Blood Taxi

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A vengeful killer is out for his revenge.

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



It was a night like the rest, but little did I know that it was going to be the craziest night of my life.My name is rick and I am a taxi driver.I loved my job.That day I had a customer who was about 6 ft tall,well built and good looking.He wanted to go to 8th rail street.I began my drive like always,minding my own buissiness.We got there in about ten minutes.The time was almost eleven.He got out of the cab and told me to wait.The went into a house nearby.I knew the woman who lived there,she was my collegemate.I began to wonder who this man was.Then I heard it…It was a faint sound of a woman scream.The coldness of the night had frozen the sound before it got out.I realized that something terrible has happened.I was just about to run when the man got back.His black eyes speaking of a vengeful past.He reeked of blood.But Why?why did he do this.How the hell will I get out of this one?He pointed the gun at me.I didn’t know what to do.He told me to get out of the cab.I came out.”Now, don’t do anything stupid” I told him.He laughs.My heart sank as I heard him laugh like a madman.But I kept my cool.”Do you have any idea who I am?.That woman I just killed was my wife,Angelica.Ah.. Angelica…..angelica oh… I loved her.But treachery ….. I won’t stand it”.I did not see it coming,but somehow he took a hold around my neck and before I could do anything he injected me with something and I lost consciousness.I was half awake but paralised when he hang me at the same house.Yes,I was killed.

But he soon found out that I had contacted the cops when I saw the gun with him while we got to angelica’s house.He died soon after in jail.

Oh……..Did I forget to mention that I had a thing for Angelica and I could have stopped him.I thought he never knew.Well I was wrong.But I did get him in the end.

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Blood Taxi

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