The Nest That Could Fly

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This is a great story, reveiwed by hundreds of children

Submitted: December 06, 2007

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Submitted: December 06, 2007




BY William Sawyers

This book is a favorite for 3rd graders on up.

It is a story made up from imagination. Enjoy it. Many more to come

Once upon a time in a tree in concord,
their lived a family of robins.

The fathers name was Troy,

The mother was named Tammy.

One fine day in spring, Tammy bird said to Troy. We have to start building a nest.

I'll be laying some eggs some time soon. Troy

Then said let's pick this tree

As it's my favorite and close to the school yard for our worms. Tammy said I agree.

So they both flew away to get started.

Troy was collecting twigs and such. And Tammy The mother bird was collecting old string & papers left in the school yard by the students.

They both returned to the beautiful big pine tree that stays green all year.

Tammy mother bird said, I’ll pick the spot where to build.

Troy said that's fine so Tammy started building the nest close to the middle of the tree.

It was about 13ft. high. They built & built for days.

Finally the day had come.

Then Tammy started to lay her eggs.

TROY the father was away collecting worms for lunch that day.

She counted one EGG, 2 EGG, 3 EGG'S & no more.

Just as the third egg came, Father bird showed up with some fat juicy worms.

He looked down with joy. And said, I hope theirs a boy.

Tammy then asked what we name them.

Father replied we'll name them as they hatch.

So from now on mother sat on them. They stayed cozy & warm.

Father bird would help keep the eggs
covered sometimes to let Tammy get some exercise for awhile.

As she missed this very much, She used to fly as long and as high as she wanted all the time.

But, now she has to keep her 3 egg's warm most of the time.

A few weeks latter mother heard a pecking sound come from one of the eggs.

Honey, mother said to father. I just heard one of the egg's peck and move.

So father and mother moved and sat on the edge of the nest to watch as they started to crack open.

After about 3 hours latter. All were out of their shells.

Troy – father said this first one is a boy. His name is Flappy.

He replied with a firm, but soft voice. Mother said I'm glad we got a boy.

She said I'll name the two girls. This one with the weird dot on the head I'll call Speckles,
and the other.

Father said, HEY! wait a minute.

Why do you get to name the two? And I only one?

She said you wanted boys and I wanted girls and I got two to name.

And you got one boy to name.

So father said fine, in a muffled voice.

Then I'll name this one waddles as she waddles like a duck.

And was the last one to stand up.

So father said I'll be right back to feed them.
Off he flew.

Troy left the nest flying towards the school Field.

Luckily the Field was empty of kid's. Do to the fact that recess was over 10 minutes ago.

A little latter. He said "BOY" These guys eat all the time. What a job to keep them fed.

Mother agreed to help out with this task Through out the day.

A couple of more weeks have gone by.

One evening while everyone was asleep
cuddled together to keep warm.

A big storm was brewing in the air. First a large northerly wind picked up in strength.

Father alarmed woke up mother. Wake up!

A storm is coming. She said leave me alone. I’ve had a busy day. All will be fine.

Where in one of the best trees around, as she dozed off again with a big grin on her face.

As the fluffy little birds snuggled a little closer, to keep warm.

A little while latter a little rain developed into a very heavy down pour.

The winds were blowing up to about 50 M.P.H.

Father and mother were both sound asleep.

When all of a sudden a big gust of wind came Ripping by them and blew the little nest.

DOWN, DOWN, DOWN The nest fell fast.

Luckily the nest fell on a juniper tree. And it cushioned the fall.

Father and mother awoke in a frightening way.

What happened? asked Flappy? In a foggily voice

Mother said the winds blew our nest out of the tree.

The nest has been damaged a little. There was a three inch hole in the 12 inch nest.

So father said in a big stout voice. Quick get out!

Mother and I will fly it back up into the tree.

Then we'll mend it quickly for tonight’s storm.

So Flappy, Speckles, and waddles jumped over the side of the nest to go under the juniper bush to stay out of the rains. It was a very low jump. It was only 3 inches high. The baby robins were glad in away do to the excitement that was going on.

Father warned the three to go to the fat low branches in the bush as to keep them dry and for safety.

They all agreed to do so. Mother and father both grabbed a side of the nest with their beaks.

The first attempt was a bad one.

Father was much stronger than mother.

He lifted to fast and flipped the nest over on to mothers head.

She squawked out loud & jumped really high
causing the nest to flip back over right side up.

She said, let's not put too much muscle into it. Lift it evenly, she said.

So the 2nd attempt of lifting the nest in the wet wild wind into the air together was better.

It was a beautiful flight indeed.

The nest went rising into the air ever so slowly turning to the right as by being lifted up by the wind itself.

Going higher and higher as were it sat before.

Mother held on to it as father raced off to get some more twigs to help fix the nest and to make it stay.

He returned within a couple of minutes with a mouthful of branches. He then fixed it in about 10 minutes.

Then he sent mother and him self to retrieve the
wet and cold baby robins to put back into the nest.

One at a time they got picked up. Flappy and the others were very happy about seeing their parents.

10 minutes was a long time for them. They said they were very cold. So mother wrapped her big beautiful wings around them to warm them up.

And told father to get some more twigs, to cover up the three inch hole that was still in the nest.

So off he flew. He made about 6 trips to find the twigs. On the last load he said,

He'll quickly fix the hole as mother held them tight.

As he was fixing the nest Flappy moved around a little and rolled out from mother’s wing.

Mean while father was repairing the 3 inch hole from underneath.

It took him about an hour completing the repair.

What he didn’t realize was that in the process of fixing the nest. He covered up Flappys body.

Speckles didn’t know or did waddles and mother as they were fast asleep.

Anyway they arose in the morning and father did his daily routines of getting food for the young ones.

A little while latter mother noticed that Flappy was flapping his wings. She said, Flappy you must be eager to fly!

He said yep. I surely can't wait to learn how to fly way, way up to the sky as I see others do.

Just then mother said, OH my. I see father covered your body. During the repairs of the nest Flappy tried to waddle over to mother.

But, He couldn’t budge. All he could do was to flap his wings in joy. Mother said that’s O.K for now.

As soon as you learn to fly with Speckles, and waddles, you'll fly right out of this nest. With no problems at all

Father returned with 4 fat juicy worms and begins feeding them with out hesitation.

Mother said to father. Do you know what you did last night while mending the nest? In sort of an angry voice.

Father said what did I do? I fixed the nest in the cold and wet rains.

She said, you covered up Flappys body in the process. That's O.K. He'll fly right out of it when it's time.

Mother replied, we'll see about that. Won't we!!!

Two weeks have passed by. The baby birds weren't that small any more. They were all flapping their wings now.

Mother said, I have a special announcement TO make.

Tomorrow we'll begin flight lessons. "OH-BOY" Flappy said in an excitedly voice.
Speckles said. I'm afraid. I might just fall to the ground.

Mother replied no you won't. I'll guide you three for the perfect night.

Mother continued saying, Flappy you'll have to put in extra effort to get out of this nest.

O.K he said, and started flapping his wings.
Practicing the rest of the day.

The next day was a beautiful one indeed. There was a great sunrise on the darkened horizon.

Father awoke first to get some worms. He'll need to get plenty for today.

Do to the fact the baby birds were going to get a good work-out. As he took off, he awakened mother once again.

She yelled out! Do you have to make all that racket to take off?

But, father was too far to hear. The others woke up after her yelling out that.

Mother said, we are going to get flight lessons
after we eat. We'll need all the energy.

Just then father came back with a couple of worm's hanging from his beak.

But mother said it wasn't enough for her too. And she'll get her own, and off she went.

Father said O.k., now it's time for basic lessons.

As we eat. Waddles lifted up his head very excitedly. And said I thought mom said after we eat. I’m giving you advice on what to do in the air when you do get up

Mothers teaching you to get up. Father then perched on the side of the nest

He then did a funny thing. He did a king tut stance. Standing forward on one leg and the other stretched out in the air behind him. With one wing tip up in the air over his head, the other wing tip pointing down over his tail.

He said, try this. They were all laughing at him. Saying your funny. He shouted do it! It is important to learn.

It's called balance. With out it we can't fly right and with out balance we might land on our heads. Instead of our feet.

They were all trying it. But, still laughing, Very good he said. He told Flappy he'll learn it real quick as he flies out of the nest.

O.K next step, When we want to turn we use our
tails. Speckles asked how?

Father replied, By twisting it to the right or to the left like this.

He stuck out his tongue & twisted it back and forth. They all started to laugh again.

Flappy said, hey dad, it looks like you’re really thirsty. And he started to laugh again.

Just then mother showed up. She asked what’s so funny.

Father said, I was teaching them two things about basic flying. Balance & turning.

Mother said, to bad I missed that one. No wonder why their laughing.

Then she proceeded on the topic on basic skills. How to take off & land, and how too glide.

Then she went on as to what plant's to eat, and the ones not too.

O.K now let's stand on the edge OF the nest and flap your wings for 5 minutes.

Except for Flappy he can practice where he is. Mother asked father to jump on the branch close to him to make more room.

She also told him he could help, and be a watch out. Mother then told them they could stop now.

Mother asked waddles to fly first. Off she jumped; wing's spread open into the air.

She glided and dropped about 5 feet.
Mother told her to flap, flap.

Waddles started to flap her wings.
She yelled back saying, I'm flying. Mother then called her back to the nest.

She flew back and landed next to father. She said, look dad I flew just like you.

Dad, Yes, but, I'll teach you stunt's when mom isn't around. Like loops and other neat things.

She then responded by asking, what are loops? In a quiet voice. Later father replied.

Mother then said O.K speckles your turn. I’m afraid said speckles.

Mother said, non-sense we’ll be watching you every step of the way.

She then said, if waddles did it, you could do it better. Off she jumped.

But, flapping as soon as she jumped off the nest. Look mom, look dad, I can do it better.

Turning her head towards them, Flying forward. She was having so much fun.

Mother told her to come back. She said O.K. As she was coming back to the nest.

She said, this is so easy I can land with my eyes closed.

Just then she dived towards the nest and shut her eyes. Mother yelled out no!!! In a harsh voice.

But, it was too late speckles had crashed into Flappy. Ouch, yelled Flappy.

Watch wear you are going. Father and waddles started laughing.

Oh, shut up, Muttered speckles. Mother then scolded speckles for being so careless and added you should always keep your eye's open when in flight

You found out the hard way real fast.Ya, Ya, said speckles.

Mother then said, O.K Flappy your turn. But, before you start, we are all going to pull some twig's out from around your body. O.K they all agreed.

Each of them pulled and tugged on a branch. Tossing them over the side of the nest.

Mother said O.K. that should be enough. Every one back to their spot's.

Mother jumped on the nest opposite from the others. O.K Flappy try to fly out of the nest.

Flappy, flapped and flapped. But, nothing happened. Mother said, wait a minute I'll take out a few more twigs.

She moved out of the way. And again she said,
try it again. So Flappy flapped and flapped.

This time some thing happened alright. The whole nest went up with him.

He went flapping around the wild blue sky. He said look dad, look mom I'm flying.

Just then mom looked at dad and said, now what?
At the same time. Flappy didn't notice yet. He was having to much fun flying around

Then he asked? Why don't you want me to come back yet?

Mother again looked back at father and said.
Not yet just keep on flying.

Speckles and waddles started to laugh and made comments about him.

Flappy was having a lot of fun. Father asked
Mother, What are we going to do? I've never seen this happen before.

I’m getting tired he muttered to his self. I'm going to land over there.

He headed for a big pine tree. As he approached it, he tried to put down his feet, to land on a tree branch.

Just then he noticed he had the nest with him
still. But, It was too late. The nest slammed into a big tree branch, where his feet are supposed to be. The nest skipped right off the branch. And Flappy and the nest started to fall.

Both parents’s started to yell. Flap, flap. But he was way to high and to far away to hear them.

He was about 50 feet high. Waddles and speckles both said, we can't watch.

As they covered up their eye's with their wings. Dad took off without a word and flew towards his son who was in deep danger.

Flappy was to tired to flap his wings. He thought about what his mother taught him, earlier this day. You could glide.

So he put out his wings as for as they could stretch. Glide, glide he was saying to him self.

But, the nest was just to heavy to keep him level. He was coming down at a pretty good speed, to fast for father to catch up.

By then mother and the others were on their way
As well! His flight path was heading him towards the basketball court. In the school yard.

Father was only 25 feet from him, as he started to yell, FLAP, FLAP. This time he heard his father. As he was heading towards the nearest basketball hoop, he was coming right under it.

He flapped twice using all his might up, up he
went and he hit it, wham!!! The nest hit the rim of the hoop throwing his body from the nest and into the basketball net as he grabbed out in fright, and got tangled up in the net.

Whew, he said, as he looked up at the rim. The nest was just dangling they're stuck

Just then father landed on the rim and asked?
Are you O.K son? In a nervous voice

Flappy replied back, yes. Shakily, I'm stuck in this net. Then the others landed on the rim also.

Father said; quick help me get Flappy untangled from this net.

So they all pulled together at the net until
Flappy came undone from this net.

He dropped down out of the net about two feet and started flapping again.

I'm FREE, I"M FREE Flappy was yelling!!!

He said I'll meet you back at the tree. Off he went and the others followed.

When they all arrived they were excited Flappy wasn't hurt.

Speckles then asked? What about our home that's stuck on that rim?

Pointing towards the school. It's all mangled up.

Mother then said we don't need it anymore. You’re all on your own. You’re all free! Next year were going to find an old nest to use. As I don't trust your father in building another one HA, HA, Father replied back.

He said lunch is on me for the last time. I'll be right back and off he flew…


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