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About thoughts immediately after the death of a loved one.

While not intended to deceive the reader it only exposes the fact that it's about a cat at the very end.

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012






My Sweet, Sweet Viva! How I welcomed you when entered into my life! You opened a door! Released the darkness! Allowed in rays of sunshine! Brightened my days! Gave me hope! A reason to rejoice! The desire to live again!


Ourswas a relationship built upon love and a overwhelming desire for companionship. You understood, as no other, the pains I had endured. Pain from the recent loss of someone so dear to my heart. You never spoke of the other one. Instead you showered me with attention! And love and devotion! I was again complete! Having someone! And you? You appeared so content!


Blessed? Yes! We were blessed! Ours was a love like no other. Simple yet eloquent. All we desired was one another. Each other! To be complete! And so we became! Complete!


Strangers? Yes! At first! Learning! Learning to understand one another. Sharing those deepest secrets. But as said before! We were blessed! Within days we were one. United! Soul mates for ever and ever. Ours! A love like no other. Oh! How we enjoyed the company of one another. Needing no others. We had each other! Who? Who could want for more?


Life! Life was good! So good! Days became weeks, weeks became months. We slipped into that blissful state only true lovers can share. Questions? No! No questions! We became one! That other love? You! You eased that hurt. Made it a distant but sweet memory. Made my life exciting again!


Thought to myself. This was meant to be! We will have many years to nurture our love. It will grow. Oh! How happy I was. Blessed! The future appeared bright.


But, Alas! It simply wasn't meant to be. Eight months. Eight! Eight short but marvelous months. And then? Over! It was ended! So suddenly taken! Away! Taken for ever and ever! Bitter sweet life!


Clot! A blood clot they say! Rare in one so young! Darkness! Again for me there is only darkness. Future? Gone! Taken! Robbed! Robbed of the future I anticipated for us. Together! My Sweet, Sweet Viva. Taken! Taken away! So damn sudden! Sudden! Oh, how I hate that word! Sudden!!! Now there is only me. Me! Me Alone! Alone again!!!


Denied!Denied the love of the one I so cherished. My love! Sweet, Sweet Viva! My little lady. Taken! She who bought back the sunshine. Taken! In a blink! Gone! No warning. Simply snatched. Gone! Forever!


One!We were one! Now she is is gone! Once again Pain, Pain! Pain that incredibly overshadows even that of my previous loss. Viva! Viva, who eased the pain! Time! Time melds all pains into one. Time! Just give it time! Time!


Weep?Weep not for me! For I am blessed! Memories! Memories I have! Memories fresh and sweet! Instead weep for Sweet, Sweet Viva. Viva, whose life was cut so short. Viva! I lost a companion! My love! God gained an angel!


Cat! A cat!Some will say you were only a cat! Those words, “There are so many! Get another!” Fools! Fools who refuse to understand, you were a sentient creature. Possessed a soul! Yes! A soul...


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