Poison & wine

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Poison and Wine.

A short story about two brothers and a girl. Read it and find out what happens.

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



Envy is the only snake that cannot be charmed, a disease that cannot be cured and the driving spirit of all evil. It will suck you in and spit you out and once it’s got a hold of you, it will never, ever let go.

That was one of many sayings from my late grandfather, he was a bitter bitter man and his perspective upon the world was cold and cruel; the perfect way to describe him. I now realise he was right and I hate him for it.

“I really like you.” I say, staring into her purple, cat-like eyes.

“I really like you too.” She smiles and returns the stare.

“You make me feel as if there is more to this world, so much to see, hear and feel.”

“Aww, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

“I love you.” I say it, the word that has been suppressed ever since we started going out. I only say things when I mean and I am sure beyond belief that I mean this.

We stand there in that moment, intimately close. Our lips open. We lean in and then the sensation comes, for a few seconds, I am in heaven and then it’s gone. I take her hand.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” I ask, knowing the answer before she even says it because I know her.

“I would love to.” She replies but we have already started walking across the sand, little grains of rock slide in between our toes, tickling the skin.

“Look.” I point up to the dark blue sky,. “You see that really bright star to the north?”

She looks up and nods her head.

“It is nothing compared to the twinkle in your eyes when I see you each day.”

Her cheeks flush red and she giggles. Her laugh is so sweet even a vicious pack of wolves could not harm her.

“You’re so handsome.” She says and I smile.

“Open up!” My eyes flicker open, it takes a few moments for me to adjust to the darkness. A red and blue flashing light penetrates the curtain and in the background a here a wail of a siren.

“Open up!” The man repeats as the banging on the door send me into action. I quickly zip up my jeans and slide a coffee stained t-shirt on. Seconds after I’m out the window they are already upon me. I get tackled to the ground and before I know it, I am cuffed and thrown in the back of a police van heading for a detainment centre. I close my eyes wishing for reality to go away and I fall asleep.

“Hey Nathan, do you still like Rosie, as in, like like her?” I ask my older brother.

“Yeah, she’s fun to be around I guess, why?”

“I’m going out with her tonight.” I confess, searching for the reaction on his face. It boils up and turns as red as a summer apple. I know what’s coming and I put my arms up in defence. He pounces on me playfully, holding my arms down so I cannot escape. I try to wriggle free but he is stronger than me so it is futile.

“I’ll let you have her this time little brother, but only once.” He smiles and rolls off me.

I smile back and go up to my room to get ready for the night. I put on a suit my father once wore, it’s nothing special but it reminds me of him. He passed away 10 years ago, when I was only 8 years old. My mother went into shock and the government deemed her as unfit to take care of me and Nathan. My brother being 2 years older than me, looked after me until I could look after my self. We were transported to a foster home in Heamsly, during that time, we met Rosie Nyland, the mayors daughter. She lived just across the road with her mother because her parents had a divorce 9 months before we moved down. We could relate with her but nothing she said could be compared with the pain me and my brother were going through. We were friends for about 4 years and then puberty hit. We became more than just friends but we were too young, after about 3 months we decided it would be best to wait until we were older and more mature.

“Wake up.” Someone says and slaps me on the face. I am pulled out of the van and walked to the detainment centre where they shove me in a cell. They give me a glass of water and leave me alone for a while before a man in a grey suit disrupts my depressive peace.

“Your hearing will be tomorrow, they want to get this over and done with as quick as possible. The best I can do is lower your prison sentence. Do you have anything to say in your defence?”

I stare at him blankly.

“C’mon man, help me out here. Help me help you.”

At that moment I lunge at him and grab him by the neck, chocking the life out of him.

“I don’t want any of your help.” I growl and release him. He looks at me in utter shock and disbelief before running off.

I walk over to a bed on the far side of the small, claustrophobic room. All I want to do is sleep.

There’s a knock at the door and I know it’s her. I adjust my tie and quickly spray my body with deodorant before walking down the stairs. At the door Rosie stands there, as beautiful as ever in her black and purple dress which matches her eyes, talking to my topless brother. Her cheeks are red indicating that he must have said something to please her. Such a flirt. I walk over to them.

“Shall we go?” I say a little to urgently.

“Bye Rosie, have a good time.” He replies and looks over to me with the faintest of smiles as we walk away but I know his game, trying to provoke me in front of Rosie but he failed. 1-0 to me.

“So prince charming, where are you taking me?” She asks teasingly.

“Wait and see.” I tease back playfully.

“I don’t like surprises.” She puts on an upset tone

“Tough.” I say sternly as I look at her but I can’t help but laugh. She laughs with me. “I really can’t keep a straight face for long.” I laugh even more and so does she.

After about ten minutes of walking I tell her to close her eyes, she looks confused but closes them anyway. I guide her around the corner and tell her she can open them.

“Oh. My. God.” She exclaims. “The Cesar Palazzo!”

“That’s right.” I grin, holding my hand out to lead her up the steps.

She takes and we walk into the magnificent building.. A slightly chubby man walks toward us.

“Good evening Sir, Madame. Table for two I presume?”

“Yes please at the back if possible.”

“But sir, the back table is reserved for –”

“Rich people?”

The man pauses for a second and shuffles awkwardly. “It will be £250 for the seating not including the food.”

“Okay.” I say simply.

“Umm, can I see the money up front?”

“Of course.” I take out my wallet and pull out £300 in 20’s and 50’s. “£50 for your services.”

“Why thank you Sir, my apologies for wasting time.”

“Your apologies are not necessary.”

“As you wish Sir.”

Rosie looks at me in disbelief and I tell her I’ll explain later. We are led right to the back of the 5 star restaurants. A waiter comes over and hands us a menu.

“Would you like any drinks?” He asks as he takes out his pad.

“Could we have a bottle of champagne and also some rosé two Cesar Palazzo special cocktails please.”

“Of course.” He walks off and I turn back to Rose.

“This is amazing, there’s so much to choose from! How can you afford this?”

I look away.


“My fathers will.” I say softly.


“It turns out he had a lot of money stashed away in a secret bank account, I have no idea how he got it but he left it all too me and Nathan.” A tear runs down my cheek.

“You shouldn’t have done this, I don’t want you spending it one me I mean, this is our first date!”

“I don’t wish to spend it on anything else. It’s my money.”

“I know but…” She trails of.

“Lets just have a nice evening out okay?”

“Okay.” She says and the mood changes.”

“What would you like to eat?”

“I have no idea. There’s just too much too choose from.”

“How about we order a bit of everything? Treat ourselves.”

“You can’t be serious.” She laughs and then she realises I am.

“Okay, sure, why not!” She smiles and I call over the waiter.

“What would you like to order Sir?”

“Umm, I think we’ll have a bit of everything.”

I wake up to the sound of my cell opening and 2 people stepping through. One is the guard and the other must be the governor, you can tell by the way nothing escapes his stern, hardened face.

“Time for you hearing David King, please come this way. Your lawyer said you wanted to represent yourself, is this true?”


“Good. Come this way please.”

I chuckle to myself, as if I have a choice. I get out of my rock hard bed and put on my uniform and walk out of the cell accompanied by another two guards. One behind me, two to the side and the governor leading in front just to show who has the power around here.

“So, David King, excited about today?”

I go for him but quickly get pulled back by the three brutes.

“Tut, tut, tut. We can’t have that David, it’s against policy.” He says as he punches me hard in the stomach. “You be a good lad. Bad things happen when people don’t follow policy.”

I look through him, further into the dark abyss that awaits me. There is no turning back now, I am done for.

They give me a suit; nothing special, just for the show, and take me to the court house. Inside, a long spiralling staircase encompasses the wall of the room. There is a small dour to the right and directly in front of me there is a door marked ‘court’ which I assume is the one I need to be in and open it, knowing what will await me.

Familiar faces look in my direction, never catching my eye but I know they’re staring. Up ahead, a woman is in tears and a very smartly dressed man is trying to comfort her but hopelessly failing because he is also grieving.

“Not a day goes by when I don’t feel it, the overwhelming pain in the centre of my heart because a sick, sadistic man took the most precious thing to me away.” A small river of tears gush out of her eyes once again and she falls to her knees. “You bastard! You killed my daughter!”

“David King, what do you say in your defence?” Asks the prosecutor.

I follow them into the night, they talk and laugh, hug and kiss. Fury wells up inside me but I hold it in. They go into a restaurant, one that brings back memories. The same chubby man wobbles up to them and leads them to a table.

I wait in the shadows for an hour and 15 minutes and 33 seconds battling with my inner consciousness. They stumble out, happy as Larry and incredibly pissed.

I am crying now, I can’t take it anymore, it is tearing my heart and soul apart piece by piece. After the first incident I was prepared to give her another chance, but now… I don’t know. I can’t think straight anymore. Still following them, they turn into a dark alleyway and start kissing.

“So what about David?” Asks my brother.

“What about him?” She replies half heartedly.

“Well you are going out with him still.”

“Oh well, he won’t suspect anything and we can still keep having our little affairs.

“Do you still like him?”

“No, he’s a freak. I was only using him to get to you. He means nothing to me.”

“Good, that means you’re all mine.” He chuckles and kisses her even more.

Before I know what I am doing, their bodies lie in a pool of blood that spreads onto the ground. I try to reassure my self it is a bad dream, then I realise I am clutching a knife in my hand, dripping with thick, stick red liquid. I panic and flee the scene, tears overlapping each other as they slide down my face. I ran into the night until the night was no more. My brother dead. The love of my life who didn’t love me back, dead. Inside, I am dead.

“David King, I’ll ask you again.” The prosecutor says sharply, he knows he has won the battle for supremacy. “What do you say in your defence?”

I look around the room, the same faces always staring but never catching my eye. Even my gaze causes death. I turn back to the prosecutor and stare directly into his eyes.

“Envy is the only snake that cannot be charmed, a disease that cannot be cured and the driving spirit of all evil. It will suck you in and spit you out and once it’s got a hold of you, it will never, ever let go.”

© Copyright 2018 William Rickards. All rights reserved.

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