Under All The Evil Book 1

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Submitted: July 04, 2011

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Submitted: July 04, 2011



My life is, by far, the most....well....different. My schedule, wake up, shower, training, breakfast, shower, training, free time(I use mine as Nap Time. It's about an hour each day.), dinner, shower, recreation time, shower, bed. I know, a lot in one day. But that's not EVERY day. I take three days off; Sunday, Wenesday, and Saturday. Need time to recooperate from the training injuries.

It wasn't always like that for me, though. I was normal. Well....kind of. I always knew I was a little bit different. And so did Shane. He's my best bud. We've been hanging out since Pre-K. Even then, I was different. I never slept during nap time, never got in the sand box, never even played with the other kids. I just.....existed. I tried to exclude myself from the other kids. Shane noticed and asked me to play tag with him. I did and we played for HOURS. He came over to my house that same day and stayed the night. We've been stuck together ever since. Side by side, nothing could have broken us...until they came to take me to the Camp.

It's not like the Concentration. That's the training gorund for the \"bad guys\". Either way, they're assholes. They like to invade us and try to take our harvest and our farms. And one time, they raided the girls' barracks and raped seven of our best Defenders. That same night, the Protectors(me included) hung the ones who raped them. After watching their necks sanp and them gag and struggle for air, we were forced to burn their bodeis by order of the Great One. Legend has it, if you burn the body of an Evil Spirit, they'll never walk the Earth again.

\"Cody, come on. You have training.\" a girls voice.

I looked up and saw Lizzie standing in my door way. Her arms were crossed and she was leaning against the door jamb.

\"Today is Wednesday. I have the day off today. Plus, I got my hand sliced yesterday.\" I say, holding up my right hand. It was bandaged around the palm. The Great One had ordered that we fight to see if I was good enough to be one of the Protectors for our camps and farms...and the girls in the barracks. He had pulled out a knife and sliced my hand. When I saw the blood, I ran to the other side of the room, flipped over a table, ripped off a piece of my shirt, & tied it around my hand. Then, I found a short stick and a sharp piece of broken glass. Another piece of ripped shirt. I tied the glass to the stick and stood. That's when The Great One sent me back to my room.

\"He wants to see you again.\" Lizzie said, uncrossing her arms and coming to sit beside me on my bed. I should probably say that Lizzie was one of the seven who were raped. She really hasn't been the same person and that's understandable.

\"Why me?\" She said, putting her hands on her face and starting to cry.

I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and she pulled herself close to me, so she could bury her face in the nape of my neck.

\"Lizzie, I am so sorry this happened to you. I really am. If you want, you can stay here until I get back.\" I said, pulling her off of me so I could look her in the eyes. Her eyes, I had never noticed what a dark shade of purple they were. She sniffled. and said, \"Okay. I'll be waiting right here.\" and tapped the bed.

\"Okay. I'll be back as soon as I can.\" I left the room. I know, leaving a traumatized girl in my room may not be the samrtest idea I've ever come up with, but I've know Lizzie since my first day here at the Camp and she's been cool ever since. My legs carried me, numbly, to the Chamber(that's where the Great One resides).I didn;t know I was there until I ran (literally) into the two guards that stay outside of his room to protect him.

\"Oh, um, His Greatness wanted to see me....Sorry about running into you.\" I said, feeling nervous as one of the guards opened the door just enough for me to squeeze through. As soon as I walked in, the scent of freshly washed linen washed over me. I inhaled deeply, making sure the smell was in all places of my body.

\"Ah, Cody. Nice of you to come and see me. I know you had other things you wanted and probably need to do but, as you can probably guess, this could not wait.I truly am sorry that I had to bring away from your activities. Will you spare me an hour?\"

He came from around his desk and sat on the bed infrom of me.

\"Am I in any trouble?\" I asked, wringing my hands nervously. I've only been in trouble once and that was for picking a fight on one of my Judgements(the day the Great One decides if you're good enough to stay at the Camp). I hadn't been in THAT much trouble, but he DID revoke my Games privelages.

\"I just wanted you to know that I'm dying and going to give the position of Great One to you.\"

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