister was kidnapped a very long time ago, the guy that kidnapped her though died there but my sister was never found.”


The lady did not say anything.


“are you Alright?” I asked for her expression on her face was unexplainable.


“he was a doctor who came to that asylum, that was the last place we knew where he was. He always went there to talk to a patient there”



To think that the asylum was still in business was weird.


But thinking about it also brought that feeling of depression in my stomach again.



The lady looked at me and said


“the funny thing is, if you go back the way you came to your little hometown for I guess that’s where your from, you can go to the library and look at he history of your little city, the forest, the park, the asylum and many others.

Only to see that people are dying within each page of this regions history.”


And to think that I more likely help what ever it is that dose these thing’s.


She turned and said


“well, I hope you find out anything of your sister and please always keep this in mind. This region we are in is full of strange people and this has always been a strange land.”


She started walking up the pathway I came through and I watched her until she disappeared in to the forest tree’s.


I looked at my watch as I started walking back to the tree stump to pick up my backpack, it was 2:13PM and I looked up at the tree’s in the direction that I was going to be amazed at what I never noticed before until now.


I looked past the tree’s over the graveyard where strong wind’s were blowing with black clouds coming in and seen it.



That intense feeling of self hatred came over me as I seen the big black asylum from where I was standing.




I did not know why I knew that I had to keep my revolver in hand, but I pulled it back out from the back of my jean’s and started to walk past the graveyard.


as I walked past to continue on the new path way, I could hear crying of small children getting louder and louder as I made my way to the park.


Chapter 4: Hide and go seek


Never had I thought that time and space could stop.


The sky was turning gray with clouds covering the sun and strange winds were blowing making a whistle sound in the air like whispers were flying by.


My watch said 2:20PM, 7 minutes of hearing what sounded like cry’s and laughter of infant’s had somewhat faded since I left the grave yard and now it had just turned 2:21PM.


It was not really much of a walk to get to the park and I could start running if I wanted to just to get there within 3 minutes from now.


I walked wondering within my thought’s, thinking very hard for the first time about where my sister would have gone and why she just did not wonder back home.



I had wondered all my life about a lot of thing’s but not as much as this of my sister.



It’s one of those moment’s were you can only say damn.



The ground was starting to look more like dirt than it had been of leaves and sticks as I near the park which was just only a few minutes left away.


It must had been at least 10 minutes left until the park was in sight and I stopped and fell to my side.


That feeling of sorrow, it was the same feeling when I was trying to find a way to deal with the fact that my sister was gone when she was first kidnapped. It hit me so hard and was so unexpected this time.


As I pushed myself from the ground with one leg I heard the wind again and it sounded so much like a child's whisper then it would had been a whistling sound of the wind.


I now stood on both feet and saw what looked like a young child just walking along the path crying.


How the hell I did not see him before got to me.


With my revolver in hand, I moved forward and I could not help but think that I was able to relate to thi boy who now started running.


Before I went after him, I saw that the tree’s were hollow and twisted, and the wind stopped blowing as the sun was never seen behind black clouds that quickly formed.


I looked at my watch and it seemed to stop working.


But even though something was wrong I could not just stay where I was at, I had to run after him.




I chased after him off the path and in to the forest. And for a toddler he was able to run quick.


I then came to what was a hillside and stopped for I had lost him. I stood there and listened for him and a small amount of wind that was a soft breeze came to me.


That breeze, made me feel like a kid again for I always walked in the forest just to feel such a good breeze, but when I felt how good the breeze was I heard whispers that came with it.


“I miss my sister, where is she?, I miss Kristin, I hate them”


Within that moment I thought I was crazy, but I knew where that boy was and I turned back around and started to sprint through the forest heading east of the park.


I jumped over log’s and creek’s and finally say him.


But to my horror he was standing there with a gun, and had it pointed towards himself, but the intense emotion of seeing this gave me a cold chill when the boy just faded away.


I wondered if I had seen a ghost, but then that overwhelming sadness came to me and I started crying.


I knew where he was again.


I turned and ran as fast as I could, this time none stop until I got to the park.



I ran until my ribs hurt so much like I was trying to hurt myself.




The swing set and the slides was in sight and I could see the boy, I know what I was looking at but I had to see if it was what I thought to be.


I ran a little faster and I had screamed




As I seen the boy was about to pull the trigger and he stopped and turned around.


I rolled on the ground to stop myself from running over him and quickly got up in his face and then I could not speak.


I was crying, and at the same time I was horrified to see that I was looking at myself when I was little.


I knew there had been something I had known of what I was looking at.


“hello?, is there somebody there?”


Said my younger self as tear’s went down my eye’s, but I remembered what it was I heard after I asked that question out loud and I wondered.


I put my hands near my mouth and shouted




My younger self looked around for a moment and put the gun In his pocket.


He stood there for a moment and then walked past me as if he could not see me and I watched him fade away as he walked out of the park.


I think about that time when I almost killed myself and it was because of he horrifying feeling of your loved ones being taken from you.


I am glad there is such thing as common since.


That feeling of sorrow went away as the sun came out, to my surprise it was evening and the whole day seemed to had gone by quickly.


I thought that it was not really evening and looked at my watch.


I felt sick to my stomach for the last time he looked at his watch it had said 2:21PM, now it was surprisingly 5:12PM.


I thought I was going crazy, but I had to stop and accept the possibility that something else was playing the game as much as I was.



But I had felt tired and I set up my tent in the middle of the park and I was side way’s and fell asleep.




But after what I had seen, I know now for some odd reason that I was in another place where time and space didn’t exist or I was nether alive or dead.


Chapter 5: sweet dreams




When I was little my mom always told me to have sweet dreams. I never do have sweet dreams at all, which I honestly can say it is rare that I do dream.


But I went to sleep in the tent and I did have a dream.


I was falling through broken hearts and shattered dreams, there were moments where I seen some of the skin heads that me and the gang had killed saying things to me all at once.


I was falling through pure darkness, and I landed softly on what looked like the inside of a elevator shaft. I looked up and seen the skin heads dangling upside down motionless.


I had cold chills running through my body, I stepped sideways out of the elevator shaft and saw nothing but a long dark hallway.


I could barely see anything and walked at least 5 feet into the hallway, I stopped for a moment to hear that there was not a sound at all. There was no sounds but my breathing and my foot steps for they echoed.


I wondered what kind of dream this was for I am so used to dark hallway’s, this was about to be nothing but a corny nightmare in my opinion. I decided to walk a little further in the hallway and stopped when the great depressing feeling came over me when this cold air hit me in the back.


I turned around only to barley see the dangling bodies had hit the floor within the elevator shaft as the elevator itself came down slowly. It was making a sound through out what looked like metal wall’s and cell door’s as the light from beneath the elevator lit up half the hallway.


The bodies laying in the shaft were crushed and blood spewed all over the hallway and some of it had actually hit me.

The elevator doors opened wide, there was nobody inside and there the elevator had not moved.


I almost had fallen over again because of sadness getting to me and for some reason a since of self hatred came to me.

But just to feel better in light, I ran towards the elevator ignoring all the gore that was spread everywhere and quickly hoped in the elevator.


I turned around and then could not seem to move for something caught my attention.


Before I pressed a button to move to another floor for my curiosity all ways got to me, I looked down the hall way and into the pitch darkness that not even the light in the elevator could touch. And within the darkness, a little girl was walking towards me.


I sat there and the deep depressing feeling hit me in my gut and I hit the back of the elevator falling over to my left side.

I could feel tears running all down my face and this unknown pain was making me feel very upset.


I got myself to sit back against the wall and looked down the hall once more only to find myself face to face with this little girl who’s dress looked dirty. She quickly walked in the elevator and turned around and pressed the top button.


You could feel the elevator move up smoothly here and there and other times it was hard and the sides of the elevator would have a shrilling sound.



I took a close look at the back of this girl head and seen she was bleeding.


“are you alright?” I asked her, but it seemed she could not hear me and then I could not help what came over me.


Within second’s, I Busted out crying and got on my two feet walking to the side to see the girl’s face.


It was my sister.


I remember that dark blue dress and those small dolly like biker boot’s, and her hair was the same black long hair as well.


I cried as I looked at her and within the next few moments she faded away.


I cried so hard in the elevator and had fallen back on the elevator floor and could do nothing but cry as I went up so many floor’s.


I felt like a good 15 to 20 minutes until the elevator stopped and I could feel cold wind come through a opening in the ceiling that could let me see it’s cables.


The door’s opened and there was another hallway,

Along the way down the hall you could see her running to her left through a door way.



I got up with very bad balance at first and followed.


This hallway had a wheel chair just laying on it’s side with the wheel’s pointed in the direction of where my sister went.



That emotion of so much sadness, it hit me again and made me fall on top of the wheel chair.



And then when you would honestly think that maybe you would have depression, I could not no longer breath.


I felt cold inside, like as if my lung’s were cold like a frozen lake.

I would inhale and I couldn’t get anything of air. My vision was blurry from what I could see even though the hallway was a dark as the one on the first floor.


I used the wheel chair to get up once I felt like air was coming in my lungs and I started to feel warm. But with not being able to breath, I was dizzy with a sudden headache.


I turned the wheelchair my direction and sat in it feeling like I  might fall and hit the floor again, but I had to look at what was in front of me through the door way and seen Kristin sitting at a table lit up with a lamp.


Everything else in the room was pitch darkness and I got up off the wheelchair and walked forward through the doorway.


As I walked in and made my way to the table, there was something on the wall that the light from the lamp had lit up.


It was dripping blood all over the floor and it looked like it was somebody’s skin. It looked like it had been cut in parts to make it look like a flag hanging off the wall.


The smell from it got to me with so much blood dripping to the floor that I had gagged and hurt myself in the process. I quickly turned back around and walked to the other side of the table that way light from the lamp was not in my eye’s and seen that she was staring at something…. Or somebody.



She sat there breathing hard and looked like she had been told not to talk, or had the expression of shock but it was a horrifying one.


I traced where her eye’s was looking and followed all the way to the darkness on the other side of the table.


And sitting in the other chair was somebody in the dark.


With bright blue eye’s that glowed.


I just stood there waiting for one or the other to say something.

They just stared at each other and Kristin had stopped crying a little and looked like she was safe in her expression of a blank stare.


Finally I heard her voice and started to cry for it was good to hear it one again…. But at the same time I was puzzled with her question to the man in the dark.


“why did you hurt him?”


The mysterious man’s eye’s glowed more brightly and answered.


“because he was trying to take you from your family”


I could do nothing but sit on my knees so I could lean against the table and watch and listen.


“I have a family?” said Kristin


The mysterious man leaned sideways out of the dark and said


“you don’t know where your family is?”


“no” said Kristin as she held her head where she was bleeding.


The mysterious man moved a little in his chair and said


“what do you remember?”


She looked at him with a blank stare


“I woke up and seen you was doing something to the bald man, and he was crying”


That depressing feeling came around for a moment and then it went away, it did not bother me much for I had a theory I was back in time from watching this dream.


“you don’t remember me pushing him and you flying out of his hand’s?”


said the mysterious man as he leaned inward to the table.


She looked puzzled, and the man then sat back in his chair and sighed.


He then leaned back inwards and said


“do you remember your brother Wilson?”


I quickly looked at her and seen she had nodded her head know but then said


“I have a brother?”


I quickly looked back at the mysterious man getting ready to hear what he was about to say and how he knew me.




“ yes you do, he is the reason why I hurt that guy who was holding you in his arms.”


said the mysterious man who’s eye’s seemed to get brighter and brighter.


“did he tell you to hurt him?”


Said Kristin who looked as if she was tired, maybe she was having a concussion.


“no” said the mysterious man, “I had seen him walking through the forest talking to himself about you with a gun in his hand.”


I looked at the mysterious man with my mouth wide opened and thought of all the killings that happened over the year’s


He continued what he was saying


“your brother made me think of myself in a way”


The room seemed to be darker, and that feeling hit me in the gut. But I tried to keep listening to the both of them.


I looked over at those blue eye’s that glowed in the dark and I seen that his tear’s glow brighter.


I could see there was a history and I felt sorry for him.


“well he know where to find me?”


Said Kristin as she moved sideways a little bit in her chair.


The mysterious man said before answering her question


“do you remember your name?””


Kristin sat straight up and said




The mysterious man got up off the chair and said


“my real name don’t mean anything much anymore so you may call me Teeth-Grinder, and to answer your question about your brother.”


He stopped for a moment and looked dead at me with his blue eye’s in the dark and continued.


“I would think he will come and find you for a boy who run’s around with a gun”


I felt sick to my stomach and something grabbed me from beneath the table and pulled me under.


I was being pulled by a unknown force and I flew down the hallway into the elevator, and I had went through the elevator floor all the way to the first floor hall.


And then I flew through the dark hallway and the front door’s and was flying through the forest.


I flew all the way until I reached my real body which still was in the tent I made in the middle of the park.


Within a matter of seconds I was awake in my real body, I found it hard to breath and I thought about the dream I had for a long while until the sun came up.




Chapter 6: it’s art


I had time to feel right again and got dressed within my tent and grabbed my revolver and was ready to go.


I unzipped the inside of my tent to let me out and stopped when I had seen something bizarre.


I stood there with my revolver in hand, looking at the sky for it was dark orange with the sun black as night. I looked at the tree’s which had always been black but the leave’s were dead and orange.


But above all thing’s that I would expect, Robert Cunnings, who was walking with three bullet holes in his face had walked out from within the forest.


The tree’s seemed to had moaned and the hollow parts of the tree’s had opened wider as if they were alive.


I pointed my revolver at him and was ready to fire at any moment but I couldn’t see how he was alive.


I thought in my mind that maybe I had entered hell and anything was possible.


Blood gushed out of his mouth as he cussed at me 15 feet away from the park.


I listened to him.




He screamed.



I kept aim at him and could see that two of his skin head members where back from being in the ground.


I watched them as they were limp in a lot of way’s.


Then at randomness, Robert put one of his men on his knees and plunged his finger’s on the back side of the neck.


From what I seen from a distance was the man he had a hold of had turned blue and was no longer alive.


Even from the distance I seen him throw his former skin head to the side on the ground and grabbed the other man and done whatever it was to him too.


I kept aim at him just waiting for him to get closer, I looked over at a v

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